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  1. How about we form a new team to promote and get more people on/back to our great community discord server. My idea is to find a group of "TMP Ambassadors" handpicked by the TMP discord admins who are trusted and active chat members on our discord. This group of jolly, cheerful, friendly memnbers would try to welcome new members, replying to people saying "hi",often being ignored. The team of volunteers would have a role to reflect they are on the Ambassador team (or any other name). This specially hand picked team can use their communication skills to diffuse hostile situations, distracting "trollbesome" (aka troublesome) users avoiding unnecessary conflicts/arguments. Our Ambassadors will help both new members join in the community and perhaps welcome back some of "the old crew". This would also acknowledge the time and effort of some great community members who are already being Ambassadors for TMP. Once again I would like to get as many of your thoughts and opinions, and have posted this in the Discord suggestions channel too. Look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible!
  2. Lets make TMP discord a friendlier and less formal platform for all our community. Special nametag colours for game moderators, report moderators, Event team, Translators, Pro Mods staff, Retired Legends/team members can both alienate staff from regular members and confuse members. By reducing the number of coloured nametags,makes identifying who are the actual moderation team will be much simpler. Members often mistakenly believe that game moderators have "admin" powers on discord, or that if they upset that gm, they can "tell" a discord moderator to ban them etc. Unfortunately some retired staff have on occasion behaved as if they are discord moderators. The work and effort of these ex/current staff will of course be recognised. Their staff position would remain on their profile. This will not be popular with many of those who will be affected, but I ask you this, "If having a special name colour is that important to a person, are they on the team for the right reasons?" I just wanted to poll as many community members as possible, and have posted similar suggestions in the Discord Suggestions channel. Look forward to all your opinions and input!
  3. I managed to complete a few trips today on SIM1 and suffered no major pain ?  I did however suffer a brain fart, wondering why the jobs I had been doing weren't "counting" and I was struggling to find ITS loads... then I realised I hadn't read the "event destructions" properly. I hadn't realised only the jobs to ITS counted!! ??


    Only a few more to go now...

  4. Hello and thanks for checking out this post. Being old and having plenty of "downtime" to ponder life's questions, I got to thinking about the TMP discord presence. I started talking to people on the discord channels several years ago, and have watched it thrive and flourish at times, but also apparently struggle at times to attract a large active group of regulars. I go on there for a general discussion about just about anything, but with a common link to "Trucking". I have more reasons than this, but for now I would love to hear your views/opinions. Perhaps you have some examples of what you like or dislike about it? Funny story? If you could make any changes on how to encourage more members to join in the chats, what would they be? For example would you suggest organising a regular event like a quiz night? How about competitions? What would you do?
  5. Pandemonium would be the word of the day? ? I was driving with a friend and we were thinking "Lets complete some jobs for the Hannover Event". They then checked the traffic map (fantastic tool thanks) and I believe the whole of Calais/Duisburg decided to go on a day trip to Hannover. I perfectly understand why so many players are flocking there, and it will be very interesting to see how quiet it becomes there after the event. I decided the risk of accidents and the risk of "accidentally breaking a rule" only to be met with an immediate tirade of everyone screaming "Rec Ban" was at this time to high for me. My friend came up with the same decision. Fortunately there is SP to keep me happy. Big shout out to those who are bold enough to join the throng and hope everyone has a lot of fun completing the event.
  6. I am new to the whole forum life. So forgive me if my posts are too long and waffle on...like now! I would be really interested to hear from the community with regard to my question. I often see new members asking for help on how to get drivers for their newly formed shiny VTC on our discord chats. When I see such requests I normally sigh. ? My experience and knowledge of VTC's comes from what I have picked up over the years both on TMP and Discord. I have only ever been in one VTC for a whole week, before the two other members had a parting of ways ? and it all fizzled out. However on a plus side I have seen a lot of VTC's thrive and grow into really good TMP sub-communities. I normally recommend the player socialise with other players via the in-game text chat (Press "Y") and along with chatting they can promote their VTC. I imagine attempting to socialise in the C-D area would be somewhat tricky, especially on the cb radio. I also suggest they use the streaming channels on the TMP discord where they are likely to come across players who either often don't know what a VTC is or haven't yet joined one. Obviously the channel should not be abused by VTC's hard selling their companies ? . However apart from recruiting eager new drivers, you also get to meet other bold people who pop on to see what is happening. There are plenty of other things I believe will lead to a successful VTC, but I would like to hear what you think. Perhaps not just to achieve success but also to maintain it. Let's share some of the wisdom, as in the end the more well run, friendly VTC's that are created, the better for all of the TMP community. If you haven't yet tried it, just join one of the streaming channels on the TMP Discord if you see someone streaming (even me if you are unlucky) or even better still if nobody is streaming, hop on and stream your own game. Believe it can be fun!
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