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  1. Suggestion Name: Disable auxillery lights option. Suggestion Description: A checkbox option to allow drivers to disable auxillery lights. Why should it be added?: Every other player seems to be insistant on have as many spot lamps on their truck, and keeping their high beam on. This is a big distraction when you are trying to drive and you think you are having an alien encounter, every time it happens, as this wall of light approaches you. This would not effect the normal driving lights, so a certain realism can upheld with the sim, and the community would benifet from less eye strain.
  2. Suggestion Name: TruckerID (/pinfo) nametags. Suggestion Description: A checkbox option to allow drivers to add TruckerID (/pinfo) to nametags. Any example images: Why should it be added?: It is time consuming to /pinfo on a driver who is hacking or similar. Especially if there are multiple drivers, and now you are blocking the road in the aftermath. Also driver(s) can easily disconnect to avoid the time it takes to type /pinfo and avoid. Disclaimer: TruckerID is fabricated in this screenshot, and not this Driver's TruckerID.
  3. Can I please suggest that in a future update, we have a check box option to show pinfo by players name? It is time consuming to type /pinfo when you have players in sequence doing something wrong in front of you. Or worse, they are really fast to load a save or disconnect, where you don't have time to get the number to look them up.
  4. google SII_Decrypt.exe someone else made a decryter that works without java 7.
  5. Turning all chat off is not the same as muting the text of a player. Wouldn't be that hard to implement, and should really be already in the game. I support it.
  6. Also, how you converting RGB to a decimal number?
  7. Is there some way here to pick what trailer you have also? I really want to pick my trailer and livery with editing the save.
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