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  1. indeed, because includes the same version of HRY-Core ? happt now is fixed
  2. @TP555 1981 the HRY-Core have just released an update fixing the incompatibility with Overwolf and OBS in fullscreen. You can try the latest version here: https://github.com/Hary309/hry-core/releases/tag/1.0.7 just replace the hry-core.dll
  3. i think the only way by now, is waiting for Overwolf to inject into the game and then start OBS. HRY-Core intoduced a race condition with Overwolf and OBS. But thanks for the workaround, is really useful
  4. thanks for the correct explanation of the problem. DBus and Trucky aren't incompatible: it's OBS Studio. Trucky is compatible with DBus telemetry, they can work definitely together.
  5. Hi, we are investigating this problem with the Overwolf Support. As far, it looks there is a incompatibility btw HRY-Core and Overwolf ONLY when you are running OBS capturing the game window (for example, doesnt happen when OBS capture the screen). So, it's not Trucky itself but more the triplet HRY-Core (part of DBus) + Overwolf + OBS.
  6. Anti AFK will come ? for the servers info update... it already update... is something well tested as is there since 1.0 ?
  7. Is something people have requestes too, will be definitely added but dont know when exactly ? But thanks!
  8. @FullM00n the app is translated by humans. but i cannot exclude someone use Google Translate. If you want to fix your language, go on https://translate.truckyapp.com, find your language e translate or change them. about the second question, do you want to hide some informations from the horizontal bar? if yes, it's not yet possible but it's planned to choose what you want to see where.
  9. Recap and detailed changelog of latest Overlay and Mobile app updates: https://truckyapp.com/blog/releases/latest-changelog-app-and-overlay/
  10. Trucky has now a Public Trello Board for suggestions, changes, bug reports and whatever you have in mind useful to improve the platform! Read the announcement here: https://truckyapp.com/blog/announcements/public-board-on-trello-for-suggestions-and-bug-reports/
  11. Smartphone app update - Events screen revamp - New weekly routes engine and Promods routes See more here https://truckyapp.com/blog/announcements/app-release-events-screen-revamped-and-new-weekly-routes/
  12. Overlay released See more here https://truckyapp.com/blog/announcements/overlay-release-auto-replay-on-collisions/
  13. @PandaSimTv if they are unkown how we can fix them?
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