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  1. akuponcture

    New MAN TGX Euro 6 is out !

    Amazing! We've been waiting for so long..
  2. akuponcture

    Bights/High Beams

    Yes, they're really annoying but they probably don't know when to use them / how it works.
  3. akuponcture

    What you've learned from TruckersMP?

    I learned that out of 4000 peeps, only a few of us got an actual driving license.
  4. akuponcture

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    They can learn to drive in singleplayer, bans should be longer because it's a pain to drive with peeps that don't even know how to properly drive and only half of them are getting banned tho..
  5. akuponcture

    what is your biggest fault on truckersmp ?

    Cars or just peeps who *try to* overtake me :^)
  6. akuponcture

    The "New" Mercedes-Benz Actros

    Wow, love it!
  7. akuponcture

    Post Your Setup

    Why are you so rich my dude
  8. akuponcture

    Where are you guys from?

    I'm from Luxembourg but haven't meet some else yet :c
  9. Congratz cute boi

    1. Harley



      your day has came, congraz

  10. Don't worry, the new Germany is coming with the Renault Range T, trailer customization and (probably) the new Man TGX.
  11. akuponcture

    do you find that the person abuses with word 'rec' ?

    Don't trust it tho, not everyone is recording they just want to scare other drivers, and still most of the peps who use "REC" are bad drivers now, the game is getting more scary everydays.. i'm wondering what they do with their recs? lol
  12. akuponcture

    What radio do you tune into your truck?

    I use Spotify tho
  13. akuponcture

    Hacked trucks, Reporting

    I saw one few days ago, i'm too lazy to upload the video :c
  14. I hope they will just improve graphics, i want to push by 1080ti to the extreme with some good shit (I can do it in SP tho but not in MP), and finally add the Renault Range T
  15. akuponcture

    What do you use to record gameplay?

    Shadowplay (2 last mins in 1080p60fps)