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  1. Fuel tanker is my most used trailer now, but the ETS version needs a chrome paint option like in ATS
  2. Don't really have a Favourite game but there are others I enjoy like TSW2 & Farming Simulator on the PC. I recently got into Hitman on XBox and enjoying it. Bored of GTAV now, excellent game, but waiting for the new one to eventually come out. Forza another game I enjoy and have a good few hours on The Crew 2, too.
  3. Digestive biscuit with fresh cream, delightful!
  4. Looking forward to trying this
  5. In ETS2 I generally hop between a Volvo FH16 (Although I'm not a fan of the cream interior in it at all) & Scania S. In ATS I generally switch between any of the 4x2 axle trucks (Mack, Peterbilt & Volvo), not sure why but just like the look of them
  6. If you have an NVidia graphics card, it couldn't be easier to set up screen recording, just follow the GeForce Experience instructions here
  7. Can't say I have a favourite route, but I typically look for longer routes so generally end up in Poland or Finland and southern Italy and Spain
  8. There's no 'bad' roads in ETS2 / ATS IMO. There are annoying routes to take, like French motorways with what feels like tolls every 100km, or the odd road with a phantom bump in it but overall, nothing to really complain about
  9. This for the most part. I'm somewhat active but no where near as active as I am in other discord servers, but I do chat in it the odd time
  10. Have driven a bus a few times but not done any jobs with one (yet). I like it, adds another vehicle that can be driven and a different area which can no doubt be expanded on in the future - maybe we'll see VBCs (Virtual Bus Companies) in the future, or VTCs will find a way to fit bus jobs in their trackers. Always good to see new things come in that add variety to TMP. Can't wait to see what else is implemented in future.
  11. I think both are important to a certain extent. If there isn't much if a choice of models, it's basically back to Scania Truck Driving Simulator (insert whichever manufacturer you want) but at the same time, a game with 20 poorly modelled trucks isn't great either
  12. Generally just throw TruckersFM on, I could spend hours making a playlist of songs I like to listen and at the end of it all I'll still skip through them ?
  13. My very first owned truck was a DAF way back when. Typically switch between a Scania & Volvo now, but still like the look of the older DAF XFs (~2007)
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