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  1. Trucky has now a Public Trello Board for suggestions, changes, bug reports and whatever you have in mind useful to improve the platform! Read the announcement here: https://truckyapp.com/blog/announcements/public-board-on-trello-for-suggestions-and-bug-reports/
  2. Smartphone app update - Events screen revamp - New weekly routes engine and Promods routes See more here https://truckyapp.com/blog/announcements/app-release-events-screen-revamped-and-new-weekly-routes/
  3. Overlay released See more here https://truckyapp.com/blog/announcements/overlay-release-auto-replay-on-collisions/
  4. @PandaSimTv if they are unkown how we can fix them?
  5. Android 2.2.34 iOS 2.9.3 New look for Servers and Traffic Screens, performance improvements in startup and overall app performances. More details here: https://truckyapp.com/blog/releases/new-look-for-servers-and-traffic-screen/
  6. Actually there is no tracking feature. Use VTLog for that
  7. Overlay released - VTRPC included - Customizations options - Bugfixes - New languages added Full changelog here: https://truckyapp.com/blog/announcements/vtrpc-and-customizations-available-in-overlay/
  8. @[BTL] Elten [GER] i discourage definitely to use the fullmap endpoint for a live map because it's a massive call that should be used for caching data and not to display live data with a 2-3 seconds refresh you should reverse engineer the ets2map code (and the Ajax area calls) to understand how to get markers for specific map bounds, for experience, I could tell you that it's a bit tricky to adapt a leaflet map to the ets2map area API but it's doable. btw, there is the Trucky live map, as suggested from Fabby and Unknown that do already the job.
  9. Overlay released - SCS Telemetry SDK 1.1 - New Game Info vertical mode - available setting in options, for whom requested to move the bottom bar as a separated window, showing now a lot of new data from new Telemetry SDK - New Game Report window - available in game and when exiting the game with a fancy report about your session Full post: https://truckyapp.com/blog/releases/overlay-2-0-4-5/ Map and Traffic updated with Road to Black Sea cities Full post: https://truckyapp.com/blog/announcements/map-updated-with-road-to-black-sea/
  10. Weekly update Platform wide Map: updated at ATS 1.36 + Utah Traffic:added Utah areas Bot and Overlay Added TruckStopFM to radios Removed CargoFM from radios (closed) API Added endpoint per Promods cities (https://api.truckyapp.com/v2/map/cities/promods)
  11. check your Steam privacy policy settings. it should be private, to show your friends Trucky must have access to to your friends list in Steam
  12. I think I didn't understand completely your question. what's the problem?
  13. Trucky Platform Tools for the Virtual Trucking Community Supporting players with love and dedication from 2017! Every day from April 2017, we develop new tools for the Virtual Trucking Community aiming to improve player experience, connecting people and supplying best realtime and corrected informations via all channels. Our apps are translated in over 30 languages, installed on thousands of users devices, joined over 2400 Discords and dozens of Twitch channels. Recently Trucky on Android passed 11k active devices. Always open for new suggestions! Mobile app for Android and iOS Download now! Trucky for Web Servers status Live map Traffic Friends Bot for Discord .help - Show available commands .servers - Show servers status .events - Show next 5 upcoming events .traffic <server> <location> - Show traffic status. Use !traffichelp for full syntax. Example: .traffic eu2 .downloadtrucky, .app, .links - Show how to download Trucky Smartphone app .invite - Show bot invite link for Discord .ping - Use it to check if bot is alive .gallery <gallerytype> - Show a random image from World of Trucks gallery. Available gallery type: random, editorspick, bestrated .streams <platform> <game> - Show 5 current streams on given platform. Parameters are optional, you can use as !streams (default twitch ets2), .streams ets2, .streams twitch. .player <query> - Search for TruckersMP player. <query> can be SteamID, TruckersMP username, TruckersMP ID, Steam vanity url .radio <tfm|simradio|etradio> - Plays radio streaming in voice channel. Supported radio: TruckersFM, SimulatorRadio, EuroTruckRadio .np - Show currently playing song in current radio .auto <set|remove> <traffic|server|traffic-reports> - Send this command in a channel to receive automatic updates on TruckersMP server status, traffic status and real time traffic reports .vtc - Discover special commands for VTCs, directly from your Discord. Configure the bot for your VTC and, get applications from Discord, accepting or rejecting them, auto assign managers or drivers role See here for all commands help Add the bot to your Discord server now! Bot for Twitch !servers - Show servers status !events <count> - Show next <count> upcoming events from ETS2c.com, Truckers.events and vtlog.net !traffic <server> [game] [location] - Show traffic status. Usage: .traffic <server> <location>. For example, .traffic eu2 duisburg !player <Steam ID, TruckersMP ID, TruckersMP username> - Search TruckersMP player based on username, Steam ID, TruckersMP ID or full text search !time - Show current game time !settmpid - Set your TruckersMP ID. Need to run !location command !setsteamid - Set your Steam ID. Need to run !trip command (needs VTLog LogIt tracker installed and running on broadcaster machine) !trip - Show current trip info (works only if SteamID has been saved by the broadcaster) !location - Show current user location on TruckersMP (works only if TruckersMP ID has been saved by the broadcaster) !help - Show available commands !prefix - Change command prefix for current guild !app - Show how to download Trucky Smartphone app !ping - Use it to check if bot is alive Visit https://www.twitch.tv/truckybot on your browser, logged with your Twitch profile and send !join in the chat Visit https://truckyapp.com/trucky-twitch-bot/ for full commands list In-Game Overlay - Fully localized in over 30 languages - Online radio streaming support (TruckersFM, SimRadio, Simulator1, BigRig, etc etc) with current song information - Get your truck and trip info at a glance - Show and follow on the map your friends directly from the game - Get servers info quickly via draggable overlay - Send real time traffic reports with hotkeys - Receive traffic alerts while approaching to them - Get traffic informations and players inside an area Video showcase https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0apk3yTKpBI For download and more informations, please visit https://truckyapp.com/overlay/ Thanks! Head over https://truckyapp.com for complete informations and download links.
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