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Found 8 results

  1. Have you guys that works on mp been thinking of adding ekeri and tandem to mp? Snice its very fun to drive, looks good and are realistic Truck on!
  2. micke023


    Hey! What I understand, tandem has been denied to have in multi, but what I think is, WHY it was refused to add it in multiplayer? Because we are a couple of players who would really like it, if it were possible to get it. Within the Nordic countries.
  3. Hi, ich habe in letzter Zeit öfter mal nach einem Mod (siehe Bild) geschaut aber nichts gefunden Deswegen dachte ich das ich einfach mal hier frage Ich suche einen Tandem Wechselbrücken Mod (Repaint egal) Wie auf dem Bild zusehen mit 3 Achsen am Motorwagen und 2 Achsen an der Lafette. Am liebsten auf DAF XF 106 Basis. Ich habe wie gesagt auch schon geschaut aber leider nichts gefunden was mir zusagt. Falls jemand was weiß, würde ich mich sehr über Links freuen MfG Daniel Bild: Der Luginger (http://www.fahrzeugbilder.de/bild/Unternehmen+und+Betriebe~Deutschland~Dachser/131832/volvo-fh-500-tandem--haengerzug-von.html)
  4. Are you guys hyped about the new Double trailers coming to ETS 2 ?
  5. Hi everyone! I have a question here about tandem trailers, Can I use them for a multiplayer as a mod in steam game? When I want to use a tandem trailers in game, what I can do for that do get it? Thankk you all!
  6. BAWpro

    Tandem in online?

    Hi just an idea as people keep asking SCS for tandems or double trailers, could this http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=126098 be added to MP? with the creators permission of course the main reason i think this will be great in MP is it will make it more interesting as instead of just Artics or cars you could see a tandem or just a rigid also this mod doesn't change any trucks it just adds new chassis so if people want to drive a artic truck they can or they could drive a rigid they can. just a idea just wondering if other people would like it. a car was added for admins so why not a tandem for the normal players which will make it more interesting. Thanks Ryan
  7. Opis: Dodanie modyfikacji na zestaw z tandenem lub bus+naczepa. Dlaczego ta sugestia: Moim zdaniem jest to świetny pomysł. Na drogach nie tylko spotykamy zestawy ciągnik+naczepa, więc można tym modem urealnić rozgrywkę. Większość z nas na pewno chciałaby urozmaicić swoją grę
  8. Скоро в мультиплеере! #ETS2MP2015 #COMINGSOON Источник \ Source: https://www.facebook.com/ets2mpofficial/
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