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Missions/Routes with Friends (Party System)

Yes or no to a "Party System"  

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  1. 1. Do you feel like this should be added to American Truck Sim.?

    • Yes, this would save time and would make the server more enjoyable with friends
    • No, it wouldn't be beneficial to add this to the server.

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There are a ton of tools out there for syncing up jobs with your friends or you can do WoT contracts if you don't mind being speed limited.

I also found this handy tool on scs forums you can choose basically everything from city load to even the company. Quick and easy to setup you can plan upto 7 jobs so very helpful if you want to do a convoy but not everyone has a lot of time.


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Party systen 50% good idea but to sync your loads you would be better off doing the world of trucks contract loads to go to same place and same loads. yes there once a long time ago was a project that was sort of like this that worked but thats bin outdated since long time ago and if there was to be Some sort of load heading to same place that would require someone to code for the game and not only that but add another cargo system into the game witch in that case could take several months of testing and bug fixing and not many people are willing to wait that long but its good to see some people want this again but who knows if it will ever come again just sit tight and hold on to your seat though cause the roads full of bumps.


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Hello there;

can be developed and added.


  • /party invite [id]
  • /party accept
  • /party decline
  • /party synchronize route or /party rota
  • /party kick [id]
  • /party leave 

I think it could be more functional with commands like.


Best Regards;


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This suggestion is indeed a good one. This will make a better scenario for Virtual Trucking companies to haul around the map with their company drivers. I'm not sure if the dev's think that it should be added or not or not specifically same thing like this but a bit changed scenario.

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On 24/02/2016 at 21:47, ExilevRandall said:

Eu concordo que isso seria uma boa idéia, especialmente para fazer comboios 


Yes. I liked the idea.

I already miss a train due to change of route

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I think its a great idea but I don't think it would work in a practical way.

How would you sync your load start and destination with your friends when most of the time its same town but a different delivery point.

It's probably better to try to just grab the same external load since that is a possibility and I've driven the exact same load as my friends that way.


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