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Found 42 results

  1. Nick w grze: ZenPL Wiek:13 Miejsce zamieszkania:Hamburg -Niemcy Sterowanie: Kalawatura+myszka*kupie sobie potem kierowince* SteamID 64 lub adres do profilu steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ZenPLOffical Staż w grze:2 miesiące na steam 0*ale na piracie 1rok* Czy dostałeś kiedykolwiek bana?: Nie Przedstaw się:Jestem Marcel 13 lat gram w ets 2 1 rok i 2 miesiące i intersuje się autami i takie jak tiry i takie tam Inne:umiem robić serwery ts 3 forum i jestem noob grafik XD
  2. Hello, it might me a stupid question but I don't know how to use skins for trailers and trucks in multiplayer, can somebody walk me through the proces? I'm making a company with few friends and now we want all to have same trailers and trucks to look "more professional"
  3. So,i enter on europe 2 and when i enter on server all trucks doesn't move and my ping stay 31 ms all time.Sorry for my bad english but i really want to play on eu2.
  4. Vou começar por dizer que é uma idéia louca, mas por que não sonhar? xD Imagine se a SCS comece a distribuir caminhões desta forma, mas não a caminhões normais, modelos antigos, digamos caminhões mais especiais, assim como outros jogos já fazem, como CS: GO que vende Skins dessa forma. Você acha que isso funcionaria?
  5. Hello good day. I'm looking for help to fix my problem. Every time I log on to TrucksMP it's all good, but it sends me an error every time I brought it to drive freely or I accept a merchandise contract. I see a window saying: "Fatal Error and close" I leave my Crash.log down so you can help me in more detail and see what happens, thank you very much. game.log.txt
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNk7est5h3U&sns=fb AT 46:24 in the video what appears to be a server hacker come straight thru the crash barrier . Driver : MaD 15971 to days in game code was ( 2542 ) at the time I tried to let you know thru the report page however the MaD 15971 name could not be found ,, & if you continue to watch the video he/she goes back thru the barrier,, I'M Sorry that this is not the usual way to make a report & if it's against your form rule's, SORRY Thanks for taking the time to view .
  7. Stiamo lavorando duramente per assicurare le licenze dei camion nei nostri giochi e speriamo di confermare delle novità. La nostra community di fan è fantastica - stiamo ricevendo costante aiuto in quest'area molto spesso e la vostra voce sui social media vale molto. La parte legale del processo delle licenze può essere diverse volte lenta come avete potuto notare (con la licenza Mercedes per esempio), ma noi apprezziamo molto la vostra pazienza. Comunque, abbiamo rivisto un già esistente camion in ETS2 - il DAF XF 105. Potreste notare la somiglianza di questo con la mod di 50keda. Non ci sono coincidenze - 50keda è uno dei migliori modder e sta per entrare a far parte degli sviluppatori della SCS Software. La "revisione" del DAF XF 105 sarà disponibile con la versione 1.25, e non sarà solamente la disponibilità continua di una mod inserita nel gioco, ma sarà sempre migliorata come parte del gioco, aggiungendo nuove livree e rimodellando qualche parte - pensiamo che sarà apprezzato dai fan dei DAF. Ecco qualche foto: Leggi l'articolo originale (in inglese) Tradotto da Alex [ITA]
  8. TruckersMP has thought about the possibility of implementing trailers or trucks to open its catalog? With the possibility of opening a window and have more accessories for trucks.
  9. Hello forum users whats up im newbie here!!! im looking for how to install the mod of all trucks with 750 hp please can anyone tell me the steps i need to follow or a video i will appreciate that thanks in advance guys!
  10. Have you ever wondered why some truckers have their own unique licence plate on their truck but you have a 62 plate ????? well look no further this is a guide to show you how you can get your own...... 1. Go to http://www.worldoftrucks.com either register or sign in if you have an account there already...... 2. Once in your account goto My Page > Account Options there you will see at the top Connected Games which looks like this (Image shown already has games linked) When you are linking your games it will ask you to sign into your steam account to link the games don't worry this is perfectly safe (SCS Software) own this site the creators of the game 3. Go to your profile customisation and scroll down you will see License Plates all you do is select your country and put your name or channel in..... please don't abuse this function and happy trucking...... Here is the finished article of my truck hope you find this helpful... if at any point you need assistance dont hesitate to get in touch and I will be more than happy to assist safe journey and happy trucking....
  11. I downloaded and activate the mod but when i press "Continue", the game crash... Someone know how i can solve that? This happens when I run the multiplayer And it happens with differents version of the mod...
  12. So i have downloaded the newest launcher, oh about 3 times and installed 5 times, all come up with the same message. ATS is on 1.5. http://prntscr.com/dk0x1d Help?
  13. Am I allowed to mod in a new truck? Like a newer truck or older one? Just the truck and addons that come with it not a super fast car or anything. I check the mods that are approved and have no idea if custom modded truck are allowed. For example instead of the W900 Kenworth can get a Mac Pinnacle or something along those lines?
  14. Am I allowed to mod in a new truck? Like a newer truck or older one? Just the truck and addons that come with it not a super fast car or anything. I check the mods that are approved and have no idea if custom modded truck are allowed. For example instead of the W900 Kenworth can get a Mac Pinnacle or something along those lines?
  15. So every time I quit the game and re-load it I'll be at my home garage? There's probably a solution but even with the most updated version of ets2mp I still spawn in my home garage - not useful if I need to be at a convoy in Austria and I turn up in Dover every time I relog. And help welcome
  16. Hello fellow truckers! A couple of days ago i had my mind on skins and paintjobs while i was driving in ETS2, and i came over a little idea i think would make ETS2 more creative and more fun to play. The idea is probably mentioned before, but i'll rewrite it again. The idea is that you can skin and paint your truck with custom made decals. A decal system like they have in APB: Reloaded & CoD: Black ops. So that you can make your own decals with basic made decals and put them on your truck, as well as putting in custom numbers, letters, symbols & color. This would make the game more fun and creative to see what people want to do with their truck. As well as putting those things in and paintjob that has been released by SCS. So, tell me what your thought is and if i should go any further with this. You guys have probably been thinking about this yourself, and SCS have probably thought about this as well. So let me your opinion about this idea, and if it gets positive respone i will bring it further, but with too much negative i will let it be for the time being. Greetings!
  17. Fun race to test Volvo's new I-Shift Dual Clutch gearbox.
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