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  1. Yes, good idea, Coca Cola is the most famous brand in the world!
  2. I think the rules are very enough
  3. I agree, I should do a Volvo Tuning Pack Yes, is better! I love the volvo, we'll get along with you
  4. Scania V8 is my second favourity truck
  5. of course, this add on would enhance Italy more I'm italian ahahaha, this explains my patriotism
  6. Suggestion Name: Volvo Tuning Pack Suggestion Description: The Volvo tuning pack must contain many changes for the truck, similar at Tuning Pack Scania And DAF Any example images: //// Why should it be added?: It should be inserted, because all we truckers have been requesting it for months and because it would expose the volvo as the best brand
  7. Yes obviously, if they are made a Volvo Tuning Pack DLC, everthing changes. I'm sure of that! Can you suggest that?
  8. I'm in VTC EuroItaly Transports, the best vtc in italy
  9. In my opinion the best are volvo trucks!
  10. djlemma2103

    Truck or car?

    W the volvo FH For my opinion the best is VOLVO FH
  11. On my Volvo FH: 86,285 Miles 75,235 miles on my IVECO
  12. Extactly, the traffic don't change SCS Staff doesn't do anything
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