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Found 168 results

  1. Hello everyone ! I'm "new" on ETS:2, and i was really looking for a 100% savegame, a savegame with all the map discovered, all garages, all truck dealers, etc etc. But i saw there was nothing for people with Going East, Scandinavia, and Vive la France DLCs.. So I asked some people if they could share their savegame, but nobody agreed... So i choose to create my own savegame and share it with you ! Doesn't matter if you're new or not on ETS:2, if you need a savegame, this one is for you ! This savegame got all garages (5 places, large size), every truck dealers, all the map discovered, etc etc ! You can choose between 4 saves : no money - 1 million - 25 millions and 500 millions, depends on what you're looking for ! That's not really a 100% savegame, there is some compagnies not discovered in Torino (ITA) to let you have the steam succes for 100%. DOWNLOAD LINK ON GOOGLE DRIVE : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0s2h8cfGbypcDBKQ0Q3UUFZUnc DOWNLOAD LINK ON MEGAUPLOAD : https://mega.nz/#!RPAAARqA!FDfdWWdBHXwHA9HLGw4QTv2-yPr9z_I8pq2T5CWXfyA Have fun on the road !
  2. Whos going to buy ATS Utah DLC? Cause i am going to buy it.
  3. What do you think about the new tyre dlc of ets 2 ? is it gonna be good for our trucks ? hopefully cause i don't want to drive with flat tyres
  4. Здравейте всички! TruckersMP са добавили функция на уебсайта, която потвърждава собствеността ви върху дадено DLC. Целта на тази тема е да покаже как да се извърши проверка на DLC-та на уебсайта. 1 - Настройка на вашия Steam акаунт на обществен Това е просто съществена стъпка, тъй като позволява на сървърите на TruckersMP да имат достъп до вашия акаунт, за да проверят правилно дали притежавате DLC-тата, присъстващи във вашата игра. Първо, трябва да отворите профила си (или през уебсайта, или в приложението). След като сте там, уверете се, че сте влезли и кликнете върху бутона „Редактиране на профил“. В менюто „Редактиране на профил“ трябва да преминете към раздела „Моите настройки за поверителност“. След това просто използвайте падащото меню, за да промените профила си на публичен. 2 - Проверка за DLC на уебсайта TruckersMP След като профила ви е настроен на обществен - Тази следваща стъпка е възможна. Уверете се, че сте влезли в уебсайта на TruckersMP и след това отворете „Настройки“ на профила. Когато сте в областта „Настройки“, отворете раздела „Свързани игри / DLC“. След като отидете там, щракнете върху бутона „Проверка на DLC“ и това е всичко за тази стъпка 3 - Изчакване за проверка Тази стъпка е сравнително обясняваща. Процесът на потвърждаване може да отнеме до 5 минути и евентуално дори по-дълъг, когато сървърът е на максимално натоварване. За информация относно сървърите на TruckersMP, проверявайте редовно форумите и посетете официалната уеб страница за състоянието им. Ако не потвърдите DLC-то, а сте проверили сървърите, може да има нещо друго с вашия акаунт или като цяло на системите. В този случай бих ви предложил да се свържете с поддръжката, за да проверите дали те са в състояние да диагностицират проблема.
  5. ab wann funktioniert das GoodYear DLC im Multiplayer ich werde immer raus geschmissen?
  6. Glaube, es passt nicht wirklich hier ins Forum, aber hoffe dennoch auf Hilfe weil ich nichts gescheites im Internet gefunden habe.. Hey Leute, wie oben angegeben hab ich Probleme mit den zwei DLCs..ich habe sie mir heute gekauft (01.08.19) und mir wird keinerlei diese Frachten angezeigt (Multiplayer & Singleplayer) Vom High Power Cargo Pack seh ich gar keine Frachten & vom Heavy Cargo Pack sehe ich nur 2 Frachten (die Stahlplatten & die Kabeltrommel) Hoffe, dass mir irgendjemand weiterhelfen kann! Mit freundlichen Grüßen, FeverSwift
  7. Hallo, wird TMP das neue Trailer-DLC für ATS unterstützen und wenn ja, wann? Und wenn nein, was passiert wenn ich im TMP mit solch einem Trailer fahre? Muss ich mit einem Bann rechnen? LG, Dops PS: sorry wenn das Thema hier falsch ist. Dann bitte verschieben. Danke!
  8. A problem for the DLC color truck. .... Today I chose a color for my truck. But I faced a problem. My connection to the multiplayer server was automatically disconnected. What is the reason? ... For example, I used these colors .
  9. I have installed it but truckersmp dont find it. please help me.
  10. Karadeniz'e Giden DLC'si geliyormuş. Ve 3 ülkeden inanılmaz Şehir Gelecek. Ve benim anlamadığım. Bu dlc normal harita ile gidiyor East'dan geçilecek. Bir kişide Doğu'ya Gitmek Yok ise bağlantı nasıl yapılıracak. Bilgisi olan yazabilir mi?
  11. Hello, my problem is that I have every country-DLC but I don't get any jobs from or to one of these countries. I already try to solve the problem, but I cannot connect my DLCs to WoT. I tryed to LogOut/In from WoT-acc in Ets. I tryed to reinstall the DLCs. I tryed to connect the DLC in ETS/options/Online, but thats the thing I gonna see if I open this option -> Transleted in english, "no connection to new content of Wot, cause the Steam-acc you use isn't the acc which is used from Wot". But I am connected to Wot with this acc/profile in ETS, cause I get external Jobs, but just to the usuall cities, not the DLC cities. Also if I look at WoT, I see my archievments and WoT-event-gifts I got cause I succesfully complete those event-jobs. And I also got these gifts ingame, I can use them. So I hope anyone of you can help me. And thank you. neuJ kun
  12. Náš tím pre tvorbu máp pre Euro Truck Simulator 2 sa dlhodobo venuje vytváraniu novej významnej expanzie. Príprava na výskum a výrobu začala viac ako šesť mesiacov pred vydaním DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea. Máme ešte veľa práce na dokončenie, ale myslíme si, že prišiel čas vám ukázať prvé vizuálne nápovedy. Nebojte sa, za pár týždňov chceme oficiálne oznámiť novú DLC s mapou a hlavolamy by sa mali zmeniť na pravidelné príspevky s aktualizáciami. Existuje toľko skvelých nových produktov, ktoré vám chceme ukázať a tešíme sa na možnosť zdieľať ich s vami! Oficiálny článok: https://blog.scssoft.com/2019/03/a-road-to-somewhere-new.html Preložil: @Dominik (iFlufy)
  13. Suggestion name: Replace “BUY KRONE DLC” trailers with plain white trailers Suggestion description: When someone who doesn’t have Krone DLC sees a player with a Krone trailer, the player will see a grey trailer with the text BUY KRONE DLC. The player also won’t be able to see the taillights. So if the trailer can be replaced with a simple white trailer and standard taillights, I think the trailer would look a lot better and won’t be very dangerous because it doesn’t have taillights. Any example images: Instead of a gray trailer with "BUY KRONE DLC", something like this would look a lot better. Why shlould it be added?: The trailers are dangerous because they don’t have taillights and in my opinion the paint skin looks terrible.
  14. I would like to know what you prefer: Winter mod in TMP (with was) or in DLC (with is)? Defend your opinion about your choice. Well.. beginning... I prefer in TMP because it's inside on game and it's like, for me, more realistic. That is my opinion.
  15. Bonjour à tous, Ayant acheté le dernier DLC sortis par SCS jeudi dernier (21/02) j'ai voulu essayé de prendre des contrats externes dans l'une des villes de ce nouveau DLC (à Kaliningrad) sauf que le jeu ne m'en propose aucune alors qu'en offre de fret il y en a. J'ai essayé dans plusieurs villes du DLC et même problème, et cela que ce soit en multijoueur ou en solo. Merci d'avance pour votre aide
  16. So i have some DLC’s to ETS 2 which makes me able to put on some extra nice mods on my Scania and some extra spicy paintjobs but they are for some reason only visible to myself when i play online. My friends say that they can see right through my hull and that my truck is painted white. Why is that? Can i do anything or is the problems at my friends? I mean i wanna show of my truck instead of being see throughable.
  17. bonjour en voulant utiliser une remorque du pack de chargement lourd j'ai été automatiquement kick for avoir utiliser une remorque incompatible alors qu'avant c'était totalement possible (je précise que aucun modèle n'a été installé ) il y a une solution pour pouvoir utiliser tout de ces remords en Multi le message lors du kick et de la remorque en question
  18. So the Aurora paintjob is a dlc paint scheme by American truck simulator, but yet I can't use it on the Volvo trucks without getting kicked? what kind of joke is this?
  19. Hey! The new map extension is out now and also already on TMP. I only explored a little so far and it looks great. But what do you think about the update? And which places do you think are the most beautiful in the Baltic sea in ETS2? Have a nice day Truckers!
  20. So Beyond the Baltic Sea got announced for 29th November. :O
  21. Gilles03

    Italy DLC

    Hello truckers, I want to buy the Italy map DLC but is it worth it? If you have the DLC, what are you thoughts about it? Please leave it behind in the comments. Have a nice day, Lil Gilles03
  22. November 29th, DLC beyond the Baltic Sea. . What is your opinion about this map? The last and final DLC for ets2 is being released. How many players have been waiting for this time? Please leave a comment.
  23. Title says it all.. Do SCS offers discounts on Christmas? There are few in my cart but can’t afford them lol
  24. I brought the Christmas Paint Pack about 3 days ago, and the dlc works only in the single player, and not on Multiplayer, i have tried everything in the forums i have updated my dlc on truckers mp website, i have uninstalled both truckers mp and ets2, reinstalled both and still doesnt state that i have the dlc on truckers mp, i have veryified files on steam aswell, and still nothing, i have also requested a refund for the dlc, but i am not able to get a refund as i have played over 6hrs worth with the dlc, obviously steam thinks i have been playing single and not MP, i dont know what else to do This Forum was created for me, and this is what i have tried already in this post
  25. Hello everyone, I was wondering why I get kicked when taking a Dozer from the Heavy Cargo Pack on mp, I know that Special Transport DLC is not compatible and not alloud but then why do I get kicked when I take this cargo? Because I never had any problem with it...
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