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  1. FlamingTree

    Possible solution for most trolling

    Your solution has already been solved, EU1 is simulation EU4 is Freeroam. If this gets passed the entire game will be ruined in my opinion, as it isn’t realistic anymore. Player counts will most likely go down exponentially.
  2. FlamingTree

    Make fuel station deliveries NCZs

    This should be added because in convoys which sometimes there are 20+ people if everyone needs to refuel we will have people stopped on the motor way because they are waiting for the pump, if this was a Ncz all of this would be avoided, I have been rammed so many times at pumps because they thought it was a ncz and it should be, this would also prevent people from blocking the road when they start to turn in but can’t fully get in the fuel station because of the pumps being taken.
  3. Personally I feel like the speed limiter should be raised to 175 kph on EU3, I wouldn't recommend putting it on EU2 because that would create so much more chaos on the CD road and the surrounding areas which is already a mess, but the people on EU3 don't seem to be as rush and more chill. I also feel like the speed limiter should be disabled completely on EU4, but TMP staff doesn't think so as when I made a suggestion for that it got shut down within 1 hour.
  4. FlamingTree

    Report Date/Time

    Suggestion Name: Report Date and Time Suggestion Description: Allow players to change the timezone and allow the reporter to change the report time to a future date within a 23 hour period. Why should this be added? This should be added because there are different time-zones and some person don't know how to convert. Also you should also the players to change the report time to 23 hours in advance because of time-zones, If I want to report a person and the incident occurred at 7:02 EST, which is 00:02 UTC the next day I would have to change my computers time zone to UTC since I don't have access to write a report for the next day yet in my current time zone.
  5. FlamingTree


    When you have the winter mod it starts to get dark at 16:00, and since the some players on the server have the winter mod, and the server supports it they had to change the time to those people with winter mod on can see other drivers. If the notification telling you to turn your headlights on is annoying, just simply always keep the headlights on.
  6. FlamingTree


    I would make it somewhere between 15 and 30 seconds because there is a glitch where the horn will always be running if you open up the chat when you are on the horn. I also think that there should be some sort of warning, like the no headlights warning. The horn is also used to give other drivers a warning, to try and avoid a collision, but some drivers spam the horn when they are in traffic, which I think it quite annoying and this is a good way to stop that horn spam issue.
  7. FlamingTree

    Why aren't double trailers allowed in busy areas?

    According to an article from Anriandor "in order to prevent congestion and similar issues in highly populated areas, the developers have implemented a restriction zone where any kind of double trailer is not permitted."*. Double's on windy roads with heavy traffic are also harder then a single trailer are harder to navigate witch can lead to more accidents, created more chaos and backup on areas like the CD road and in populated cities like Calais and Duisburg. *https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/75742-restricted-zone-for-double-trailers/
  8. FlamingTree

    People who drive slow on purpose.

    This could be bannable if you report them with proper evidence. If they are driving slow on a straight and then speed up when you are passing that is racing, and according to rule 2.5 racing is reckless driving which is bannable. You have to take into account the surroundings though, the person infront of them could be lagging or there might be a sharp turn or a hill. Like @SprinterFS said the might have the winter physics and want to keep distance. So don't make that assumption that they are going to speed up when you pass, but if they do and it is a straight road with no traffic giving them no reason to be going that slow report them to the website with credible evidence.
  9. FlamingTree

    Where to have VTC Meetups?

    There is a huge car park in Mannheim, but be careful because it is a very popular spot and it is a collision zone, so if you are going to this place I recommend going on EU1 or EU3.
  10. FlamingTree

    What mod(s) do you use in ETS2 Multiplayer

    The only mod I use is the winter mod, I don't have the physics installed though. (I'm not that dumb)
  11. FlamingTree

    C-D Road Truckstop.

    Keep in mind that SCS focuses on the Single player part of this game and is not involved in the Multiplayer part, this is a mod and that did not make or have control over.
  12. FlamingTree

    Speed Limiter

    Hello, I am suggesting that the speed limiter gets disabled, for both in cities and non cities on Europe 4, since Europe 4 is a non collision zone it wouldn't hurt to disable the speed limiter. The whole reason for the speed limiter was to decrease accidents, which I think is a great idea, and it certainly has helped decrease the amount of accidents, but when you are playing on a server which is non collision, I don't feel like the speed limiter is necessary. Thank you for taking your time to read this, FlamingTree (JMHeelfan)
  13. FlamingTree

    Don't go onto C-D Road with Winter Mod

    My suggestion is, Don't drive down the CD Road at all if you don't mind getting into traffic and accidents. The CD Road is chaos even before the winter mod this year. Also if you watch any admins streams they say "The Winter mod is not an excuse", and it isn't because the physics is optional, if you don't have the driving skill to drive with it on you shouldn't download it.
  14. if you want to know how people drive watch Tony747 or Darwen
  15. FlamingTree

    Mod or hack ?

    Well, it could be a variety of different things, there are some hacks that people can use that let them go through cars without losing any speed or taking any damage, but if they aren't taking any damage this could be a no damage hack or simply they could just have a connection issue.