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  1. I have been feeling kind of not myself lately and i have had a real part time job and school lately, so i have left my truck to the ETS2 garage to collect dust for awhile, but i do feel i wanna get back into trucking soon and see my creamed black Volvo 750 again. I dont know, what route i will itsactly take, but i might drive ,,Drive-East,, part of the map, because,this is where im actully from .Ofcourse Estonia isnt on the offical online map, but i will actually Go-East is very simular to Estonia. When you see me on the road, you can say hi. And Happy Spring!
  2. Well i also understand, what you are talking about. Esepcially deep in Poland and further there might be few single truckers for miles. But it does make me feel happier seeing every trucker that comes by
  3. I think it was first time for him to drive past Calais-Duisburg road.
  4. I am glad most of you are repsecting the red light. It deffenedly more fun to pay attention to the lights because it is a simulator. Ignoring the traffic deffenedly does rulen the ,,simulation aspect of the game,, ,You get bored in short period of time and traffic raging can get you blocked, but it depends on the Admin oppinion, when you get in his sight. Best way to enjoy driving calm is to keep your truck at reasonable speed, it keeps your preassure down and that also keeps you away from a need to speed frue red lights and do dangerous movements.
  5. We all end up behind a red light once in awhile. How do you normally react to the red light? Since i have started playing ETS2MP, i was also comfused while driving in the city for few days. You dont know other driver,s reaction and i was sort of careful, but i was also very kind. I still like watching traffic lights and signs, it gives me a chance to follow something, not to drive like a maniac until i become bored or end up agnest another truck or a traffic post. I also see ignoring truckers every time i play ETS2MP. I wonder,what are they thinking about while they are driving, which makes them ignore other truckers and signs. I am also an old WRC drivers. I used to play Rallycross, WRC, street racing games every single day after school. But nothing has made me a speeddeamon of ETS2 roads. I mentiouned it,because some do say, truckers who drive,s negligent are playing racing games and that is why they are driving like it. Only extra theory i have is, that the clumsy driver is drunk or has never been to driving school, and which makes him unknowing about the traffic. When i see a red light,i deffenedly stop, and i usually have my foot near the pedal, just incase a yellow pops up and i have enough time to brake safely. There is real-life rule, when you see a yellow and you cant stop safely, you can continue driving forward. Drivers i usually see drive frue red light,no mather what. When i mentiouned,i watch signs, you should not stop when you have the wright, you have the wright to continue your journey without stopping, unless the trucker is currently finishing his turn or clearly wont stop. These arefew moment when you afto stop. When you ask me, am i angry when a trucker drives in front of me? When he is only finishing his turn, deffenedly not What are your oppinions?
  6. Thank you guys for the links and advice, But i allready know, that there arent actually 80-100 ton trailers available, it is a mod which is allowed in the multiplayer. And i know how to download the mods,how to see the avaialable trailers in the game . And true, it is not the best idea going to Duisburg road at rush hour,it will be a disaster.
  7. I know,i should of made a picture at brightness I send a picture of my truck below
  8. Today i was able to get Volvo trailer mod to work. Ofcourse it is allowed in multiplayer,but earlyer times i failed to get it to work. All that happened was, that i was sent to my house in Czech republic. But today i was lucky and got the mod to actually work. First i was thinking it was a DLC but it was nowhere to be found, but i saw one trucker driving by with a Scania or a Volvo truck trailer once in awhile. First opinion was mind blowing, i loved it and i felt like i wanna drive it every single day my entire life, also it fitted my truck perfectly. Who has seen my trucks, knows i reasently changed my truck style which changed the truck style alittle more than usual. My truck was usually yellow and with brown as the secondary and cream as the shadowing color or as the third color. But one day i tried to change my truck color alittle bit,and when i tried black, it made the truck totally over the top. Black is the base color, and Cream painjob is yellow with brown and cream color shadowing. When i logged into online and saw two big black Volvos on my trailer, it fitted my truck perfectly. Cargo is 100 tons total, but for first when i had a slow start every time i pushed the pedal, i didnt mind it and took it as a intresting experience in a good way. In UK i drove with basic choice of two wheels at the rear. I did speed up 1mph in every 5 seconds on streight road and slowed down while going upwards or up a bridge. But i accepted that and i still felt relaxed. I enjoyed driving that trailer around. When i made it to the train station near Calais, i literally stopped allmost at the top of the climb. I pushed the pedal down hard as i could and i also tried the sideway driving techneaque which sort of worked at the work site or mining site where i also have haulted while having a heavy cargo and trying to gut up the hill of the site. At the trail station i reversed the truck down the ramp, turned the truck and trailer around in a tight space ( you probably know how narrow the train station road is,eaven it is two lanes). I drove the wrong way to gain speed and bairly made it up the bridge because luckily my truck contained 5pmh at the very end which was what i needed. I knew i had to add maximum amout of tires on to have a chance on the Duisburg road, and that is what i did. After extra wheels where added, i headed to the highway. On the S turn up onto another bridge, one truck was also sruggling so i had no chance to collect speed for the bridge. Luckily my extra wheels where enough of a good idea and installment,that i was able to crawl up the bridge without stopping,having a speed of 20mph. While i headed to Duisburg road and when i was on it for about 100 miles, i had a other trucker front of me who didnt move faster than me so we chatted about my trailer for alittle while. One point he gained more speed than me and few trucks behind me started to get kind of sick of driving with slow gaining speed and they passed as well while i tried to give way. When trucks came my way ofcourse i stopped letting the few trucks passed and by that time i also gained reasonable amount of speed. First big opsticle was the zig-zag road up a hill after the railway ( Because i know this road well, i knew i had to gain enough speed to containe enough speed as possible while climbing up the hill). Up the hill few trucks did catch up with me and passed my like lightning. But i catched up quiet quick because in about 20miles there was a traffic jam. Traffic was as usual, few drivers who try to overtake others from left and right, and also crashing into other truckers. I did notice how one trucker with a red Volvo squeesed himself right behind me. I dont know, was it an accident or he liked my trailer which made him do that. When i made it out of the jam i was taken over none stop. I wasnt overtaken that many times since my 90mph limiter was on and i had to turn it off when i joined ETS mulitplayer version. I also gave way but plenty of truckers drove past me like maniacs from between me and the upcoming trucks. And after the 90 degree turn i parked my truck the the side of the road and i knew from that point theres no traffic and i might be the only opsticle. Volvo truck trailer is a amazing trailer,which is allowed in multiplayer, but i dont recommend it to be driver on Calais-Duisburg route. You get passed so many times,you just get sick of it and stop like i did. At the end i found it as the hardest cargo to deliever in the game, at the end i literally felt hot in reality driving this trailer around for 1500 miles frue UK and part of Duisburg road. It is better to look good than feel good, And i looked good.(My truck looked close to perfect with that trailer, eaven at the end)
  9. I am a kind of person who is kind of a lazy one, eaven i try to be active And more you talk about it, i do feel more i wanna use it,hehe
  10. I havent thout about it earlyer, but today i started to think about something awsome, and it wont be too complicated to add. Something i thout about,was a double trailer pack in Multiplayer. Emagine how some players drive with long trailers,around the map. I would like to point out one detail. People +level 20 or 30 are able to use it,because they have enough skill to drive trucks well (possibly) and that is important,or else low level players will only use the trailer for their advantage to pull off their silly pranks. Ofcourse double trailer trucks would be awsome but truth is, it gives those people bigger responsibility. In reality we do have few trucks in ETSMP which are wide and you need to be more precice while towing it, but it makes this cargo much more fun because of its wideness. There are two possible options,how you can pick up the double trailer. Maybe you pick up both trailers allready intact and just drive off. Second option is, that you take one trailer, and there is another trailer in the same no collision area where you afto attach the second trailer. Third option is abit more intresting, but gives you a chance to make your trip last for longer, to diffrent destinations. You pick up one cargo and then you afto drive to a second location,where you attach a second trailer. And after that you take the trailers to third location(s). What do you think of this idea, and which category trailers could be added? excamples: car double-trailer, closed standard double trailer, log double trailer, full size trailer+small trailer
  11. Thank you for the idea, i will think about it . But to post more write more stuff like this, i must go drive, but last few days i have been in school and work since 8am to 8pm so i havent had much time these last few days.
  12. Hehe,your kidding ,it will be 1000 pages long as a predict. I will not probably do posts like this every day, it is more of a post to explane you guys my experiences .
  13. For awhile i wasnt able to enjoy ET2MP because of my real life and left my truck to ,,collect dust,, . Yesterday i did drive from Brimingham to Cambdrige to collect my cargo. I took a long route cargo which wanted me to drive to Karlskrona in Sweden. Resently i cleaned my pc so i was able to use higher quality settings while driving. In Amsterdam it was quiet calm to drive because there wasnt too much traffic ,,except one car and one truck, which drove probably about 120-150 mph and both crashed into a wall in insanely fast speed. Ofcourse it was funny,but we all know it is abit dumb to drive that kind of way. When you know there is a narrow turn coming up,you afto slow down or eaven stop. They crashed at the well known 90 degree turn to the EuroPoort,, For awhile i drove on the highway with 105mph with my cruise control on. When i made it to the Duisburg road bridge,i decided to join the traffic and turned down the bridge. I eppriciate how fellow Volvo driver gave me way to join the traffic (As allways i also check the traffic conditions before my every move). In both ways trucks stopped and i had enough free space under the tunnel where i was heading, so i would not afto stop my truck middle of the two lanes. Many miles everything did go smooth and slow, on my lane traffic was mostly moving with very few haults, it was much worse on the oposite lane where trucks where haulted. After about 20km from the bridge i tried to pass one truck, when he blinked the lights and he slightly turned to the side of the road. I passed him alittle before the S turn and 90 degree turn. One truck came dangerously close to me but i truelly tried my best to stay calm,keep my pedal down and slowly turn back to my lane. We did have some distance between me and the upcoming truck but i knew i had to hurry to finish it safely. (I took him over because he seemed to let me know, he accepts me to pass him and on the distance i didnt see nay upcoming trucks, but when theres no actual reason or opportunity to overtake, just relax enjoy the journey.) Few kilometers after the overtake 3 trucks tried to overtake someone and they all ended up crashing into me at slow speeds because i saw them coming (3 crashes in about 2 minutes in one moment). One time i did feel sorry for truckers behind me when i saw the tucker turning into my lane for some unexplaneable reason. There was one other trucks right in front of me at that point and when he crashed into him, i pushed my brakes down and hard as possible and steered my truck onto the grass. I feel sorry for the truck who crashed into the rear of my trailer as well. When i made it to the end of Duisburg road, i saw my friend and i started driving together,which was my happiest moment of the day,and the biggest suprise because i have very few friends in ET2MP. We where heading to his destination. His destination was located at the Port, near Stavanger at Norway and then we headed to my destination at Karlskrona. After that we sepperated, He was heading to Poland and i was heading back to Duisburg to see how it will go on that tragical road. When i made it to Duisburg from scandinavia, i turned to Duisburg road and there was traffic allmost ever since i turned onto that road. Everything went smooth and slow for some time. When i was near he field with brick walls before the bridge, things started to go very messy. Truckers which tried to overtake other trucks ended on on the grass at the opposite side of the road and one of the truckers tried to overtake a trucker in front of me and the started fighting by driving side by side. But when i made it to the bridge, traffic calmed and i was able to drive in cruise speed. about 100 kilometers away from the traffic,i overtook one more truck which went smoothly. One is for sure, there are intresting and insane crashes happening in ET2MP every single day, so it is best to record your journey every time you drive. Especially when you are a youtuber like me. Have a good day and drive safe!
  14. NicoNugis

    Busiest places

    Deffenedly Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Calais and Duisburg
  15. I have secretly had a problem with the screen, after i reactivate the game once in awhile. I havent allowed it to bother me, i just change it back to my usual in ,,settings,, and i play game like usual. After i open the game, the screen is narrow and the quality is on the basic ..low quality,, and it foreces me to change my settings over and over again, after that has happened. Because i play with a steering wheels, and sometimes i afto pull the USB out and back. Sometimes after that, next time i start the game i have that problem,eaven not allways Is there a fix for it,and are you having the same problem?
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