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  1. The blocking of vehicle_sound_accesory, I feel it was unnecessary and we must fight to have it enabled again. I affirm and verify that if they put the definitions correctly the other users will be able to hear their sound by default. It is question that they are oriented of how to place it so that it works correctly. Please take this into account, I know it was blocked but the other users did not have the knowledge of how to place it and when I started teaching them the correct way to hear the default sound, they block the line.
  2. Ruta en directo de la semana pasada! #TruckPlayer by TruckersPTY :)




  3. #TruckersPTY | Mercedes Actros


    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Great photo :) Nice Mercedes :wub:

    2. BL4CK$K1LL


      Nice Trucks ;) 

  4. Estoy fuera de casa todo el dia, llego en la noche a distraerme un momento y me encuentro que estoy baneado. Y este ban es de horas de la tarde en la que no estoy en casa, no lo puedo creer. 


    No colocan pruebas, no se si soy "y no soy porque no estuve en casa" o se equivocaron. Ya me dañan una noche! Veamos si me borran eso del historial.

    1. Cαrlos Eduαrdo

      Cαrlos Eduαrdo

      Será que me darán un día acumulado si realmente tengo un ban? Ya han pasado casi 24Hrs y el admin no se conecta. Para hacerlo más dramático, solo espero no estar así todo el fin de semana.

    2. Cαrlos Eduαrdo

      Cαrlos Eduαrdo

      Finalizado! Me eliminaron del historial el baned. No ha pasado nada, un dia menos pero sin registros.

  5. Here we go. / TruckersPTY


    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Awesome truck and trailer :) 

  6. You should not, since this plugin is stored in the 'plugin' folder and the game is not found. Even so, please reconsider the way in which the sound is edited and, if necessary, teach the others so they know how to configure it so that others can hear the original sound.
  7. I agree in part. They can block interior, cabin, chassis and Skyn. But many of us have a way of placing a local sound and that other users can hear it. This is a teaching issue. Many of us spend hours in editing to give it a different touch, complying with the rules and now we are kicked out of nothing. It's not fair.
  8. Many of us are upset with the decision, on the part of the TruckersMP administration regarding the speed limit currently established. During my stay in the multiplayer I can clearly say that the speed is the cause of accidents by 10%. Among my reports are mostly: 1. Players blocking the pass. 2. Players with cars / trucks without towing. 3. New players who only want to enter populated areas to bother. 4. Players who filter inside the events of internal companies to crash and damage the gaming experience. 5. Players who, even if they are driving in a range of 80-130 do not know how to control a truck and they collide. 6. Players who occupy a distance by lag or a prudent space to pass. Most players do not want administrators to pass it only in "C / D" to show that they are administrators and that everyone sees them. (They are not all). They could assign administrators who oversee monitoring the DLC maps (France, Scandinavia, East, Italy). Many players make reports and are not seen. I am a player who makes end-to-end trips up to twice when I go out on work nights almost 8500 kilometers. And I would like to challenge you to do these laps at 150km (not bad, for short trips or if you go with 5 friends), but when you go alone, the only thing you visualize is pavement and no player. In these motorway zones one speeds up and rises to 165/170 and we do not notice the speed. One can drive in a responsible manner and it is boring when you have some steering wheel or steering wheel, you have to place the cruise to 150 and you will step on the pedal in vain and maybe sleep. Finally, I know that you will not take any suggestion with the issue of limitation, but I think that you would have to carry out some tests for the future. 1. Increase the speed limit for vehicles with charge: No more than 175 and it can be on the freeways. In addition, players with speed hacks would be controlled and detected more easily. (There is a simulation server at 90) The one that you like to enter that server) There are players who, although they mention that a maximum is 90 is the correct thing, I do not explain what they do in the EU2. At a higher speed. 2. Cars and trucks without a trailer limit them to 140: These are used mostly to be crashing, taking advantage of their weight advantage. And the cars are very unstable and lose control quickly. 3. In the cities put the speed limit to 60: This seemed excellent and once I was in the EU2. 4. Analyze the areas of greatest congestion and place a speed limit of 150 or 130 in which it is easier to stop or avoid collision with another player. Sorry for extending me, but with a dialogue and analysis of the problem together we can reach a solution. This text was translated by Google Translator
  9. TruckersMP has thought about the possibility of implementing trailers or trucks to open its catalog? With the possibility of opening a window and have more accessories for trucks.
  10. Nombre de Steam: Carlos Eduardo [PAN] Horario en el que juegas: 19:00 / 23:00 País: Panamá Camión: FH16 ¡Un saludo!
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