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  1. /moved to Spanish discussion
  2. Winter mod is still uncertain due to the difficulties presented to us with distribution.
  3. Greetings truckers With the holiday season in full swing many of our team members will be unavailable so that they can spend time with friends and family. This means that your reports, appeals and tickets might have a longer waiting time because of this. Our operations will return back to normal on 03/01/2019. Happy holidays and may the festivities be awesome! TruckersMP team View post on homepage
  4. > Moved to Balkan discussion
  5. Probably be eating lots of food, hopefully finish the scs event and definately get all my snowboard gear ready to leave in January.
  6. Hello truckers! It's time for a new hot topic! Holiday season is closing in slowly. What will you be doing this time? Will you join or organise special convoys, set up a special event or something else? Discuss it all in this topic!
  7. Hello @dizelden World of trucks contracts are now set up like this. If you want to teleport to service you are only given the option to stop your current contract, this is not something we can override.
  8. We have now passed 1000 submissions! Going strong
  9. Hello truckers! It's time for a new hot topic! This time we will be discussing the continuous improvement of TruckersMP. Some time ago we did a first large-scale survey to measure our performance and find areas of improvement from the player perspective and we've only just launched a new survey. How do you feel about regular surveys and continuous improvement of TruckersMP as a whole? Discuss it all in this topic!
  10. Hello fellow truck enthusiasts! In order to keep improving and gathering centralised information from our players we are once again opening our quarterly satisfaction survey. After last edition we have tweaked a few things in the survey flow and also added a retrospective section to evaluate the team goals that were set after the previous edition. You can enter the survey via this link: https://goo.gl/forms/LObNdETWxt20OZgk2 We ask you to take your time to properly and truthfully fill in this survey. The survey will close on 23 December 2018 after which we will process the data for a proper report and set new goals based on the results. Regards TruckersMP team View post on homepage
  11. Meanwhile I haven't even been able to test either of the betas Simply too busy with other things
  12. New big satisfaction survey coming up soon ;)



      satisfaction survey is a great idea but it's more important if staff follows it

    2. Prime


      We do follow-up on the results of the surveys. Which is why we set goals per team as you can read in the report of the previous survey.

    3. SgtBreadStick


      Is this suitable or na?


  13. Hello truckers! It's time for a new hot topic! This time we will be discussing the beta for ETS 1.33. SCS has recently released an experimental beta version for ETS 1.33. Have you already tried it out? What's your opinion of it? Are there thingsyou hope SCS will add as well or improve? [UPDATE] With 1.33 being fully released, what are your thoughts on the final product? Discuss it all in this topic!
  14. Hello truckers and fans of TruckersMP! In order to improve our live streams and make them more structured we are introducing a new stream calendar. To do this we have set up a Teamup calendar. Why Teamup? Teamup allows us to create a calendar on which we can have different people adding and sharing events. It also provides us with the ability to set up different access types for different user profiles, set up different calendar views and for users to add individual events to their own calendars on different platforms and apps to receive notifications in advance for when an event is about to start. Stream calendar You can find all information about the upcoming streams on the different TruckersMP channels in the calendar below. For each stream you can find the following information: Stream title, presenter, game and description (optional). Each stream is also marked with a colour marking the channel that we will be using to stream on. Each stream will be added and announced at least 1 day in advance to give you time to add it to your agenda. Note: all times shown in this calendar are UTC. Use of each channel Twitch Casual streams Events Youtube Q&A streams Casual streams Events Multistream (announced in advance) (Large) Events Saving an event to your own calendar service Teamup allows you to save events to your own calendar so that you will get a notification when the event is about to start. You can find all information on how to do this here: https://calendar.teamup.com/kb/export-events-other-calendars/ See you out there! TruckersMP team
  15. Hello @CptJacker This already exists on our servers. Every player with an average ping over 600 ms will be automatically kicked from the server.
  16. Hello truckers! It's time for a new hot topic! This time we will be discussing charity events. Charity events have existed for some time now on TruckersMP and during the years we had to review some of our community event requirements to take these specific events into account. This has evolved to charity events being required to have an endorsement of the non-profit organisation or official donation link for the event by that non-profit organisation. The reason for this specific requirement is to allow us to protect you, the player, from malicious and fraudulent "charities" as anyone is able to set up a funding page online. What are your experiences with charity events? Do you think the specific requirements for those events need to be more strict? How would you organise such events? Discuss it all in this topic!
  17. @ThornasTo [NL] Trainers are not allowed as they contain hacks such as no damage, ncz hack and speed hack
  18. Custom local "addon" parts are allowed and will still work, however mods that sit in /home will be detected as illegal and result in a kick. This is why your mod still works @Brandon8506
  19. Hello truckers! It's time for a new hot topic! This time we will be discussing the latest changes to local save editing. Recently we have made some changes to local save editing and modding that results in an automatic kick if the gameservers detect changes that don't comply with our save editing rules. What mods are you using while playing mulitplayer? Discuss it all in this topic!
  20. This decision has nothing to with tmp community, but is taken by Scs based on feedback they received from the entire ets2 community. For some countries like Belgium and Luxembourg it can be difficult to find a job that met the requirements because they are neighbouring small countries.
  21. Having driven around Oregon foto a bit I van say it's the best ats DLC yet, although it can't realy get worse tegen Arizona and new Mexico
  22. This already exists in the game settings: disable smalle lights
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