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  1. Happy birthday

    1. Deadwilk


      thanks bro sorry for late response tho

  2. Water, chocolate, time to time beer not on c-d tho that be hitting hard.
  3. I think it is renault cause it feels so real like i am in the cabin irl.
  4. Not good man my allergies are killing me since yesterday i went to ER just to breath normal thanks for asking tho how is your day going
  5. Ahh that would create problems cause in the original game everyone has to download the mod and in truckersmp doing this by force wouldnt be nice to people who dont want to download all those mods.
  6. Nooo skoda's are fun but if they add a convoy car yeah i wouldnt mind skoda getting removed.
  7. Road construction a lot like road becomes one lane way with lights(red/green) or an admin directing the roads it would be more fun and less crashes also it would be little chaotic too
  8. No worries mate thanks anyways will do that
  9. like i am doing some upload job at least 1000 copy and paste a day i am just trying to find a easier way to do it In cmd but if i need another program for that purpose i can download it btw: i am doing those uploads at etsy
  10. I tried to do a code works on windows 11 in this order; alt+tab copy alt+tab paste enter alt+tab enter enter copy alt+tab enter I just need to know how to write this i tried but i guess i need to download extra programs to make alt+tab code working i am stuck at the moment i am open to any suggestions
  11. I think servers good already with your advice putting limiters on the road would make it uhh much boring cause i love seeing crashes even tho i report them that would decrease it so much. Also removing the alternative cars isnt good sometimes i get bored from driving truck and those cars help me get over that. But i support u in the rest of what u said.
  12. nice overtake in the end bro
  13. What is your favorite color combos or liverys personally my favorite is shiny orange; but i usually go with standart truck colors like all black out and etc.
  14. I would like to drive with low-bed or flat-bed and take heavy loads with like 520 480hp it just gives me so much pleasure even better if the road is narrow.
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