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Found 48 results

  1. Oyuna yeni başladım ve 8 levelim henüz 100K param var ancak tırlar hakkında bilgim sınırlı. Sizce başlangıç için tercih etmem gereken tır ne olmalı? 400Hp den az olmasını istemiyorum.
  2. What is your fav. Truck in ets? Mine is the Mercedes Benz New Actros, I love the interior. Let me hear your fav trucks!
  3. Welcome everyone ! This thread will be filled with photos from my everyday journeys and trips in ETS2 and ATS
  4. Good afternoon everyone, while doing my student work the following question crossed my mind: What brand of trucks would you like to see added to American Truck Simulator and TruckersMP? I would like to know your answer and your favorite make or model of truck. coordinate greetings, AldoTrucks.
  5. Hello, do you want an instruction video/tutorial how to change your steering wheel, interior, engine... For example: - 750pk engine from Volvo to a renault --> so you have 750pk in your renault. - Interior from scania in a MAN truck. -...
  6. Hello everyone! I want to know your opinion about the following topic: As I am driving down the cd-route, there are many players coming up and I see, some of them just safe-edited their headlights to make them green, but the rest is having white headlights. In real life, many trucks are having xenon, LED or halogen headlights, means, they are bright blue, blue and yellow. I'd really love to select it in the future, but let me know your opinion. -Captain Nivaro-
  7. Wouldn't it be a good idea, if VTC owners were allowed to have a trailer skin for the vtc that the players of that vtc could use but only activated when used though truck books but also only applies to a certain number of players in the VTC
  8. rossco4653

    Western star

    With the arrival of the Mack Anthem I would love to see Western star come to gameplay would anyone else want this?
  9. Hello. Do you tend to save edit your trucks to have more HP than you can originally? Or do you leave it, and just drive normally without changing anything? Let me know...
  10. Hello everyone, it has always been said that if the merchandise is heavy (more 18 TON) trucks with motorizations must be occupied over 500 HP; But when the load is under 10 TON, should the use of smaller engines be reconsidered? ..... or just adjust the transmissions? .... or not take the low-weight merchandise?
  11. I love playing on the Pro Mods Eu server just because it's so nice with how big the map and well made it is. The biggest thing for me is why we can't have American trucks too. There are lots of people that take them their in RL, So I was wondering if there is maybe a chance that you guys will allow it?
  12. [TØP] CΣZAR


    hello everyone today I would like to see your favorite truck designs and brands I REALLY LOVE THIS PICTURE
  13. Am I the only one thinking that a dedicated server with some truck mods would be a nice idea? Idk, Iveco 190.38, MAN F2000, Volvo FH Mk1, Stuff like that . It would be a nice improvement .
  14. ScoRp1oN-TR

    Map (TR)

    Biz Türkler Uzun zamandır euro truck similatör oynuyoruz ve artık bu oyunda Türkiye haritası görmek istiyoruz
  15. Yes i'm starting with one of these places too Starting with some pics i took today
  16. Suggestion Name: Duisburg traffic flow improved Suggestion: The Duisburg road should be a one-way as showed in the image, this should help traffic flow and not let anyone get in in case their in carrier mode yet this also keeps the large amount of traffic in the game. I think this is a major improvement and should be implemented into Europe 2. Note: Please check the image before commenting. I might have miss-wrote so do check the image to get a better understanding. Any example images: <img src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DCZV-V2XkAUnMt9.jpg"> Why should it be added?: I love traffic in TruckersMP but I am always scared of being rear ended, slammed into, brake checked, or hit when ever I am in my Carrier profile. But I figured out a way to improve the traffic flow in Duisburg and it keeps the large amount of traffic but without people intersecting with each other and without having to mod/change the base game! Q&A Q: What if I have traffic offences on? A: People who have traffic offences on should stay on the correct side of the road or they can turn traffic offences of in the game play settings Q: If I was about to turn into a drop off point but missed it what should I do? A: You will have to go around again, you wont have to exit and re-enter Duisburg. Q: How will I know witch way to go? A: In Duisburg there's a average of 50-100 vehicles, if every vehicle were going one way you can check witch way the traffic is flowing. Or a admin who is monitoring Duisburg can get a Scout vehicle and park in direction the one-way faces. Q: If there is a accident and one lane is blocked what should I do? A: You don't need to overtake. Just go into the other lane since it's a one-way!
  17. -> I do not know exactly whether this is possible and I would like to apologize already if that was already noted. Suggestion Name: Trucks on the Restplaces / Truck Stops Suggestion Description: Its all about adding some Trucks to the Restplaces just like in SP. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Rest stops are often empty or only occupied with 1-2 players (even on #EU2) - you could create an great atmosphere just by adding a few trucks (like in the singleplayer) in which one does not feel so alone. i dont think about full Restplaces like in Germany but just a few Trucks would be nice.
  18. Hello I'm just wondering if there is any word on if the admins are gonna allow new trucks on the server? Example. The mack truck model, and cabover truck mod.
  19. Hallo an alle, Ich spiele seit 1 Jahr und ich finde man sollte auch, dass Militär einführen. Ich habe ein paar Paintjobs schon probiert und ich finde man könnte Dunkelgrün LKWs und Autos mit Blaulichtern verwenden. Das Militär hätte Recht auf Abfragund von Fahrern und Recht auf Straßensperren. Schlägt den TruckersMP machern vor, sowas zu verwirklichen, weil krin programmieren nötig wär (Nur Rechte auf Blaulichter also Polizei). Wenn ihr auch sowas wollt unterstützt mich. Ihr habt mich leider nicht verstanden ich habe es anders gemeint. Also Blocken ist ein Blödsin weiß ich aber das die Polizei autos nur für die GM sind dass weiß ich auch. und das Militär müsste nicht einmal Blaulichter haben das war nur ein Vorschlag weil die orangen langweilig aussehen. das militär würde (wenn es es gäbe) nur "Secret Cargo" aufpassen also dank dem neuen Uptade 1.32 in dem es TRailer gibt ohne etwas wirklich zu fahren wären es z.B 4 Militär "Piloten" und 3 Militär LKWs Also Bitte denkt noch einmal nach falls Ihr irgendetwas noch wissen wollt ich werde auf diesem TS3 Server für Text chat online sein :" " stupst mich an und ich werde kommen. MfG MilitaryDude
  20. Dosya boyutu büyük olduğu için buraya yükleyemedim. Aşağıda vermiş olduğum 3 link farklı araçlar. Lütfen her birine bakarmısınız? Ban sebebi olan varmı. NOT: Hiçbirinde parlatma yoktur. volvo: http://www.mediafire.com/view/xkde7x42v7vjcxy/b.png iveco: http://www.mediafire.com/view/6jhawjy22ggj9h2/c.png karışık: http://www.mediafire.com/view/rma2e6y6asg4q3r/ets2_20190105_160925_00.png
  21. I think we should be able to put logo on our trailrs because it means your in a VTC or your the owner. Also people don't always look at the thing were how many people are near you so that an lot more better
  22. Hello I'm Ultra. I played alot of TruckersMP in the last 2 years or so. It is a very fun game if you don't look at the griefers ;D. I'd like to give the TruckersMP Team a suggetion, which is AI Traffic in TruckersMP. I can see that this propably would be a problem, because the server needs to spawn Traffic not only around you but also on 4000 other Players at times. It would be also nice, if the Traffic is the same for everyone, so you can't see your friend drive through an AI bus in your screen, because on his screen there is noone. But maybe you guys give it a go and you manage to master this problem . The Pros I thought of are: +The world feels a lot more alive and diverse, which adds to the replayability aspect of your mod. +Because the Server has some griefers online, it could force them to obey more traffic rules to not constantly crash with an AI car. +The Trucks would also obey the Traffic Rules more. For example: People in cities often rush to their destination ignoring lights and speed limits. If you add AI traffic, then suddenly these Trucks have to obey the rules to not crash and earn their money. The Cons i think of: -A big chunk of coding maybe? -System and server Resources need to be tested on that, -There would be more Traffic jams in popular cities. (But also: Hey thats life, traffic jams happen) If you could add this at some point of the developement, it would be awesome ^^
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