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    multiplayer girmek istedigimde e posta ve sifre hatası veriyor dogru girdigim halde
  2. I need a video tutorial to register my World of Truck to help my friends. My friends need to register on the site. I do not remember helping them. I need your friends to help guide my friends...
  3. ladabariz

    Crash log error

    I run the game and after play for 1-2 min, the graphics are come and goes consistently. Afterward loading screen opens again and loading. Finally I get crash.log error. I can't play. Please help..
  4. Blindquardian


    Will he come new trucks ? thank you in advance for your answers
  5. Filipeqq

    Connection error!

    Hello! After updating, when I want to play something like this happens: https://plays.tv/video/5babe4a706003eb02c/- I can not play, it always kicked me out of the server. Best greetings! Filip
  6. InstinctFatal

    Inaccurate jobs

    -So i just started playing American Truck Simulator MP and i went to my jobs list and there was nothing showing up. -Then i looked up a solution to the problem and it told me to change the "console" and "developer" in the config to 1. after that it told me to enter a command to reset the economy. it was something like g_force_economy 1 or something of the sort -That solution worked but now everytime i load up ATS MP it loads jobs that are like $80,000 jobs and they have incompatible trailers on them which i cant use on the server. -My jobs right now give me 20-30k so thats how i know its not accurate to my account . Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? here is what my jobs look like https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1535251816
  7. Hello fellow truckers and colleagues of Truckers MP, this morning I stumbled upon some troubling whilst launching TMP. In Steam, it keeps relaunching and asking if the launch options / parameters are good, which they are, but it isn't working. Picture of the error here: Click here for the error message picture. Please help me out if you can, I never had this happen before.
  8. Kikkiu

    ETS2 doesn't start

    ETS2 Doesn't start I was trying to start ets2 mp but it says this error: The game filesystem failed to initialize, aborting now. I tried to reinstall TruckersMP and ETS2 too, but nothing happened, ets2 mp doesn't start anymore. Any help? Thanks!
  9. I want to play the latest version of this game in MP, but when I try to download the update, it hangs on this file and then just cancels all progress.
  10. Hello, I started creating modifications that allow me to take from the market one and the same load (eg. a yacht) from each company (in other words, only one and the same trailer is available on the entire map in market) but I would like that after switching off this modification (or wanting to be more precise I mean enter the multiplayer mode thanks to the TruckersMP mod) I still have a hooked yacht and the game to see that it is a yacht with a given weight (not a cement for example). I have created several versions of this modification, but each has some disadvantages. Version 1 (base) - Download This is a base version of modyfication. This is only visual change of trailers but the cargos and weights are not changed. Every files in \def\vehicle\trailer\ location has changed. For example: brick_trailer.sii excavator.sii Version 2 - Download Here I modifired the same files as in version 1 but here in additional I edit a every .sii files in \def\cargo\ directory without subfolders. For example: acetylene.sii carrots.sii The success is even ok, but only partially. Yes, all loads are called Yacht, weigh 6.5 tons, but in the game files they are still not yachts and after switching off the modification the appearance of the trailer itself remains as a yacht, but the game informs me that I carry, for example, cement weighing 22 tons. This is a section of game save after save with this mod: This is a 2 main versions of mod but I try to every variables: - Version 3: with *.sii files in \def\cargo\*\ location and try to change a trailer def: but this is not working, - Version 4: with edit a \def\cargo.sii and similar from DLCs and try to remove all @include except a yacht cargo. It even worked but the number of generated trailers in market not satisfied me because I would like a many the same trailers from the one city (in this example from Poznan I have one yacht trailer and from Lodz I have nothing). - Version 5: with edit a \def\vehicle\trailer_storage.sii and similar from DLCs and try to remove all @include except a yacht trailer but it works the same or worse than the previous example (v4). Sincerely? I ran out of ideas, so I thought to try and ask for help here. Maybe some of you know the golden mean for my problem. I want the modification to always show that I am carrying a yacht (as a trailer and as a cargo in information - F6 or menu) and that it doesn't generate an economy reset. Examples 1 and 2 don't generate an economy reset, but the others probably do.
  11. So my Sp and Mp keep crashing after about 5-10 mins in the game. I have tried re-installing the game, doing the program data thing, checking the integrity of game files and many more but none of them worked! What am I supposed to do?? Help me fast! Please I need you Community to help me!! Thanks for your time!! Also here is my game file log game.log.txt
  12. So I downloaded the game and the launcher. This is an error I get when trying to launch it. An error occurred while contacting our update servers 0x80072ee4 The last time I played the mod it worked. It was around 6 months ago. Now I installed it and it doesn't. I deleted temp files, launched as an admin, checked the cache file (that was advised in the only topic I found relevant), launched in compatibility mode. Nothing helped. 2 of my friends installed it as well and they succeeded in launching. No idea what's wrong. Please, help UPD: I also have the latest .NET
  13. Trucker_Pierce

    NOo, Tmp wont work :(

    So I went to play ATS mp but it says this. Does anyone know how to fix this? ATS is attempting to launch with the optional parameters shown below. "Files\TruckersMP Launcher\Launcher.exe" If you did not request this launch or do not understand these options, select cancel. And if i press ok i go to SP, pls help.
  14. FalconZ

    Error, conection, HELP.

    Hello, I'm here again. A few months ago I came here to ask for help on the same subject, but without solution. I tried various ways and ways to solve my problem. My problem is: Truckers MP with the game ETS2. As the picture below shows, I enter the game but the ping of the other players is 0 and their trucks do not move, only the wheels. Help me. NOTE: I have already uninstalled the game, deleted the Truckers MP cache folders, and have already reinstalled it.
  15. Tomstarz

    Failed to Initialize?

    Please help I get this when I launch TruckersMP??? >>><<<
  16. Charly10SP

    Unssuported game version

    Hi Recently, SCS update ETS2 to and TruckersMP only support When i start truckersmp, i get an error about versions. I have tried to downgrade the game to 1.32, but when i do this downgrade, it download an older version that the TruckersMP supported ( How can I fix that error?
  17. Ali Matheus


    Buenas a todos los compañeros , publico el siguiente post porque tengo un problema luego de la actualizacion 1.32 , primera vez que me pasa despues de año jugando , el problema es el siguiente cuando estoy en una ruta , la pantalla se coloca negro y sale la pantalla de carga del ETS2 y vuelve a salir donde estaba a la misma velocidad , formatie mi pc le coloque windows 10 y tenia windows 8.1 y aun sigue el problema si alguien sabe alguna solucion a este caso estaria muy agradecido , esto me a quitado las ganas de jugar , muy buenas a todos y que tengan buena ruta
  18. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    How can I send a picture?

    How can I send a picture? I sometimes want to post a photo of my truck in the forum, but I do not know how to send it! I'd be happy if someone helped me Regards Mohammad.
  19. KennyClan01

    Game crashes.

    My TruckersMP crashes every time I use my own trailer from recent update on ETS2. Every time I try to load it with cargo. It freezes. Any suggestions on why this is happening? Is this a known bug? PLEASE HELP!!!
  20. After accepting an order with the Krone Dry Liner in Rome and driving with this trailer for loading there was a freeze and I can not cancel neither the delivery nor the order (re-freeze in the main menu) or do anything on the spot. After another spawn or re-login, I have no way out of the current job (transport Pasta to Bern) and I can not continue to play in the MP. I also tried changing to the SP, but after a quick trip to the previous location I failed in the MP. So there was a freeze, too. An incidentally previous driven delivery from Palermo to Rome went without problems (with the Profi Liner) -> before the server-restart. Is this the job? Or maybe in this place in Rome (trigger point is broken)? Or is it perhaps due to the Krone Dry Liner that makes playing impossible here? So in the current situation, I can not play unfortunately currently :(: / The problem also occurred after the hotfix or the server restart. I would be glad to receive your feedback. And sorry for my bad english - I am German.
  21. Encrypted™

    Blank License Plates?

    for the save editing people out there \/ How do you take the county part out of your license plate? so I can just have a plain license plate with colors text
  22. Hub4478

    can't play ETS2mp

    Bonsoir, J'ai un problème depuis la nouvelle mise à jour, lorsque j'essaye de lancer ets2mp un message s'affiche comme quoi je n'ai pas accès a certains emplacements de fichiers. J'ai tout essayer (désinstaller TMP plusieurs fois, désinstaller ets même steam, j'ai changer l'emplacement du jeu du launcher) mais rien ne change. J'ai cherché si quelqu'un avait le même problème mais rien non plus. Si quelqu'un de la commu FR saurait comment m'aider ce serais super car malheureusement j'ai un anglais trop faible pour écrire une demande propre. Merci !
  23. Xablau_BR

    invisible truck

    Ninguém está aparecendo no servidor para mim, e eu fui temporariamente banido por causa disso. Isso está acontecendo em todos os servidores. Siga o link: https: /youtu.be/CjQURDapLLc
  24. Recently proshol ban on the account I go to eu2 wrote that on the screen I go to other servers all okay