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  1. even though we all want all people to read this, know this and apply this, we all know that only a very select few will try it, and almost all of them will ignore it. even though i do most of the things that are said in here, flash my beams when somebody passes me, or when i wanna greet a fellow trucker. but no matter what, 90% of the time the fellow truckers i flash to greet, dont know how to respond but we can all dream, and we can all hope, right? :3
  2. here same problem with deinstalling and reinstalling mod & game. waiting for the fix then i guess
  3. No no double trailer yet ? darn =(
  4. well i rather stay away from eu1 unless i wanna trow my controller trough the room but thanks for giving me some feedback to it! friendly regards
  5. Well i looked around on the forum, but cant find a other topic. I wanna play again on ETS2, and got rammed within 20 minuts of gameplay. a friend of mine, said it would not be possible in eu2, so i gave that a try. but now comes the fun part, i can direct connect to eu 1 and the american server NO problem but NOW im trying again for the second day, more then over a HOUR to connect to the eu2 server. and if i get in ... o boy .. the fun. my ping go's from 18 up to 3000+ no problem, and says im connected, but nobody is near me. * even if i have a friend at the excact same garage * tryed everyt
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