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  1. Makes me laugh when people can't do their one simple job properly. 

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    2. Pillow_


      I'm sure whatever has happened, has been done properly and our team members do know what they're doing.

    3. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      We'll see about that

    4. Pillow_


      My inbox here is always open for any inquiries you may have, this might be something I can help you with. If you prefer to use Discord, you can message me there as well.

  2. Bad manner???

    Considering the C-D road has a road speed limit of 60-80KMH anyway I drive at these speeds. I don't really care if this effects people who want to overtake, I stick to the speed limit anyway, If people want to overtake be my guests but if you break the rules then you have to deal with the consequences. Driving around at 150 is just pure stupidity eitherway, Theres no rush so why bother driving recklessly for the sake of getting anywhere quicker. Just chill out and enjoy the ride. Simple
  3. Do you not read forum PMs?

  4. AND Invites you to remember those fallen souls on September 11th 2018. Atlas Gaming Group invites you to our 9/11 Memorial Day convoy. This convoy is to remember those who were affected in the September 11th attacks in 2001. On the route, we will take you through some of the beautiful roads in American Truck Simulator. We invite all fellow truckers to come mourn with us at this event as we remember the terrible events that happened on this day 17 years ago. To show some respect and remember the terrific events we will be taking a minute silence before the convoy starts. We strongly recommend you attend in an american-skin themed truck. We appreciate you viewing our event and hope you can join along. Below you can find out how to get involved. The Details..... -> Server: ATS: EU or Atlas 9/11 Memorial Day Convoy (TBC) Temp Rules: (TBC) ETS2C Post: CLICK HERE -> Start Location: Gallon, Ely -> Destination: Gallon, Los Angeles -> Departure Time: 4pm ET / 3pm CT / 9pm BST -> Please note that there will not be a break stop in this event, So make sure you're filled up! The Route..... CLICK HERE FOR FULL ROUTE IMAGES The Contact..... Questions should go to @MattTM & @Bac0nat0r The Links..... CLICK LOGO FOR WEBSITE
  5. Vtm Live Dissconnected

    I believe the answer your looking for is As TMP is NOT associated with VTM you shouldn't ask here for help.
  6. How do i connect back in-game.

    No this isn't possible. You have to close and reopen up the game. This is the only option at present.
  7. free games

    Inb4 this probably gets locked for being a post that is probably classed more as a status. Also to Play/ is the place to be.
  8. Connection Error

    Try running program as Admin
  9. Public Statement Regarding Recent Events

    Suggestion: Lock topic? we're only going to go round and round in circles. Essentially this topic has only opened up an opportunity to argue with each other, Content farm and what will it solve? Nothing.
  10. Public Statement Regarding Recent Events

    TMP won't be releasing details of course, Don't expect details to be shared either
  11. Public Statement Regarding Recent Events

    Fair Enough