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  1. Hello. Some players are experiencing problems with the search for the white trailer. How to find this: 1. Download this mod http://mods.wotmp.com/mod/1-ton-beyaz-dorseler.html 2. Copy file 33balabolTent.scs from downloaded archive to ETS2 mod folder. 3. Open single game and enable this mod in your profile. 4. Select cargo with coloring which is not found in the game. 5. Save game and quit. 6. Open multiplayer game and load your save. Your trailer is white. I recorded a video to make it clear what cargo you need to take.
  2. Video tutorial on how to use the color codes: Information (You should read): Refrigerated and non-Refrigerated trailers can be swapped because they use the same colors.(some other trailers may be apply to this too. Report any errors in this topic with an image and name of trailer I am looking for a C# programmer I started on a program to do this automatically for your but I have very little knowledge of C# because I am still learning. More Trailers will be added every week Trailers Part 1: Trailers Part 2: Trailers Part 3: Trailers Part 4: Trailers P
  3. Welcome! This is a guide how to get ownable gift trailer from World of trucks! (Sorry for my english) You will need: 1)Any text redactor. Notepad will be ok too 2)Knowing how to edit game save files. If you do not know, read this topic 3)Any Sll decryptor. 4)And of course ETS 2(no matter TruckersMP or singleplayer) 1. Buy any standart single trailer and wear it. Do not shut down the game TIP: Buy trailer with least ammount of wheels and other accessories. It will be easier to edit 2. Make a quick save(or normal one if you want) TI
  4. Und zwar hab ich ein wenig mit Save Editing gespielt und mir einen Trailer gezaubert wie unten im Video zu sehen. Nun meine Frage, ist dieser eigentlich erlaubt oder bekomm ich dafür nen Ban (da dieser ja in meine Räder geht) ?! ^^ {Es geht also nur darum ob das okay ist mit meinen Rädern oder ob ich irgendwie schauen obs da was anderes gibt.} An alle Leser: Vielen dank fürs drüber schauen und helfen LG: HandOfClash [GPE] /André\ GoldenPhoenixExpress Owner
  5. Hello, therefore the new ETS2 1.39 beta has just been released I guess some Admins and other players already had a look on all the changes. So my question is if the admins already have made some plans and/or decisions for the redesigned low bed trailers and how we will be able to use them? Like only as a single trailer (because of the length) or still the ability in an HCT combo or a triple trailer?
  6. English: Hello, Today, I earned enough money to buy my first bi-train trailer. So I have a question: Are some trailers better than others? Whitch is the whorthest ? ... I am Lvl 30 (max everywhere exept in eco-driving) Ty for your answers. Francais: Bonjour, comme je suis francais, je préfererais avoir des réponses francaises mais des réponses anglaises me vont tres bien aussi. Je m'explique: j'en arrive au moment dans le jeu où j'achette ma premiere double remorque et j'aimerais savoir si il y a une différence entre 2 remorques (par exemple bachée
  7. Just wanted to gather some thoughts and opinions on the Patreon's trailer that's just been released for all Patreons with in-game benefits. I think that it is so well-made and the colour scheme is perfect. Picture by @Strad.
  8. Guest

    Cargo Mass

    Hello! Is there any way that you can edit your trailer mass? I heard from players that you can but nobody answered how. I tried searching YouTube but didn`t found any videos. Can somebody help me?
  9. Suggestion Name: Revise trailer Weight Mods Suggestion Description: Currently you can use trailers with weight up to 200t, i have tried heavy cargo trailers wit 200t, 175t, 150t & 125t using a volvo fh16 8x4 & found a serious issue, with 200t , 175t & 150t the truck gets launched or jumps around causing damage to you & whatever it hits & with 125t the front steering axle doesn't touch the ground ( it steers from the lift axle ) while bouncing up & down constantly making it reckless driving so i think such weight mods should be not allowed. Also the special car
  10. As I understood from the updated rules, triple trailers are now allowed. However, I did not manage to find any mod/tutorial to install triple trailers. How to do it? Somebody suggested this before, but it's not available for me. How to use triple trailers? Thx in advance
  11. hello ı coming new suggestion in my opinion double trailer should be banned You ask why when turning right or left or or during overtaking trailer hitting other vehicles and close the trafic and limiting maneuverability it should only be banned on busy roads and cities, even if not completely banned how do you think
  12. In ETS2 there are a series of trailers available to use and configure according to each need or style that one likes..........some prefer the KRONE family of trailers and others for the schwarzmaller trailers and almost most of the players leave for the trailers of the game and its multiple types and configurations; and what's your favorite type of trailers... or what's your favorite company... or you use some other combination that's more true to your style... or another option/type?
  13. Bamp

    3 Trailer

    Hallo, in letzer Zeit habe ich es öfters gesehen, dass andere Spieler mit 3 Anhängern, womöglich ein Kombi aus HTC und Double, fahren. Aber wie macht man das? Danke schon mal. Grüße
  14. How do I buy a low chassis trailer ? I can't find.Please help me.
  15. Hello there! In this guide I will show you how to change your trailer skin. Create a folder named "extern28" in the folder "C:\Users\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2", you can also put your own name. Then copy the file you download from it into the folder you created, but if the name of the folder you created is different, open the file, edit it, and write your own name. In this section, we will change the skin by editing the file you download from here. You will need Paint.Net program to download the file. First open your fi
  16. Suggestion Name: Vehicles carrying trailers shown in the GPS. Suggestion Description: Nowadays in the GPS it only appears a circle of the vehicle and what I suggest is to add like a rectangle showing trailers behind the circle. Any example images: No, sorry. Why should it be added?: It would be very helpful for admins and players in general to see where there are trailers left away in the middle of the freeway, whether if a truck has or not a trailer or even cars, avoiding many accidents.
  17. Triple trailer its allowed? (From left)
  18. HCT B-triple made by Additional Customisation Mod, after the new update of July 3rd, the rules do not specifically mention B-Triple trailers, only size, it means that it is forbidden? I have a b-triple that I have always used without any problem today when I was playing some users threatened me with a report for using a b-triple. The photo of the trailer that I use I put in attachment. Sorry for my english, I used google for this. XD
  19. Hi, Me and my Friend have made a Triple Trailer, which is collection of B-Double + HCT (Picture). We have seen Rules before doing it and it should be not against Rules. But still want to ask if its possible to drive without Kicked or Banned. On The Trailer we had mixed 2 Trailers combination, HCT and B-Double. Thats allowed on The server ( Using non-default trailer combinations (trailers must have space between them and not clip into each other)) And it contain not more than 3 trailers. 2x full-size trailers (HCT) and 1x Mid-size Trailer, (Trailer form B-Double) S
  20. Hello ppl , My question is simple how can I own a low loader heavy load trailer ( OWNABLE ) I 've seen ppl in mp using empty low loader trailers but couldnt find a place to buy it , PS: Got almost all dlcs except krone if its about krone I can buy it tho cheers, Selam arkadaşlar, Sorum şudur Ağır yük taşıyan arkasında rampası olan trailerlar varya örneğin adam tank paleti taşıyo veya ne bilim buldozer taşıyor, o tailer ları satın alamıyorum bana özgü müdür oyunda yok mudur yoksa nasıl yoktur :)) çünkü multiplayerde boş olarak low loader trailer kullanan insanlar var mod
  21. Hola que tal Tengo una consulta o duda... si el tema no va aquí perdonar y simplemente borrar esto. Una de las nuevas reglas que a salido con respecto a ETS2 MP es sobre REMOLQUE - TRAILER y dice: USANDO PESOS DE CARGA POR DEBAJO DE 0 (cero) En rutas muy largas le bajo el peso a remolques para no demorarme tanto -5000 -3000 etc dependiendo el remolque Ahora para no romper esta nueva regla: Puedo seguir bajando el peso del REMOLQUE a 0 ó a 1 tonelada sin sufrir penalización - ban ???? Ya que la regla no especifica o dice que NO DEBE BAJARSE EL PESO a los r
  22. Hi everyone, this suggestion is a trailer for cars. It's a flatbed and we can load some merchandise on it like cars, wood or palets. I think it might be a good idea because you can really load and unload this trailer, and it will change caravans !
  23. Hey all, Everytime I try to auto-load my trailer at the start of a cargo job, the game just freezes forever and I have to force close it in Task Manager. (The same also happens when trying to rest.) Now, at first I thought this was normal since we are multiplayer and thus "sharing the same time" with other players on the server. But after talking to some vtc colleagues, I hear that it is possible to auto-load. *Edit: after parking my trailer manually, it seems that loading cargo gives the same problem
  24. I haven't seen any thread on the subject so i'm gonna post it : Suggestion Name: Add the light dots on the new trailer's lights Suggestion Description: SCS has added new trailers over the past years, first with the Schwarzmuller DLC and now with the krone/goodyear event. while looking at the last added in game, it raised the problem that, in multiplayer, the lights are not visible. Unlike the old trailers, the new don't have red and orange light dots visible at any distance. the shwarzmuller cutrain trailer lack only for the night light (blinkers and stop lights
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