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  1. Hello everyone, Yes, I am asking something slightly specific and technical, but have you ever wondered if the side skirts on the side of trailers are mandatory or not? Because I did, and I can't find a solution on the internet. Please help me. And while we are on this topic, what are their purpose? I think it might be with cyclists, but correct me if I'm wrong. I'll put a picture of a side skirt in case you still don't understand what I'm talking about.
  2. Behold! My barely road legal premium with rusting rims, except one axle on the trailer that has new wheels but they actually fit horribly because that's all the company had lol. It's meant to be a Bulgarian standard freight hauler which travels between the balkans and southern parts of Russia.
  3. I think it is more likely to have something from Renault rather than IVECO. If you go Instagram for example, the Renault page has an entire Story dedicated to ETS2 whereas IVECO doesn't even mention ETS2 once (at least visibly) on their page. Simply put, SCS and IVECO have a pretty bad relationship compared to other brands like SCANIA or DAF.
  4. Update: Time is up! The results are here and were indeed in favour of tighter roads. You can click here to see the raw data. I have also spent the week working on the suggestion for tighter roads that uses the data from the survey. On this thread, you will be able to see the entire case on tight roads in ETS2. From the arguments, to an actual maquette of a DLC that could contain tighter roads along with all its benefits for SCS and the community... Thanks again for the support from each of you!
  5. My Mercedes made for road work deliveries
  6. I have made an answer for each comment, so find the one where you are tagged. @Zysto This kind of collaboration would be a game changer. The two could really complement each other just like some sort of symbiosis. Thanks for bringing in the link @TheCanadianTrucker. The reason given in the blog post was to be expected... However, it was back in 2011. More than 9 years ago. The game has evolved, the community along with it, and ETS2 back then was just a conglomerate between UK Truck Simulator, German Truck Simulator, and some pieces of land around the
  7. Hello everyone, As a decently experienced player, I tend to seek more challenging and realistic environments. One thing that has always bugged me down is the width of roads. You can almost fit two trucks in one lane! Quite unrealistic for European road standards. I know what you are going to answer to my question: 'It would be unplayable for some players.' (Notably newer players who struggle to stay in their lane). But that is simply an assumption. So, in order to obtain a clearer answer for my question, I have made a survey with a couple of questions which won't take more tha
  8. Indeed, that was my main concern, players misusing banners, beacons and plates do ruin the fun with realism. While the idea of the banners, or plates appearing on your truck when you take a trailer or cargo is a good one, it is unclear whether SCS will use this system or the one talked about in my post. Main reason being that both exist in ATS or ETS2. For example, in ATS, you can put an 'oversize load' banner on you truck while hauling regular cargo. But if your own a trailer and haul hazardous cargo, an ADR plate will appear. Perhaps a hybrid could be implemented
  9. Hello kind stranger, It might seem weird to you because yes, this post is about promoting another post, but it's for the common good, so hear me out. Basically, I've submitted a suggestion on the official SCS forum. It is about implementing TIR plates, ADR plates on trucks and much more such as 'Exceptional convoy' banners and signs as customization. I need your help because these kinds of suggestions need a lot of support from the community in order to be considered by SCS. In order to do that you can provide support by voting in the poll and commenting in the post tha
  10. Wanna win 5€? Subscribe to our event the 13th of March, only 8 places remaining but be a good and talented driver! link : http://besteuropeandrivers.weebly.com/ats---long-travel---los-angleles.html

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      Noooo I'm the second person subscribing xD

  11. Come to our new season on American Truck Simulator link : http://besteuropeandrivers.weebly.com/ats---long-travel---los-angleles.html

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      Yes, sorry, i translated it. Thx.

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      I organize it in advance, if the mp is not released, i will postpone the date.

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      But, people will have more time to learn the American Driving ;)

  12. The event will be on the EU2 server! I'm very sorry to not have chose another server, but, we will have to drive at a high speed at some parts... -------------------------------------------------- Мероприятие будет на сервере EU2! Мне очень жаль, не выбрали другой сервер, но мы должны ехать на высокой скорости в некоторых частях ... Translated via Google translate
  13. Yeah!!! New profile avatar! Took 2 day XD. Hope you like it...

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      Because the Europe is coming in America! But that's not a way to change of name...

  14. Already 39 people in the group! Continue to join, it's as free as the subscribtion for the event. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/besteuro#

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