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  1. The 1.40 lighting is getting better in every update. I enjoy driving in the scenic locations now because I can stop at any point to take a picture with the amazing new lighting!
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      You enjoy, mate! : ] 

  3. Went out for a drive in the UK yesterday. I must say if you find the right spots its a lovely place for media.
  4. Hey guys, I did media for the Bruijn Logistics weekly convoy on Wednesday, here are some pictures that I took on the Convoy. Tell me what you think. Hope you all have a good day and are staying safe
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  9. Thank you so much for setting up the Animal welfare event. Absolutely love the drive and every one who attended is a legend I look forward to the next ones and I definitely hope to be part of the team again. 🥰


    1. Laggy_Lucas


      Thank you so much mate, every word means a lot. See you next year ❤️ 

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