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  1. Since I main ATS, it’s definitely the Peterbilt. Happy holidays!!!
  2. Brakes

    Speed Limit

    Back when I used to play ETS, I would do 75km, now I main ATS which is why I have 4,500 hours on it, including my other account I had lost. Other than that happy holidays and happy New Years!!
  3. I remember when this was posted last year, I mean a few things need to be updated, it helped me a while ago. Although good guide I can easily make a new one if needed or send you the new ones!! Happy holidays!!
  4. It’s been a long time my friend, ever since I remember when this post came out a long time ago on the main account I had a long time ago
  5. This looks interesting also. Although didn’t attend this specific one. Happy new years and happy holidays!!!
  6. Appreciate if, hope everyone who see’s this, has a wonderful New Years!!
  7. It’s got to be Night Lovell, love his music, I gain all of the energy from just listening to his albums. Wish you all a happy new year!!
  8. Lol that last vote had me laughing, definitely the end of the world haha, if it’s possible; it would be dope to have a house at the edge. happy New Years!!
  9. Im gonna be honest, all windows 11 is, is a new design appearance if windows 10, no it has nothing to do with performance and such. As I stated all it really is, is a different type of appearance and a little more you can do with your background designs. hope you guys enjoyed your Christmas and happy new year!!!
  10. It’s not bad at all, I just don’t think Canada is really needed at the moment. Although it does enhance and makes the truck driver experience a greater amount of states such as even going up to Canada which is great. I’m pretty sure with this mod, Alaska is in the file also, so it’s very interesting to me when I used it. ATS is on top!!
  11. Very interesting, lots of enhancing, it’s probably a bug, in the area you were at but pretty cool to see. Have a good New Years!!!
  12. Personally didn’t see a problem here either if there a heavy haul or a over weight, and there going the speed, don’t mind them as James stated a good while back, as long as their following the speed limits they should be good!!!
  13. Hope you guys are enjoying the last bits of 2021!! And getting ready for 2022!!

  14. I’m for sure ready and I know it. Hope you all have a wonderful New Years!!!
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