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Found 152 results

  1. G4M3P1X3L

    Best places in the Baltic sea DLC

    Hey! The new map extension is out now and also already on TMP. I only explored a little so far and it looks great. But what do you think about the update? And which places do you think are the most beautiful in the Baltic sea in ETS2? Have a nice day Truckers!
  2. RockingRPG

    Beyond the Baltic Sea

    So Beyond the Baltic Sea got announced for 29th November. :O
  3. lil Gilles03

    Italy DLC

    Hello truckers, I want to buy the Italy map DLC but is it worth it? If you have the DLC, what are you thoughts about it? Please leave it behind in the comments. Have a nice day, Lil Gilles03
  4. November 29th, DLC beyond the Baltic Sea. . What is your opinion about this map? The last and final DLC for ets2 is being released. How many players have been waiting for this time? Please leave a comment.
  5. Ahmed Raza

    DLC discounts on Christmas?

    Title says it all.. Do SCS offers discounts on Christmas? There are few in my cart but can’t afford them lol
  6. Zombiecide

    XMAS DLC Not Working

    I brought the Christmas Paint Pack about 3 days ago, and the dlc works only in the single player, and not on Multiplayer, i have tried everything in the forums i have updated my dlc on truckers mp website, i have uninstalled both truckers mp and ets2, reinstalled both and still doesnt state that i have the dlc on truckers mp, i have veryified files on steam aswell, and still nothing, i have also requested a refund for the dlc, but i am not able to get a refund as i have played over 6hrs worth with the dlc, obviously steam thinks i have been playing single and not MP, i dont know what else to do This Forum was created for me, and this is what i have tried already in this post
  7. So the Aurora paintjob is a dlc paint scheme by American truck simulator, but yet I can't use it on the Volvo trucks without getting kicked? what kind of joke is this?
  8. Hello everyone, I was wondering why I get kicked when taking a Dozer from the Heavy Cargo Pack on mp, I know that Special Transport DLC is not compatible and not alloud but then why do I get kicked when I take this cargo? Because I never had any problem with it...
  9. alqaholic

    Heavy cargo dlc

    I just wanna ask does Heavy cargo DLC do not work in MP? Because as soon as I pick a heavy cargo trailer i get kicket because of some kind of accesorie error?
  10. Hello, there are many Iranian players on the multiplayer. Many Iranians are interested in playing ETS2. And play online. . But Iran does not have a DLC? !!! Why? . Asian countries, including Japan, China, and ... DLC have their country at Ets2. We ask Iranian players to work on the color of Iran Pack. . We organized a big convoy. Watch the movies below. Please . . We hope to bring in the future of the DLC Iran Color Pack
  11. I want to ask, do you use the DLC Schwarzmuller Trailer Pack? With the recent update of the ETS 2 , the opportunity to make your own trailer and the benefits of this add-on disappeared completely, so what to do? We gave money for this supplement so I want to ask you what can be done with this? Refresh the add-on itself? Remove it from Steam and return the spent 80 rubles? (cost in Russia)
  12. When I try to join ATS mp “Connection refused. You are not owner of some DLC you use.” Appears. This has never happened before until today. (5/11/18) I’ve downgraded my game to match the TMP supported version. I don’t own any ATS DLC, my Steam profile is public, TMP recognises the game and I’ve tested it with unticking all free DLC they’ve added over the years but still no luck. Any ideas? Or Is this related to the new Volvo Truck update and I’m gunna have to wait? Any help appreciated..
  13. {IR.G}Mohammad.afz

    Is DLC Tuning Volvo Made?

    Is DLC Tuning Volvo Made? The Volvo brand is popular among players. Many people use Volvo Trucks in multiplayer. But SCS has not made the tuning for this DLC brand. Why?
  14. Are you looking forward to the Beyond the Baltic Sea dlc, what do you expect?
  15. G4M3P1X3L

    Next map DLC

    So when I did look at the current map of ETS2 I thought what could come next? (Without Baltic sea) There are still greyed out places on the map and I would like to hear from you what you think. (MAP: Red what we have. Blue what could come. Don't look at those line draw skills. It's just not me strength...) Spain and Portugal could come and I think it is the one which has the most change of getting in. Also Ireland could be a DLC maybe a cheaper one cause of its size. And Going more east with Greece and Turkey and more could come but I think that won't happen as likely cause it isn't really on the in-game map.
  16. bruno76xora

    [In-Game] DLC´s " Buy Dlc Krone"

    English I find that they would have to make the DLC to seem available everybody to see. It exists people with paintings of dlc you vary exactly but only they obtain to see they and who will have dlc. Everybody would have to be able to see the truck with dlc, now who does not have dlc is strange and ugly in such a way to appear all gray to say “buy dlc krone”. It´s just a suggestion- Good job truck drivers Português Eu acho que eles deveriam fazer o DLC parecer disponível para todo mundo ver. Existe pessoas com pinturas de dlc varias mesmo mas só eles conseguem ver eles e quem tiver a dlc. Todo mundo deveria poder ver o camião com a dlc, agora quem não tem a dlc fica estranho e feio aparecer desta forma tudo cinzento a dizer "buy dlc krone" . É só uma sugestão. Bom trabalho camionistas
  17. Master Simulator

    American Truck Simulator - Oregon

  18. For some reasons my TruckersMP program won't launch. It just says "Cannot find required file: ".....ets2/mods/krone_dlc.mp")! Reinstall the multiplayer mod. I've played many time ETS2MP in 2017 and 2018. It's the first time I'm having this error. Do I now have to buy a DLC or something in order to play online? Thank you. Preview of the error
  19. Hello fellow truckers and colleagues of Truckers MP, this morning I stumbled upon some troubling whilst launching TMP. In Steam, it keeps relaunching and asking if the launch options / parameters are good, which they are, but it isn't working. Picture of the error here: Click here for the error message picture. Please help me out if you can, I never had this happen before.
  20. Merhaba, ETS 2 DE VE ATS DE BİRÇOK DLC VAR VE BUNLAR MPDE KARŞI TARAF OYUNCULARI NEDEN GÖREMİYOR BİZİM SAHİP OLDUĞUMUZ DLCLERİ BUNU MERAK EDİYORUM? Örneğin modifiye dlcleri boya paketleri bunları diğer oyuncuların görmesi gerekmetedir. Saygılarımla TruckersMp Forum Üyeleri.
  21. Suggestion name: Replace “BUY KRONE DLC” trailers with plain white trailers Suggestion description: When someone who doesn’t have Krone DLC sees a player with a Krone trailer, the player will see a grey trailer with the text BUY KRONE DLC. The player also won’t be able to see the taillights. So if the trailer can be replaced with a simple white trailer and standard taillights, I think the trailer would look a lot better and won’t be very dangerous because it doesn’t have taillights. Any example images: Instead of a gray trailer with "BUY KRONE DLC", something like this would look a lot better. Why shlould it be added?: The trailers are dangerous because they don’t have taillights and in my opinion the paint skin looks terrible.
  22. [ TEE-FR ] qlimaxzy

    99.99% Savegame with all DLCs : MP READY

    Hello everyone ! I'm "new" on ETS:2, and i was really looking for a 100% savegame, a savegame with all the map discovered, all garages, all truck dealers, etc etc. But i saw there was nothing for people with Going East, Scandinavia, and Vive la France DLCs.. So I asked some people if they could share their savegame, but nobody agreed... So i choose to create my own savegame and share it with you ! Doesn't matter if you're new or not on ETS:2, if you need a savegame, this one is for you ! This savegame got all garages (5 places, large size), every truck dealers, all the map discovered, etc etc ! You can choose between 4 saves : no money - 1 million - 25 millions and 500 millions, depends on what you're looking for ! That's not really a 100% savegame, there is some compagnies not discovered in Torino (ITA) to let you have the steam succes for 100%. DOWNLOAD LINK ON GOOGLE DRIVE : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0s2h8cfGbypcDBKQ0Q3UUFZUnc DOWNLOAD LINK ON MEGAUPLOAD : https://mega.nz/#!RPAAARqA!FDfdWWdBHXwHA9HLGw4QTv2-yPr9z_I8pq2T5CWXfyA Have fun on the road !
  23. Updated: 2018/11/06 (yyyy/mm/dd) Downgrading and Upgrading American Truck Simulator Version Whenever American Truck Simulator gets an update from SCS you need to downgrade the game version in order to use TruckersMP, because TruckersMP doesn't have support for the latest version right away. How soon TMP gets an update depends on how many changes there are in the new update. On average it takes less than 5 days. In this guide I will explain with text and GIF's how to downgrade ATS to supported version and how to upgrade it after TMP update. Supported version: (the latest) Downgrading American Truck Simulator Version (The latest version supported)* *Explanations: The latest version supported: No need to downgrade to the previous ATS version. Downgrade to supported version: The latest version of ATS is unsupported. Follow the guide to downgrade to supported version. Upgrading American Truck Simulator Version Unsupported DLC Packs and Map Expansions None Supported DLC All the DLC packs and map expansions excluding unsupported DLC mentioned above. Note: these lists do not include Steam inventory items. For more detailed information, view this topic. If you spot a mistake or out-dated information, please contact author with personal message or comment below.
  24. bob roager

    Support for Special Transport DLC

    Hello. Recently I have brought the Special Transport DLC and was sad I had to be kicked due to unsupported DLC Suggestion Name: Special Transport DLC support Suggestion Description:Adding support for the Special Transport DLC even though I know it will/can be hard due to other players being able to see the DLC Any example images: No Why should it be added?: For someone like me who have brought the DLC for the sole reason to use it MP it would be really nice to have that option
  25. Renikowski

    Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC - When?

    Hi! So, as the Topic say, could we expect release date of new DLC in December like it was with Italia? Or can we expect it earlier?