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  1. Happy birthday ! :HaulieLove:

  2. Happy birthday! :HaulieLove:

  3. Does that mean in ATS you can't go to certain areas because walls are being built?

    1. edgarinskas


      Who gets it gets a cookie

    2. KayyJayy:D


      Is there mexico in the map? No? Then you still can drive there. Just watch out for protesters on the streets.

    3. FirestarteR93


  5. Please guys just join this teamspeak channel. This is Rust's server admin who is broke :D

  6. Can someone explain why MP devs can't modify the game until SCS stop releasing updates? Wut?

    1. Ediin


      I am really confused about this question, could you rewrite it?

    2. Titanic4


      Every time  ETS2 update is released, TruckersMP is not prepared for the new version, and because of that, major changes cannot be done because there's a risk that one tiny update will break everything.

      When SCS finally stops supporting ETS2, the version will never change, and so the code itself, which makes perfect opportunity to make major changes to TruckersMP without worrying about the update breaking everything at once.

    3. Scar


      It has to do with how things work technically (memory addresses, pointers, ...). Everytime a new build is being released, those things change values which is breaking everything. Once SCS stops updating, those values stop changing. Complex features are depending on those values, changing values means everything must be adapted to new values which takes alot of time. 


      Since most of our players are getting annoyed by a week patching a new release, complex features like own economy will have to wait.

  7. Whre is this located PLEASE TELL ME!!! http://www.part.lt/img/7da373e48ac91ca01f351f769079555e121.png


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. edgarinskas


      Thank you very much!


    3. [S.PLH]Warrior


      how can that location be your bed @Kravaty ?


      edgarinskas use this http://ets2map.com/ if you see rotterdam just follow the road down

      then you see a lot of traffic xd 

    4. Titanic4


      That's the intersection between the highway from Brussel to Rotterdam and the Calais - Duisburg road. The highway users has right of way on it.

  8. Can someone inform me what regions have the most traffic? Since driving in deserts isn't really fun. I heard Calais To Duisburg is having a jam?


    1. marco6158


      This map I created could help you!



  9. Ah, ETS2. Good old memories...

    1. Simulator Experiencer
    2. Forraz


      "Ah, ETS1. Good old memories..." * :lol: 

  10. I worked as a programmer for autocorrect but the fried me for no raisin

    1. Artical DAN

      Artical DAN

      Mice, me on the other sand just gets autocorrected for no raisin as weald

  11. Guys/Devs, i think it's time... It's time to leave the early access... It's been a while now, you guys did an awesome job with this mod, but i cannot see how is this going to develop any more :( Leave early and say welcome to Beta! I am right? 

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    2. -Dan-


      It`s  not just about the MP devs doing updates,its about the direction ets2/ats are going into


      The final update for ets2 will probably mean the official appearance of the 1.0 version of the mod,from which point we could see new trucks/trailers into multiplayer and maybe changes to the freight system..All the wait just to get the final update,from which all new mods will be working perfectly with the game,without having them to be updated everytime the game gets a new update/dlc


      But then again,I might be wrong

    3. _Pingu_


      what happens after beta and are you talking about MP 

    4. heyhococo


      They won't come out of alpha until ETS2 discontinues. However even then, ATS won't have been discontinued, so only ets2mp could come out of alpha, at which point we'll see things like server side economy and all that (when we can edit the game)


      But TMP as a whole won't come out of alpha for a looooong time

  12. Panaikino del neaktyvumo Nenoriu pasirodyt toks pesimistas bet man atrodo kad tas pats nutiks ir siai svetainei... nebent jau pasireklamuosit neblogai
  13. Jau 2-a Lietuviu ETS website matau Nepaeis nes 1. Nieks nezino apie ja 2. nlb ten ka yr kol kas :/
  14. ''If I said i'll come in 5 mins. , i'll come in 5mins. Stop calling me every hour''

    1. SlavaH


      dat makes no sense

      5 mins is shorter than an hour so how id you said you will come in 5 mins how can they call you every hour

    2. edgarinskas


      That's the joke...

    3. SlavaH
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