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  1. Have I missed your pilot light mod release or why is everybody talkin' 'bout it? :o

  2. Thank you. This is a very imaginative idea. I will install something like this in the future! Nice!
  3. Updates + added turn lights, where you can adjust the speed. + bugfixes + updateserver connected + if turn lights are activated, the pilot lights mod will disable automatically The published deadline gets closer. If possible, I would like to have some beta testers. -> Just write a PM!
  4. Then I hope that your picture was recorded itself. Clarify this somewhere else, not here.
  5. Since some are annoying about the release of the mod, I will install additional a function, which makes it possible to continue using the turn signar. I hope that all sides are satisfied with it. My mod does not make it possible to fly, driving faster etc. For people who take advantage of pilot paintjobs, I can recommend you to use ur permissions. PS: Sorry for my bad english
  6. After a long inactive time I decided to play ets2 again. After 1 hour of playing I got banned because my brother changed my steam profile pic to donald trump i hate my life, ye. Thanks for all support! I will publish the mod after the ban is over
  7. Ye, i rent a new one. Sure. Only for convoy.
  8. Thank u very much I dont need a bigger view of the community because the mod is not yes released But thank u very much for the feedback
  9. I'll try that you can still use the indicators. Thank u very much Mod is coming soon
  10. Thanks More Lights coming soon Thank u I was parking 20 sec to start record
  11. Sure. The mod is not published yet but I think I'll start a open beta in few days Thanks for nice feedback
  12. Thanks, coming soon Yes, I recommend to use only in a convoy.
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