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  1. Thats my problem i get no message that something went wrong
  2. Yes i got the same problem as before but now its only in Multiplayer. Thx for your support but nothing worked so this is my last attempt to get help I want to know why my game always crashes after I accepted a job
  3. Everything, really everything tried what you said. Nothing worked
  4. I know this question was already asked. But the answers underneth the Question werent really good tipps. I did everything: Reinstalled ets2, reinstalled truckersmp and cleaned the cache. What should i do
  5. Thx everyone! This weekend I dont have much time. Maybe on Sunday I'm trying to connect my profile. Thank you for your answers
  6. Hey everyone! I got a question. Many years ago I did my first ets2 profile and connected it with world of trucks. But I didnt know how to cheat money and simply lost to much money to be abel to have 0$. Anyways I did another profile and cheated money and wanted to connect it with world of trucks. But I already did and I only can do this once. And the problem is I deleted the profile. This is so sad (can we get 1000 likes on this Ok Memes away) because I cant be in the event!
  7. Hey guys! I was on an Route from Krakow to Toulouse. Just a few kilometers from toulouse away i just suddenly stalled from 140 kmh to 80 and i was thinking like what the fuck? And then I went to the settings went to speed limiter and yes it was on. So I turned it of and then i went in the settings to make sure is is disabled. But no it wasnt. So i did it again went back to menue and then I went to settings and it was the same thing again. I just gave up after a lot of tries and started driving (with the truck) and it worked. So sometime later i wanted to drive a car and when i started to drive it stopped at; let me estimate... 40kmh? Yes and the car was only in the first pace. Can smb help me what the problem is?
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