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  1. I remember when this was posted last year, I mean a few things need to be updated, it helped me a while ago. Although good guide I can easily make a new one if needed or send you the new ones!! Happy holidays!! ?
  2. It’s been a long time my friend, ever since I remember when this post came out a long time ago on the main account I had a long time ago ?
  3. This looks interesting also. Although didn’t attend this specific one. Happy new years and happy holidays!!! ?
  4. Appreciate if, hope everyone who see’s this, has a wonderful New Years!! ?
  5. Hope you guys are enjoying the last bits of 2021!! And getting ready for 2022!!

  6. I was actually gonna make one of these tutorials!!, Welp its already made, good tutorial!!
  7. Merry Christmas! ?

  8. I was going to make this specific tutorial but look!! Someone already did it, good job on the tutorial man!
  9. I'm not gonna lie, so far with this live map its been great because even without getting on you can see if there is lots of acitvity or not! which is great!, its also good for side purposes, like occasionally using it for normal routes.
  10. I was gonna make a guide myself, although it’s already made! Nice job ?
  11. You too I hope you had a wonderful, Christmas!
  12. Actually a good response, Not gonna lie there bud.
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