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  1. I just feels weird that a simple 2 lane road became the hotspot in the game...
  2. More offroad routes (especially with the hearth of russia dlc) and trucks (Scania XT, etc.). We need more of that.
  3. I personally have mixed feelings about this. Yeah, it's interesting to have buses, but on the other hand, this is a truck simulator. I have no probelm with buses whatsoever (since technically they're trucks too), but for some reason, it doesn't feel right for me.
  4. Thanks for this, but I personally think that those who goes from Duisburg to Calais are usually go there, because they like the chaos and traffic jams. But for those Who whis to avoid this mess this guide is usefull. Personally if I have to go from Duisburg to Calais, then I just go down to west Germany and then go through Belgium on the motorways.
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