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  1. Nice skin, but don't think it's necessary, anyway +1
  2. Nice update, but I don't like this speed limit
  3. Mugala

    Forum Rework

    Nice decision, it will help people.
  4. It's a good idea, it will make easier to create a little convoy. +1
  5. მგონი ყველა მაქვს ახალი თუ არ გამოსულა რამე..
  6. seriously? they're same dude SQL is just a code which is used in MySQL (also used in SQLite and etc) • HTML • C • C++ • PHP / CSS • SQL • Python • Lua
  7. difference will be in KB-s, so it will take approx 2-3 second longer. (0.0001 sec for me example )
  8. I had an exactly same suggestion! when player reaches the specified amount of ping. also, if it's possible to do same about FPS and freezes, it will be good.
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