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  1. Happy Birthday Tuxy :3

  2. SgtBreadFlake

    What is the best truck brand?

    Scania & Volvo are best <3
  3. As soon as i try and modify my TMP Profile settings, it just says "Waiting for cache" and takes ages before i can even click anything... And my internet is fast so don't say its my internet :troll: :P

    1. Michael Jacks

      Michael Jacks

      It's your internet :troll:

  4. Yeah this new ETS2 update ain't compatible with MP and i dont think there's a downgrade. 

    All it says it 29th November - Baltic Seas Released in changelog so idk.


    EDIT: Changelog is Here


  5. ETS2 just got an update O.o

  6. SgtBreadFlake

    ATS VNL Airhorn Not Audible to Other Players

    This is a known bug and as far as i know it is being fixed, most likely in 1.33 for ATS when that is released.
  7. hi



    i think, idk it's midnight and i have no clue wut i'm doing...



  8. Time is going too quick and it gets dark too quick. Welp.

    Wait it's 3rd December already?!

  9. SgtBreadFlake

    TruckersMP Winter Mod 2018

    It will be available at around 21st December, most likely before that date. Due to it being first day of winter too.
  10. Baltic DLC is now out to ETS2! :D

  11. SgtBreadFlake

    Hot topic #8: 1.33 beta and release

    ^ It all depends on amount of players in area, even if you have the best internet and pc, it will still render them close depending on how many players there are. So if there is like 4 trucks near it will do max distance but if there is like 40+ it will render them closer to help with stability of loading trucks. Odd i know. Unfortunately there's no way to toggle this or prevent it doing that.
  12. So 1.33 got released for MP... But did they limit that suspension stiffness thing cos erm... Yeah



  13. So just went on 1.33 to have a little fun and... Yeah SCS may have broke it a bit. Just a bit O_O


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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      well 1.33 is going to be the worst update they have ever done, especially dreading the 1.33 physics

    3. RicoZx | Prime
    4. antrax737


      For me the update is almost fine, it needs some polishing that's true, for me they ruined the tolls in Italy and France, 30, 35km/h is maximum speed right now, for France too, it used to be 35-40 for Italy and 40-50 for France...