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    Thanks for the follow! :wub: Followed you back as a nice gesture 

  2. Thought to come say hi cos im bored :unsure:

  3. Wish me luck during year 11 exams :unsure: Gonna be hard :(

  4. Happy birthday mate, hope ya have a great day :wub:

    1. Krewlex


      Thank you! :D

  5. Listening to a bit of drum & bass while mowing :P I don't know what this thing in the sky is? Its like a ball but its really bright :unsure: (Classic British joke) :troll:

  6. Happy mate, hope ya have a great day :wub:

  7. Happy birthday mate, hope ya have a great day :wub:

    1. ShawnCZek


      Thank you! Yea, I had and I really enjoyed my time with family and friends! ^_^

    2. .Rhys.


      Glad to hear matey :lol:

  8. You remind me of @Anriandor for some reason :troll:

    1. Atlasator


      I find this name from a another game (Minecraft) Tap in Atlasator in your browser and you would see 

    2. Asatelon


      He remind me of @Asatelon for some reason @[DHH Owner] DRAGON :huh:

    3. .Rhys.


      Spooky :PB)



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  9. Thanks for the follow mate, I followed you back cos im nice :wub:

  10. Happy birthday mate :wub: Hope ya have a great day

    1. Meitt


      Thank you 

  11. Happy birthday mate, hope ya have a great day :wub:

  12. Happy birthday mate. Hope ya have a great day :wub:

  13. No... Don't leave :( Night fury sad

    P.S: Good luck in the future mate


  14. Thanks for the follow!  Imma follow you back :wub:

    1. Samito_BG


      @[DHH Owner] DRAGON No problem m8, You're welcome ! :wub:



    2. .Rhys.


      I cant see the image, still need to fix my internet with content viewing :P

  15. Thanks for the follow! Imma follow you back mate :wub:

  16. Please give me your views, should I release it?? :unsure: Its for the Scania RJL



    1. SoufianeRais[NL]


      @[DHH Owner] DRAGON, I would definitely upload the skin, Looks nice :)

    2. BubbleMuscles


      @[DHH Owner] DRAGON you can upload here www.putpaintjobs.com :troll:

    3. .Rhys.


      @SoufianeRais[NL] & @The_Falcon, the website is now done and live. Nothing on it yet, just keep an eye out on it then you be able to download new mods every week :lol:

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  17. @MINHPHAT Thanks for follow :wub:

  18. Hello there @MINHPHAT! I can sure help you out with the UI tab colours, due to I do loads of custom truckersmp themes for quite known players. FOLDER DIR: C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP\Data Copy and paste the ets2 folder once pasted, it should have the name "ets2_copy" or something else like that, just right click and press rename then call it"ets2_mod", once done, enter the folder, there should be a folder called UI, enter it. Then you should come to a file called ui_skin that is the file you need to change the colours in to change the tab colours. Hope that helps you! If you have any more issues then feel free to private message me! Here is a custom launcher I did for @TUNANKA
  19. Happy birthday mate! Hope ya have a great day :wub:

  20. @Can_T. Thanks for the follow mate! I followed you back :wub:

  21. Why do we have this?? Yes I know to stop some spammers but what are the other reasons?? Going to bed anyway, tired -_-



    1. Abyssal45611


      Have a good night @[DHH Owner] DRAGON I am not sure why that is there but i agree with you it probably stops spammers!

    2. MrCipr


      lol, i didnt know that its possible :D 

    3. Abyssal45611


      Yeah unfortunately it is @MrCipr

  22. @Abyssal45611 Thanks for the follow! I have followed you back :wub::lol:

    1. Abyssal45611


      Your welcome, And Thank-You for following back I REALLY appreciate it:)

  23. Any thoughts on my new TMP banner?? :wub::lol:

  24. Happy birthday mate :wub: Hope ya have a great day

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