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  1. I never submit web-reports. I'm here for a good time. I can't spend my spare time with reports.
  2. I've never seen a big accident in my life. I hope it will never happen...
  3. I will try it as soon as possible. I'm working on my work nowadays.
  4. I sometimes drive some ETS2 trucks in ATS. It's very wonderful.
  5. You just need to give some time them. They never take money for this work and they will check your ticket as soon as possible.
  6. I always use AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition. It's very useful. I never face a problem with it.
  7. If you have a suggestion about this game, you can share it with developers. I'm sure that they will take care of your suggestion!
  8. Yeah! I always follow this rule! I never break it
  9. If someone overtakes you, you must give a chance for it. That's all!
  10. I would like to see new electric trucks and racing circuits. I hope these changes will be added in future.
  11. My favorite color is blue. It is the best color in the world
  12. I'm a fan of Galatasaray Football Club. I usually listen ''Aşkın Olayım'' because of Mauro Emmanuel Icardi.
  13. Everyhing looks normal. I see nothing wrong.
  14. I never drive too fast. I always drive my truck very slow like 80-90 km/h.
  15. ETS2 and ATS are simulation games and we must follow traffic rules in these games. We don't have a second chance in the real world. When a person's behaving improperly on purpose, he or she should be banned permanently in my opinion.
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