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Found 147 results

  1. Upcoming Map DLCs

    Oohh. Will they show the new DLCs at Gamescon 2018? Here's the video that was taken from their Instagram Stories Euro Truck Simulator 2 https://streamable.com/0ksrm American Truck Simulator https://streamable.com/z6uf6 Or just check their Instagram yourself https://www.instagram.com/scs.software
  2. I made a suggestion on SCS forum about the Rainbow/Pride Flag to be added to the National Windows Flags DLC. It has yet to be approved to be shown on their forums, but I was wondering what people over here would think. The Rainbow Flag was also a flag of the micro-nation of The Gay Kingdom of Coral Sea or the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands which were founded to protest the discrimination in Australia, so I think it can fit under the theme of "National Flags". In my country, Sweden, we see them a lot during the month of July. Even our busses and trolleys got them. And I would assume it's the same in some countries. So why not give people the freedom to do so as well in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

    ETS2' Türkiye dlc'nin olmasını istiyorum ilgili kişi ve kişilere arz ve rica ederim
  4. DLC en MP

    Buenos dias amigos. Particularmente quisiera saber si el DLC de "accesorios de cabina" del ETS2 es compatiblie o no con el multiplayer? Hay alguna página dentro del foro donde se detalle lo que soporta y lo que no el multiplayer? Gracias, y saludos cordiales.
  5. downloadable content not working

    my dlc `s that i bought a few days ago, are not working in multiplayer. how can i fix it?
  6. Dutch DLC not working on MP

    hi, I have just bought the Dutch DLC, but i saw i didnt work on Multiplayer. and i think thats a shame. Is there a reason why the dutch paintjobs don't work? because I often see people driving with other paint job dlc's. I really hope maybe a moderator can add this. I just want to use my bought paint jobs on multiplayer and i think its a shame it doesn't work with the Dutch paint job. I hope somebody can fix this or can tell me why this is not working. if its just something that always happens with new dlc's tell me then pls. DJ_QW
  7. TytOFF

    Dlaczego jak kupiłem dlc Mighty Griphin pack i Wheels tunning pac to nie działa mi na multipalyer?? Z góry dziękuje. Why when I bought Mighty Griphin pack and Wheels tunning pac, does not it work for me multipalyer ?? Thank you in advance.
  8. ADMİN

  9. DLC na mp

    Witam! Mam pytanie. Czy DLC dodające nowe typy przesyłek. "Transport specjalny itp." oraz o dlc schwartzmuller (chyba tak się do piesze, nie xD?). Chciałbym się zapytać czy dzialaja na multiplayer?
  10. Проблема с DLC Cargo Pack

    Здравствуйте, я купил dlc heavy cargo pack, но я не могу взять груз из этого DLC, его попросту нету в "Заказы агенства" "Внешние заказы", в стиме dlc установлен, в чем может быть проблема?
  11. Guys i need your help. I would like to buy a dlc but I do not know which one. Which do you think is best?
  12. Dlc'siz şirket arıyorum

    Merhabalar, Dlc'siz Şirket aramaktayım +18 olursa daha iyi olur şimdiden teşekkürler cok fazla şirket yok oyüzden buraya böyle bir konu acma talebinde bulundum
  13. dlc not visible

    Hello ! my friend can not see my dlc ?
  14. Report System Works SLOWLY

    Suggestion Name: Report System Works SLOWLY Suggestion Description: Whenever I report someone on the website, it takes 3 to 4 days to reply. My suggestion is: You should employ more admins to reply to the reports. Any example images: https://i.gyazo.com/5727ae9e0510981ab6d6ef38ef5faa4a.png Why should it be added?: Therefore there will be no stuck and faster reply. If you solve this problem, you will keep the right players on the road. Thanks
  15. Ets2 MP Dlc

    I wonder if I get Dlcler Multiplayer Other Players Do they look? TURKEY Skin Pack Mesale They Look Like?
  16. #QQ everybody! Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Version: Controllers Used: Keyboard and Mouse Description of Issue: As we all know, not everyone has a DLC for tuning trucks. So those people who do not have such DLC can not see the dimensions, stop signals and other elements of the truck. I think this is a problem. Stop signals are an element of a vehicle that you can not manage without. How can I see that a person is braking? No way. Then you get a ban for reckless driving... How to reproduce: - Screenshots / Videos: None. I would like the elements to be displayed. Аt least stop signals.
  17. DLC MP issue

    Hello everyone, recency i purchased dlc paint jobs for my truck so i can make my truck look 'fancy'. I asked my friend to tell me what he thinks about my new truck dlc pain job, he told me that he cannot see the paint, it's the normal default color (white). I went to the TruckersMP website to check if I linked my new DLCs, i did that twice. Went in game and asked him again, still the default color. Is there any solution, or he has to get the DLC too so he can see the paint jobs? or that doesn't matter at all?
  18. good evening As everyone knows, the dlcs only appear to those who have already bought them, those who did not buy them, do not see them in other players who already bought the same ones my problem is that they try to release the visualization of dlcs for those who do not have the same ones, for example, to release visualization of dlcs of paintings, tuning pack, and some of accessories of cabin, because if the player does not see these dlcs in the game, as you will be sure that you will not spend your money without regret. This is a suggestion, I do not know if it is possible to put it into practice, but anyway it would be a good idea to leave the players with more will, as I see in other games in multiplayer mode, they display dlcs that I do not have .. Taking the opportunity, I would like to know why we can not transport the cargoes of dlc special transport Thanks for attention !!
  19. DLC are not recognized

    Hi everyone, i have bought various dlc. like Michelin and paintwork. These are also listed in My Stem Library. And they work in singleplayer, too. Only in MP these are not displayed, or you can't even select them. Can you give me a hint?
  20. special transport

    hello, admin, or trucker, i would like to know when will the special DLC transport be available on the ets2 multi. Thank you for your reply. cordially daniel17220
  21. En la siguiente discusión se menciona que el multiplayer es compatible con todos los DLC: ¿Me podrían aclarar si el DLC Special Transport realmente es compatible con el MOD MP?
  22. DLC issue (not piracy)

    So I just played MP the other day, and I had absolutely no issues doing all I wanted to, I would like to make that clear first. As you can see on my profile, I own both games, and since I was able to play fine, it's obvious I own the DLC I use. The problem here isn't with my account, but with someone I share the game with. When she logged on, she got that "you are using DLC you don't own" message, or however it goes. I get that it's for piracy prevention, and that I understand completely. I know you guys don't support sharing the game itself between accounts, which is why I bought her both games as well, so she could validate them on this website, and the World of Trucks site as well. Obviously she wants to be able to play with her own account, with her own friends, and we don't wanna use each other's names for things. However, because the long list of DLC is vastly expensive, and I've bought all of it already, we decided that I'd share the DLC with her, since only one of use plays at a time and it wouldn't make sense to pay twice for it. Using the Steam support site, she removed the ETS2 and ATS packages from her account so the games and DLC would be shared from mine like normal. Any time she needs to validate the games, she goes back on there and re-activates them for however long is needed, then disables them again. My problem is that this latest update has made her unable to play, even though she owns both games, and I own all the DLC. After spending so long playing on her own account, it'd be impossible to just let her play on mine, and in addition, we haven't pirated anything or done anything wrong. There has to be some way to fix this without forcing me to pay the massive amount for the DLC all over again. Below is proof that I own all the DLC, and that she has it all shared to her. Please don't make me pay twice for the DLC, I already did that for the games.
  23. Special Transport

    Suggestion Name: Special Transport Suggestion Description: The trailers used in the special transport DLC to be available in the Simulation servers but removing the AI guides. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: The special delivery cargo DLC is a great DLC but not available in MP. I know if on EU2 it would be chaotic, but on simulation servers wit less people it would be good. By removing the AI convoy vans then the game s don't have to syn them but only the trucks like before.
  24. Bug de syncronisation DLC & WoT

    Salut à tous les truckers, J'ai un soucis avec World of Trucks et la synchronisation des DLC de mon compte Steam. ETS2 refuse de me faire acceder à la page en ligne dans les options, pourtant mon compte Steam est bien celui relié à WoT et c'est bien le compte lié à cette sauvegarde Merci d'avance de votre aide et bonne route
  25. Nadměrné návěsy/přívěsy

    Čau chci se zeptat ohledně toho že mě to již několikrát kicklo s Heavy Cargo Pack DLC návěsy/přívěsy. Normálně ale na videi z Youtube jsem tyto návěsy/přívěsy vyděl. Nechápu. Prosím poraďte jestli vůbec je to možné mít takové návěsy/přívěsy. Jsem měl plán na firemní konvoj, ale zatím se mi to nedaří nějak udělat :-CC. A omlouvám se ta to že píší návěs/přívěs nepamatuji si rozdíl.