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  1. Hey to you to stalker, why you visiting my profile for? :kappa:

  2. Hello Stalker, I see you visited my profile ;)


  3. Very nice galley, keep up the good work!
  4. Hello folks, hope you are all well! Got some amazing shots at the Project Cargo 1 Year Anniversary today.
  5. Went out on a drive with @FabioMike06 the other day, got this amazing picture while out on that drive with him!
  6. One of the best features now. So much easier and better than ets2c to create events! Cant wait to use it soon
  7. Got an amazing shot this morning on pro mods in my new Bruijn truck.
  8. Morning all,

    Happy birthday to @Raymond_, one of my good mates. I have known Raymond for about 1 year now and he has always been there for me and to have a laugh. Have a great one mate ❤️



  9. Hello guys,

    How are we all doing on this fine sunday evening? I am doing very well just playing some Flight Simulator currently!



  10. Some of my best photos that I did yesterday at the Food For Poor event. I want to say thanks alot to @shodon108 for allowing me to do Media for once again an amazing charity Event! Tell me what you think about them
  11. Congrats mate well deserved ❤️

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