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  1. akuponcture

    Real Operations - 28 July 2019

    I'm hyped, hopefully my network connectivity will be back before that day ^^
  2. Congratulations, :love:

  3. akuponcture

    What you think about Skoda?

    Should be better to stay with the same kind of cars tho (Like Mercedes Class E or something)
  4. akuponcture

    What you think about Skoda?

    It's better to stay with just one car, but they can change it every season so we don't get bored of it.
  5. A truck shouldn't even be able to go over 90 anyways so you guys can be happy about the limit
  6. akuponcture

    Thoughts On New Update

    I agree on the ban thingy but i don't think adding collisions is a good idea..
  7. akuponcture

    NeonLeon's #Truckerlife

    Such good looking pictures ^^
  8. akuponcture

    Minimum speed

    If you're on the highway just stick to the limits or 90kmh (limits can be 70 to 90)
  9. akuponcture

    Utah DLC is coming THIS YEAR for ATS

    I should consider buying some ATS DLCs at this point..
  10. akuponcture

    Road to Simulation

    I'm not triggered, i just want to play an online Simulation game without getting struck by every single player because they can't control their truck.
  11. New rules are awesome :) Thanks TMP Team! 

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      You can always leave positive feedback to our Project Management ^_^ https://truckersmp.com/feedback

    2. akuponcture


      Oki, done ^^

  12. akuponcture

    Road to Simulation

    How are simulation rules "unnecessary"? I hope the rules are gonna stay like this. This IS a simulation game if you want to race then play Forza.
  13. I highly agree and i hope they won't put collisions on Arcade server, if they do that, Simulation servers will be empty and chaos will be back. Also, bans should be harder for everyone, you shouldn't get banned on a trucking/simulation game.
  14. That app looks awesome tho, i'll give it a try
  15. akuponcture

    Road to Simulation

    Yeah for some reasons it wasn't recording yesterday, sadly i don't have home internet so it's pretty slow, but i don't mind wasting some hours to upload and get those trolls banned tbh