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What do you guys think about buses, in ETS/ATS?


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I think it will be a great new addition to the game. Not sure how much I'll be driving them myself. But if it gets more people back into TMP, or gets some new people to join TMP I'm all for it. It also gives some more realism to the game since in the real world it aren't all Trucks and then a car here and there.

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I don't know tbh,

On one side, I like them because it will hopefully increase the TMP player base, which can hopefully increase the activity on the servers. But this depends if they add the busses on Sim 1/2 or if they have a new server for buses.


But on the other hand, I don't like it because it's a truck game. Not a general transport game. So it kind of feels like buses are not suited for it. But I'm hopeful TMP will introduce it the right way ?

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Nice idea, new game content for TMP. It will attract more players to try this new added bus in the Multiplayer, because most of the people they need to play it at first at Singleplayer and use mods to showed up in the game.


I suggest to allowed players to add the skin mods or personal mods for the bus so that we can see different kinds of bus skins while driving at the game.


Looking forward to this great idea for adding bus at TMP. ?

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I also think this is a good idea. I hope it can be launched as soon as possible. I can't wait to drive the bus





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On 12/29/2021 at 8:56 PM, Guest NaTY0u345 [FR] said:

I think that it's a great addition ! Who was in the same situation like me ? I played DBus World, and I tried Trucky's feature about Bus Line Manager. I read newsletter and Q&A on Trucky Website. It was mentioned that this feature was supported by TMP. But it's false ! It's only for Singleplayer mode ! So it will be a great thing for people who played DBus or Trucky, especially if TMP will use a part of DBus. 

Moreover, the bus as Patreon vehicle was a great moment ! So I can't wait the release date !

It was supported on TruckersMP when the Bus vehicles was present on TruckersMP as Alternate Vehicles ? 

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