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  1. I use almost only single trailers
  2. Promods map whould be a little bit empty to? Only 2k players and very large map. I play truckersmp to see other players... even if i had all the dlc's i whould not play on promods.. to me it just fels like. everything is getting a little bit more "empty"
  3. Hello, as many of you know promods is coming to ets2. For them who has all the map dlc's its sure a great thing! But for us that doesnt have it like me its not such a hype.. Do you think that the orginal map will be not dead but a bit empty after promods coming to truckersmp? Let me know. Cheers :)
  4. Fernbus Tourist bus simulator Farming simulator 19 Bus simulator 18 Eurotruck simulator 2 Human fall flat (with friends only) Planet coaster But fernbus ets2 and tbs most
  5. Have you guys that works on mp been thinking of adding ekeri and tandem to mp? Snice its very fun to drive, looks good and are realistic Truck on!
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