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  1. Due to ets2map api down online state is not working today. I have fixed It on Trucky api side to avoid get the network error but app Will not show anyone as online.
  2. I want to thank you all for the great reaction to the official blog post from TruckersMP (and, overall @Prime for the great post) Since June 2th (date of the post) has received these numbers: about 1800 installations on Android passing the 5400 active devices installed about 500 installations on iOS 4500 app session with a total of 50.000 screen views (like page views) with a average session duration of 16 minutes 865.000 API calls A lot of users has already contributed to completing and editing many languages via translations portal with 3900 strings translated TruckyBot has exceeded 700 discord servers and now is serving more than 100k users! (and for this i have to thank also @thomasxd24) Thank you!
  3. Community Success Stories Part 8 - Trucky app

    Thank you guys!
  4. Thanks for translating this post on your language. If someone has some inquiry for the app, feel free to contact me.
  5. Thank you all for your support guys, really appreciate!
  6. Community Success Stories Part 8 - Trucky app

    Thanks you guys! Really appreciate your interest for the app and the bot. We'll keep up the good work!
  7. Android release to 2.3.0 . !! FINALLY PUSH NOTIFICATIONS SUPPORT !! Choose what notificatiions do you want to receive: New TruckersMP release New news published (SCS and TruckersMP) Online event starting Friend is online on TruckersMP ... and furthermore Live events: view quickly if there is an online event running (a live event is an event begun almost 30 minutes first)
  8. I must thanks only my amazing translators for their work!
  9. ** SEARCHING FOR TRANSLATORS ** New release introduces new strings, many of them aren't still translated. Have some time? Help Trucky to be completely translated in your language! Go to Translation Center New Android release, version 2.2.0 with some important new features! integration New Profile section with relevant profile data from VTLog, TruckersMP and Steam Other uses and VTC profile details from VTLog, TruckersMP and Steam Other fixes and new implementations Search player screen redesigned Friends list link to profile details Translation improvements See complete changelog here: iOS update will take a while due to issues to MacOS release machine.
  10. Discord Rich Presence Integration

    Thanks What about "ets2mp://" it's still valid? How it works? Would be nice to add to our Rich Presence
  11. Discord Rich Presence Integration

    Hi, A group of Discord users already developed it, it's just out of beta stage and a lot of features will come soon. We are really open to receive suggestions. Take a look here: We created a pretty straightforward installer to easily install it without particular dev knowledge. disclaimer: i'm a dev in this project (It's the same @Nathan linked but repo URL has changed)
  12. Thanks! Ukranian translation is already in, if you want to translate It go here: You Can collaborare translation the app by yourself
  13. Discord bot ideas has already public and private api, check there:
  14. Discord bot ideas

    Trucksbook has API?