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  1. Happy birthday 🎂 

  2. Congrats adammmmmm

    1. XeoNN


      Congrats! ? 

  3. Well done Mellowwwwwww oui oui baguette

    1. BluMellow


      Thanks Charlie! Oui-oui baguette 804391262362402856.png

  4. CT04

    Lets gooooo foxyyyyyy

    1. Fox7y


      Ayy Thank You Charliee :HaulieLove:

  5. Congrats bud

  6. CT04

    moderation team

    I beleive the moderation team do an amazing job day in day out with a couple people who stand out who are active, friendly and always ready to help. But i do agree the moderation team is understaffed for the amount of players across all servers including ATS
  7. It is very important to use turning signals as you need to make other users around you aware of your next move
  8. I do chat in the TMP discord as it is great to socialise and meet many new people from all over the world!!!
  9. Definatley MAN TGX as i work on them in real life and seem cracking trucks
  10. Scania just all round seems to have an attraction to players as it is classed as a major bran in real life
  11. Yes, simply because everyone save editing not only causes lag to the server but to other players with not so great PC's
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