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  1. Game: ETS2 v1.32 Mod Version: Vanilla (no mods) Controllers Used: Genius Speedwheel RV FF Description of Issue: The game crashes on multi- and singleplayer when I try to open the drivers menu. How to reproduce: I don't know why is this happening. Screenshots / Videos: On multi, it asks me if I would like to send the bug report to the devs, but on single it doesn't I have used save editing, but only for money and XP. Did somebody else experience this too, or am I the only one?
  2. Hey @TFM DJ ccowie! I got the answer to my question, so i think yes. Thanks to everyone for helping me solve this!
  3. I have a built-in GPS in my truck, but I wanted to have this mod working in multi, but if it's not possible, I can live without it.
  4. It shows this when I go into modloader in multi: Is this OK? There should be a picture and my other mods too. @NickThe0ne I know that, but also I want to see little info, but if there isn't a solution, I'll go with this option. Thanks for your reply anyways.
  5. I don't use nearly any mod, so I'm fine with that you can't use them, but the default Route Advisor (HUD) is very bulky and big. Is there a mod that you can use in Multi for this purpouse? I use Hemil's Route Advisor mod(SiSL Edit) but I'm up for everything that's not the default one.
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