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  1. I thank all those who helped me to solve my problem, at the same time I asked for help here, I also sent a request for help to the moderators of the game on the website of TrucksMP. I solved my problem thanks to all of you and I will be enormously grateful. Below I leave the link of the publication that solved me definitely the error that my game had. Thank you so much for everything. Postscript: I think it's pretty obvious to say that I need help from the Google translator to be able to communicate with all of you.
  2. Hello good day. I'm looking for help to fix my problem. Every time I log on to TrucksMP it's all good, but it sends me an error every time I brought it to drive freely or I accept a merchandise contract. I see a window saying: "Fatal Error and close" I leave my Crash.log down so you can help me in more detail and see what happens, thank you very much. game.log.txt
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