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  1. Hy! It's a mod... look for it on steam if you want : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1692043273
  2. In my opinion this mod respect the rules, because is just a mod who alow me to have an courtainsider, reefer, and moving floor with an flat-bed. Or i'm not more longer, high, heavy or bigger than a standard Double trailer. Also this mod use standard flat-bed and accessories for!
  3. Can you put your pic again please?
  4. I don't talk about mods brought by TMP but bods who work's and allowed in TMP
  5. Hello huys! What nice mods you use in MP (legally mods) For me i use this trailers configuration, who's adding a flat-bed on B-Double! And with that configuration i can have jobs all around eu with my flat-bed! Who other mods i can use in MP?
  6. I don't really know that's depend of the company!
  7. Hi @Cvelee313 In EU pays depend on the country your company are and sure your contract! Doing job you want you will be able to find that in Serbia ( i sesn some serbian trucks sometimes in france) To be home every week-end doing international isn't really possible but every 2 week-end it's ok Sure you will use the truck of a company, and the company gives you job's don't worry Example for me: I have starting trucking in tipper transport in 2016 and next i go in company to do live-stock transport, next to that i have changed for another one, and in 1/1/18 i have ghanged another time to try reefer and the 1/6/2018 i get back to my second company My first company was ok... not good but ok, at home every day and turning about 2000E 2200E /month My second company it's reealy good im turning about 2200E 25000E/ month My third company was the worst, but the truck was really nice, there i have doing transport in europe scandinavia and north africa but i do 300hours per month with only 3000E 3200E/month The reefer company it's suck (sorry for reefers) waiting time every day and something around 2700E/mont And now i get back to my second company and is realy good, i transport live stock every day and i like it
  8. Hi ! I'm trucker in real life and it's a wide subject you know? Like what job you do? (courtain, reefer, flatbed...) Where(country or sometimes region) If you sleep in your cab Where you go( just region, national or international) how much time you are in duty(not home) there you have guys who's home each day ---> weekend ->> 1weekend/2 ->>> or sometimes much more( you have a big choice there) and for sure your boss? All of that depend's to calculate you pay !!! Yeah all of us don't drive at the same title. Don't forget to do a job you love-it and not just for money
  9. Hello guys! Tonight i drive from Bergen(Sweden) to Metz(France) using a B-Double trailer, when im arrive near Hannover(Germany) A7 E45 i was kicked from the game. (I know im not allowed there) So i have driven offline up to Kassel(Germany) and try to log again but i was kicked again, there i check the map with allowed area and there is ok normally... so i continue to drive offline up to Frankfurt-A-M and Manheim and the same problem. For the moment i'm in Luxembourg and there is ok! In my opinion that area isn't useful, a big inconvenient is the fact that are is on some of principal ways like A7 E45 is the principaly way to go in Scandinavia from Southern Europe... In that area we have some cities like Groningen, and there's no one player
  10. Hello guys! Thank's to made the update so fast! I have do the update to the launcher, desinstal and re instal but i have that error: Any ideea?
  11. Ah! I have forget to specify but i look for mods to use in SP i don't drive with mods in MP!
  12. Hello drivers! I look for some tuning mods for Volvo FH3 exterior, interior, backlights, mudflaps... If someone can help me!
  13. I don't cry!!! it's beautiful <3<3<3 I love you Focus! I allready have drawed that's: (tell me if i can add more details)
  14. Thank's Focus i take the first For the second i need the full truck not just the front or the middle... Thank's a lot <3
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