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  1. When all you wonna do is this.....

    1. Flindix


      Why would you want to have headaches for doing that :(

    2. _J-M


      Do you even english bro :troll:

  2. DJ Jefferz

    Cargoes better paid

    Yeah, you are now able to filter your job results so you can have the most valuable cargo at the top of the list
  3. Awesome little drive with @Forerunner, @Wheezy, @Sgt_Tailor, @V4NTAGE and [TR] LimaFox BR Tonight! I must do this more often...






    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Nice photos :) Ye must have been somewhere behind me on C-D :thinking:

    2. V4NTAGE


      You got a picture of me :love:

  4. DJ Jefferz

    Story of your username!

    Jefferz was my nickname at school. DJ was because TFM was the first project I joined...
  5. Some exciting changes coming to Atlas Logistics soon! Keep your eyes peeled.....
  6. Long overdue recognition here for you now!! Congrats. A well earned position for you

  7. At least some order is being restored....

  8. When you don't get involved in drama but you get dragged into it anyway.


  9. DJ Jefferz

    About the ban

    Yes a ban exists across all games and servers.
  10. Hmm, Just sat here wasting away...:truestory:

  11. DJ Jefferz

    snow is gone

    It's not gone... If you looked before making a post you'd see this..... Explaining that the latest update does not yet support winter mod....
  12. Sorry it's abit late.. <3


  13. Had a pretty awesome weekend spent with my family. Auntie over from Holland and my Uncle over from Bahrain. Now, back to work with my second family.. #<3Atlas

  14. People can still post as many comments as they like and it still goes to content count. Moving it to help would have been wiser.