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  1. Bothers me, so: It's not a crime to drive at night without the high beams on if you can't be arsed to switch them off every now and then. Normal lights are often enough. High beams may be used when: a) The road is not lit, or street lights are not sufficient. It is dark, usually at night c) Nobody is driving in front of you withing the reach of your high beams. High beams must be put off when: a) Somebody is in front of you The road is lit, meaning there are lights above the lanes. c) You meet oncoming traffic. Blinding people is not a real problem here, but let's be realistic, shall we. d) It is not dark, usually during daytime. This is based on Finnish traffic code, that should be applicable in most European countries. For any corrections for different countries etc. please pm me. Exceptions: -High beams may be used shortly to oversee a situation. -...or to say hi to another trucker. -After you've been overtaken, it is a good practice to flash your high beams to indicate that the driver in front of you is far enough to return to your lane. -Pulunen ...and that bloody is just a B and ).
  2. I know that, but the problem is how to find that id, If you only know a nickname that the person used in the past?
  3. Hi! I discovered this while making a report earlier today. Before I've always got the offenders full name and steamid64 from multiplayer's spawn log files, but after the latest update there is only "ETS2MPId" Are admins able to identify and punish people with this number, or do I have to (quickly before the offender changes their name) go to steam and search the offenders profile? Is there an easier way? Thanks, PJ
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