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  1. Discord bot ideas

    Come in Trucky Discord server and we'll talk about that, it sounds good. Btw, Trucky has already the .events command that returns next 5 upcoming events
  2. Congrats mate

    1. dowmeister


      Thanks dude!

  3. Ok, don't think was so useful. I'll add an option to show\hide ID in game
  4. Ah sorry, do you mean the ID in game, right?
  5. Do you refer to users showed in the map? You can activate "Show IDs" option in map options
  6. it works now! What do you mean exactly?
  7. i'll get it from yout truckersmp id I think the problem is related to some permission you have on your steam profile that forbid Trucky to load friends list. Like described here, https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Steam_Web_API#GetFriendList_.28v0001.29 friends list is returned only if your Steam Community profile visibility is set to "Public" Thanks @Mr. Khan
  8. @[AyYildiz]Suleyman{24} thank you for the video. I see the map is working, you have to change the server to display more truckers Can you provide your steamid to debug?
  9. Trailer Mod Web Generator

    Really interesting, have to try It!
  10. Discord bot ideas

    @alekexe Sorry for late response, i Just read your post (didnt have notification on here) Can you send me a pm with some details?
  11. Try to describe the problem
  12. Hope you'll like it
  13. Considering i don't know Turkish, for me, it's all correct trusting you
  14. New tool available for translators! If you want to help translating Trucky in your language, now there is a great tool hosted on OneSky to do this. Visit this https://translate.truckyapp.com/collaboration/project?id=300009 , register and start translating! Thank you!
  15. World of Trucks API