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    Gaming, learning new languages and studying stuff like international business and / or transports. BTW My preferred trucks in-game are scania, volvo and mercedes but in fact the trucking company I love the most is Pegaso.
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  1. @Joao Rodrigues In high-range curves you can't see what there's after it, and that's what the trolls get advantage in, because you've got no visibility.
  2. (Respuesta fácil) Para conducir camiones americanos juega al ATS en vez del ETS2 xD (Respuesta difícil) Si ya fue un "milagro" que aparecieran coches en el multijugador, imagínate nuevos camiones. Lo que si que molaría son camiones antiguos (tampoco de la época de Jesucristo ¬¬) como por ejemplo nuestra empresa PEGASO, pero creo que eso es mas que nada trabajo de SCS, no de los del multijugador.
  3. Suggestion Name: Vehicles carrying trailers shown in the GPS. Suggestion Description: Nowadays in the GPS it only appears a circle of the vehicle and what I suggest is to add like a rectangle showing trailers behind the circle. Any example images: No, sorry. Why should it be added?: It would be very helpful for admins and players in general to see where there are trailers left away in the middle of the freeway, whether if a truck has or not a trailer or even cars, avoiding many accidents.
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