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  1. I have several ideas and suggestions regarding this problem. A possible solution may be to limit speed in those areas. Another possible solution that occurs to me is to put a capacity limit in those cities, indicate the capacity with a led sign, where it is said how many people there are and it is indicated whether or not the area can be passed, in case If it is not possible to pass, some type of parking or area to park will be enabled and wait for the capacity to become free (as an addition to this, another led sign should be added with the capacity in said parking area), as a complement to this idea , I think it could be very useful to put a barrier like the one for trains that when the capacity is at its maximum, it closes so that no one enters and thus everyone must respect it. I have other ideas that can be used, such as, for example, making a group of pilot cars that control the intersections where there is more traffic flow or even the administrators themselves, and in this way better manage the traffic and make it more fluid. I hope I have helped with these ideas, maybe some of them can be complicated to apply, but I think that some of these could be a very good solution and with some ease when implementing them. Greetings, I hope I have been helpful.
  2. We are a Spanish virtual company born in 2016, we have +6 drivers, and we want to expand our fleet. We make a convoy "Routes" from time to time all together, either to commemorate something, or just to have fun together. THE REQUIREMENTS TO ENTER AND EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS FOUND IN OUR WEB PAGE: https://arnlogisticasl.wixsite.com/virtual We used to call ourselves "TransSpain" and we had more people, but then we decided to improve everything and changed our name, that's why we are looking for new drivers who want to give us an opportunity. OUR DISCORD: https://discord.gg/PRehvTe
  3. SrAdryX

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  4. Soy de España pero me gustaria unirme con vosotros igual ¿Puedo?
  5. SrAdryX

    TransSpain VTC

    Nosotros somos una compañía de camioneros de España (TransSpain o TransSpanish) Tenemos nuestras normas a parte de las del servidor y las de circulacion para dar realismo a la empresa . Todos nuestros conductores son profesionales tanto en solitario como en convoyes . Cualquiera que se comprometa a cumplir las normas puede unirse . ►TRABAJA CON NOSOTROS A UN CLICK : http://myvtc.net/r/49599 REDES SOCIALES ► Nuestro Canal de Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbsgI2Bd_tOGTTsRrm-pWZA Todabia no tenemos servidor en TeamSpeak3 , por el momento tenemos que comunicarnos en convoys con Skype (Adrian6416) Creare grupos para los convoys no os preocupéis . OTRA INFORMACIÓN ÚTIL SOBRE TRANSSPAIN ► Lee nuestro reglamento antes de inscribirte : http://transspainvtc.weebly.com/normas--colores-y-bitacoras.html Prácticamente lo tenemos todo listo , solamente faltáis vosotros , os esperamos con ganas .
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