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  1. None of them has worked for me none of them, i still can't even buy a truck or trailer, it might be a bug that scs got not truckersmp
  2. my money is not showing in positive, its showing negative. The title of of post is Money showing up in the negatives when i spawn in has a new profile for ats/ets2
  3. Will the post say it all buddy, very time i login to truckersmp with a new profile it shows that im in dept has soon i login and for my trailer loads it even says $1,000- for the load in the cargo market or quick job market
  4. https://imgur.com/a/bcTJap7 Has you can tell in the link i provided, very time when i log in on singleplayer or Truckersmp WITH a new profile, im not using any mods what so ever when im on singleplayer. its even shows im in the negatives even with my loads ( freight market)
  5. and I want to skin the stocked trucks that SCS made, not to download a trailer mod and skin it that wayno, I don't wanna do that, I wanna just skin the stocked trucks ingame and the trailers in game
  6. Its just that when I save my files for the skin I made, and put it in my mods folder they don't work
  7. Hello, I can't find a Tutorial for 1.31 for ats and ets2 to skin, I have try them all but none of them seem to be working, Can I get some help please on why they ant working? (this is for Single player, not MP!!!)
  8. Hello i need help to fix when i chick on the ets2mp and it only loads the single player game. not ets2mp
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