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High beams - how to

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This guide is outdated and may not contain updated, recent or correct information. Please bear this in mind if following this guide.

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Bothers me, so:


It's not a crime to drive at night without the high beams on if you can't be arsed to switch them off every now and then. Normal lights are often enough.


High beams may be used when:


a) The road is not lit, or street lights are not sufficient.

B) It is dark, usually at night

c) Nobody is driving in front of you withing the reach of your high beams.


High beams must be put off when:


a) Somebody is in front of you

B) The road is lit, meaning there are lights above the lanes.

c) You meet oncoming traffic. Blinding people is not a real problem here, but let's be realistic, shall we.

d) It is not dark, usually during daytime.



This is based on Finnish traffic code, that should be applicable in most European countries. For any corrections for different countries etc. please pm me.



-High beams may be used shortly to oversee a situation.

-...or to say hi to another trucker.

-After you've been overtaken, it is a good practice to flash your high beams to indicate that the driver in front of you is far enough to return to your lane.




...and that bloody B) is just a B and ). 

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I don't think you'll get banned because of it, but it can be annoying for drivers passing by.

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Like the same for all these guides, if only all of the idiots on the road actually read this. Maybe every 1 in 100 people would actually dim their spotties when i am approaching. Same with a flash to let me know when it is safe to pull in from overtaking.

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I never use high beam but I always see other people with high beam in both day and night which is annoying also I only use low beam and I only leave parking lights on all the time

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In the UK there are many idiots who do not turn off high beams to oncoming traffic, many times this results in being blinded for a few seconds (this is very dangerous as it only takes a few seconds to cause an accident). Personally if they do not turn off there high beams just flash them with yours, especially if you have xenon lights :)

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+1 to this topic.


I do actually turn of my lights every time i meet a trucker in the highways (when its completely dark) But sometimes nobody gives a f****, which isn't cool :(. And i have meet truckers with maybe 10 lights on their trucks in cities with highbeam on, still they dont turn them off which is annoying in first person cuz your interior gets lit up and is not fun from my view -.-

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This is one of the most annoying things imo. Especially when someone is driving right behind you (in a convoy etc.) and have their high beams on, and your interior lights up like crazy. You sort of lose your night vision because of that. I have even typed in chat in these cases, yet no response is given. I always flash those who use high beams if they are "blinding" me, but that rarely has an effect either. If anything, they honk their horn because they thought I said hi... Anyways, I hope people read this.

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UK Highway Code Law



I know this is only a game and a lot of kids use it and will not understand the rules or road signs but common sense prevails as I know myself because I hold a full Uk Driving Licence for past 15 years yes I am old enough because I was born 1972 and the other one is In the UK we drive on the Left side of the Road and not on the Right. I myself make errors when using this game when I go from dover to france and forget I must drive on the right. the only thing I find confusing in is kilometers per hour because we have Miles Per Hour. It's a fun and enjoyable game even at my age. I use the G27 steering system in full Manual mode with 12 gear splitter set. I also have an understanding of Lorrys as I was a drivers mate for 3 and half years so that helps. But Please Please Please all you youngsters have a little respect as we plus 40's are a little less responsive and not as fast you young lads and ladies and our eyes sight is not as good. I can tell you the look and layout is a lot like the inside of a lorry but the feel of driving is not there just a little on the steering so well done to the developers of ETS2 and ETS2MP.   Feel free to comment to my reply I won't bite.




Full beam headlight use during daylight hours
Full beam headlights still cause significant dazzle to other road users even during the day. If the daylight is somewhat subdued due to weather conditions, opt for sidelights or dipped headlights instead of full beams.


Guide to using full main beam headlights

Full beam on a motorway or dual carriageway
Whilst driving on a empty motorway or dual carriageway late at night, it is perfectly acceptable to use full beams as this increases your viewing distance. You must however switch to dipped headlights as soon as you see an approaching vehicle on the opposite carriageway. Full beam, or high beam headlights illuminate at a distance of around 350 feet (106 metres), almost double of dipped headlights that illuminate at a distance of around 160 feet (48 metres). Dazzle can extent much further up to around 1000 feet (305 metres).

Full beam headlights in fog
Whilst driving in fog, use dipped headlights only along with front fog lights if you have them. Dipped headlights are angled towards the road and will illuminate further than full beam headlights in fog. Full beam headlights angle is higher and will therefore shine directly into the fog and most of the light will reflect back towards the driver. See driving in fog for further advice.

Following other vehicles
Following other vehicles requires the use of dipped headlights only. The use of full beams will dazzle drivers in front in their mirrors.


There’s no law or legal requirement to use main beam headlight at any time. In fact, with the ever increasing amount of vehicles on UK reads, it’s often easier to use only dipped headlights as you’ll find yourself constantly switching between the two.

If you do prefer to use main beams due to the increased visibility, it’s perfectly acceptable to use them on any road unlit by street lamps and on dual carriageways and motorways during the hours of darkness.


When your full beam headlights are activated, a blue symbol will illuminate on your cars dashboard. This symbol is used to make you aware of full beams so you can switch to dipped headlights when necessary. See dashboard warning lights for common symbols including the full beam headlights symbol.


Dazzling other road users and not switching to dipped headlights at the appropriate time is hazardous and can potentially cause accidents. Driving with only one dipped headlight has it’s own dangers, it is however safer for other road users to drive with only a single dipped headlight and not full beam headlights.

There are no penalties directly associated with main beam headlights. Inappropriate use where putting others at risk may however see a driver charged with possibly driving without due care and attention or driving without reasonable consideration for other road users, both having penalty points of 3 to 9 and a fine imposed by a court.


Another vehicles headlights can dazzle you at night. Even dipped headlights can dazzle if a vehicle is rounding a corner or moving over a crest of a hill. If you are dazzled by headlights, avoid staring at the light and slow down or stop if necessary.



Highway Code rules states that you MUST NOT use hazard warning lights while driving or being towed unless you are on a motorway or unrestricted dual carriageway and you need to warn drivers behind you of a hazard or obstruction ahead.


When to use hazard warning lights


Whilst driving on motorways and dual carriageways at high speed, reaching hazards or obstructions ahead happens quickly. Activating hazard warning lights provides drivers behind that a hazardous situation is ahead.


 If you are moving slowly in particular, it may seem courteous and perhaps even common sense to activate your hazard warning lights. Problems arise however when you intend on changing direction, junctions and lanes as an inability to signal due to hazard lights being activated will become highly dangerous as motorists will have no way of knowing which direction you intend on taking.

Another situation when it may seem appropriate to use hazard warning lights is if you are moving much slower that other traffic because you are looking for a building, are lost or are unsure where you are going. Again this renders your indicators ineffective and causes confusion to other motorists. If you find yourself in this situation and are becoming stressed, do not use your hazard warning lights and instead pull over if possible or find a legal place to stop to wait for traffic to subside.


Hazard warning lights may be used when a vehicle is stationary and is causing a temporary obstruction to other traffic. In regards to the law, the use of hazard warning lights used as an excuse for parking illegally or dangerously will not lessen the offence.


The decision to activate hazard warning lights whilst stationary must be decided depending on each situation. A vehicle may for example be parked with the hazard warning lights activated. The left (nearside) indicators could be obscured by other parked vehicles or objects giving the impression that the vehicle intends to pull out, ultimately causing more of a potential hazard than if the hazards were not activated. It’s important to ensure that the use of hazard lights help other road users and not further confuse matters.


Hazard warning lights should be used only when:

  • your vehicle has broken down in a hazardous or dangerous location that may affect other traffic
  • your vehicle has broken down on the motorway and has stopped on the hard shoulder
  • you are traveling on a motorway or unrestricted dual carriageway and you intend on warning following drivers of a hazard or obstruction ahead


Although there isn’t a penalty directly associated with the inappropriate use of hazard lights, penalties and fines may apply due to the circumstances involving the reasons for using your hazard lights inappropriately




  • Red traffic light
    A vehicle must stop just behind the white stop line at traffic light.
  • Red and amber traffic lights
    Also means stop but can prepare to go. A vehicle must not pass through the lights until the green light is illuminated.
  • Green traffic light
    When the light turns green, you may proceed providing the way is clear.
  • Amber traffic light
    When a single amber light is illuminated, you must prepare to stop just before the first white line. You may only proceed through an amber is you have just crossed the stop line as it changes or are too close to the stop line that stopping may cause an accident.
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even though we all want all people to read this, know this and apply this, we all know that only a very select few will try it, and almost all of them will ignore it.

even though i do most of the things that are said in here, flash my beams when somebody passes me, or when i wanna greet a fellow trucker.
but no matter what, 90% of the time the fellow truckers i flash to greet, dont know how to respond :)
but we can all dream, and we can all hope, right? :3

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