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  1. Congratulations!

    1. akuponcture


      I'm not new I'm just back after 2 weeks but thanks!

    2. TugastS.


      mm-hmmm okay, so, welcome back :) 

  2. That actually is true, also if you guys just drive on the CD road to get records and report users, you can get banned for doing it.. it's an obvious abuse and i think you guys have better things to do at some point.
  3. Or why do people don't look left/right before running through a red light...
  4. I've being doing this for quite some time now and yeah it's almost like in real life, but i only crashed twice Sometimes you just look at your screen and you're driving on the left ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Congratulations, :love:

  6. Should be better to stay with the same kind of cars tho (Like Mercedes Class E or something)
  7. It's better to stay with just one car, but they can change it every season so we don't get bored of it.
  8. A truck shouldn't even be able to go over 90 anyways so you guys can be happy about the limit
  9. I agree on the ban thingy but i don't think adding collisions is a good idea..
  10. If you're on the highway just stick to the limits or 90kmh (limits can be 70 to 90)
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