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Why do you or don't you chat on the TMP Discord channels? Which channels do you like or dislike most? More importantly why please?

Da Jay

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Hello and thanks for checking out this post. Being old and having plenty of "downtime" to ponder life's questions, I got to thinking about the TMP discord presence. I started talking to people on the discord channels several years ago, and have watched it thrive and flourish at times, but also apparently struggle at times to attract a large active group of regulars. I go on there for a general discussion about just about anything, but with a common link to "Trucking". 


I have more reasons than this, but for now I would love to hear your views/opinions. Perhaps you have some examples of what you like or dislike about it? Funny story?


If you could make any changes on how to encourage more members to join in the chats, what would they be? For example would you suggest organising a regular event like a quiz night? How about competitions? What would you do?

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Hey Jay! 

First i would like to thank you for asking this REALLY great question.


i joined the discord server many years ago (when it was made). I do really like the “drive-together” Channel because that was the part for me to gain friends in the very beginning of my “real” commitment of the TruckersMP community. Later on i began to use the General chat too, but that has had its Ups N’ Downs. I generally loves the discord because you get the “live-interaction” with other members, but does dislike how fast it Can turn into something i would not want to be a part of. 

Today i mainly uses the General chat because of the amount of people that are active and it just feels so great to pop in, say Hello to everyone and have someone actually caring about you.


it is hard for me to tell if something should ve changed or not, because everything could in reality be something else when i am thinking about it

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I think it's just the plain old "i cant keep up so why bother".


I am a member of so many communities on Discord that I have servers to check out all the time. TMP Discord is just so big that I don't really feel that you can have a "normal" chat with someone, like you can in a smaller community server, i.e. a VTC discord. You get to know people and you know who you are chatting with. You don't really do that on the TMP discord.

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I don't usually chat in TruckersMP Discord servers. When you start talking about a topic, people either ignore you or annoy you with their weird answers. Sometimes I help out on the Discord server. But mostly I am dealing with VTC issues or VTC event invites.

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“Be careful who you trust, Sergeant. People you know can hurt you the most.”

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Like someone else said above here... Im not that active in TMP discord - its to big and it feels like you cant have a normal chat with people there. It turns very fast into something I dont want to be part of. I think its easier to meet new people and have chats in a smaller server. In the tmp server you dont get the feeling of who you are talking to at all in a way. So for me the server is there for maybe find someone to drive with from time to time, or post media - not for chatting. 

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For a few months while I was part of the Team, I would occasionally participate in a few channels:

 - #general: I didn't talk much, but I liked answering questions.

 - #guest-chat: I didn't talk much, but I liked answering questions.

 - #support: Same as above, I liked answering questions; for some time I was quite active here.

 - #pictures: I enjoyed seeing how others decorated their trucks.

 - #videos: I enjoyed watching people drive, and I participated in many nice debates about how to drive properly; I also pointed out bad driving in others' clips a bit too often (I was constantly talking about following distance in many clips).


Others in this thread are saying there are always new people and never any familiar names, but I actually disagree; even though there are a lot of new members and annoying guests, the regulars (SavageDeutsch, Kit, Tommy Hawk, Million, etc., as well as TMP Staff) are equally as active.


What made me stop participating was seeing people repeatedly talking about how they were banned unfairly (sometimes with clips, where I would actually see nothing wrong with their driving), with nothing that could be done about it; there were also many instances of a troll, or a doxxer, or a spammer, where a moderator wouldn't be able to take action immediately (seemingly because of a process they had to follow, which would unnecessarily extend response time), and these events ruined for me what would otherwise be a great community.

Any and all opinions are my own. Generalizations and interpretations are based on public information and do not reflect the positions of any organization.


Contact: [email protected] (email) / mooscrew_#4865 (Discord)

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3 hours ago, OtherGuy said:

Durante alguns meses enquanto fazia parte da Equipa, participava ocasionalmente em alguns canais:

 - #geral: eu não falava muito, mas gostava de responder perguntas.

 - #guest-chat: não falava muito, mas gostava de responder perguntas.

 - #support: Igual ao anterior, gostei de responder perguntas; por algum tempo eu fui bastante ativo aqui.

 - #fotos: gostei de ver como os outros decoravam seus caminhões.

 - #vídeos: gostei de ver as pessoas dirigindo e participei de muitos debates legais sobre como dirigir corretamente; Eu também apontei a direção ruim nos clipes dos outros com muita frequência (eu estava constantemente falando sobre seguir a distância em muitos clipes).


Outros neste tópico estão dizendo que sempre há pessoas novas e nunca nomes familiares, mas na verdade eu discordo; mesmo que haja muitos novos membros e convidados irritantes, os regulares (SavageDeutsch, Kit, Tommy Hawk, Million, etc., bem como o TMP Staff) são igualmente ativos.


O que me fez parar de participar foi ver as pessoas repetidamente falando sobre como foram banidas injustamente (às vezes com clipes, onde eu realmente não via nada de errado com a direção), sem nada que pudesse ser feito a respeito; também havia muitos casos de troll, ou doxxer, ou spammer, em que um moderador não poderia agir imediatamente (aparentemente por causa de um processo que eles tinham que seguir, o que aumentaria desnecessariamente o tempo de resposta), e esses eventos arruinaram para mim o que de outra forma seria uma grande comunidade.

without a doubt it was also one of the reasons that I abandoned discord, on the forum Malta is more mature and if someone is going to talk about bans many members respond right away with the steps they should follow. And the conversation ends there. and I also think that in discord there is a lot of lack of politeness among the members. And lack of moderation, maybe the reason is what you said. 

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