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  1. It could be useful if ETS2 was a lightweight game and the majority of the players were able to play at high scaling, and resolution but right now, it's not useful. Even dashboard of trucks is not clearly visible at 100% scaling; a text on top of the car, which is a hundred meters away, wouldn't be visible. It'd be a plus to the simulation experience, but in the end, it's useless. I agree with @willians1002; it would be easier and helpful if there was a "local announcement" command that its content is shown in chat or on a rectangle with no matter of display setting.
  2. It'd bring benefits that are more useful and easier than the current one, but as everything has pros and cons, it also has. Some people may act as a game moderator and do back-seat moderating, create bulk-reports in-game, which will eventually increase the load on the in-game report system and cause a reduction in service standard. Besides these, people who use keyboard or mouse control to drive their trucks may crash if they try to click on a vehicle while driving. Sooner or later, it'll increase the rate of accidents and put the system in a loop. Adding an option to view TruckersMP ID in a column and player order by distance, closeness in TAB list would sort the mess in the list, in my opinion. Downvoting.
  3. First of all, it's a game; you neither lose money nor gain by staying in-game. If you're pretty slow at getting a cup of coffee or go to the bathroom, you can just disconnect and reconnect when you're back. It's pointless to have idling and AFK players, sometimes I'm having to do such things as well, which may take more than the actual idling time, and I'm doing the same thing. It takes just a couple of minutes to start the game and continue driving; even if you don't have an SSD, it does take maximum five minutes. It just takes your time, but it costs money to TruckersMP. Most of the players do not have powerful computers; passing-by trucks do have FPS drops meanwhile you're getting your coffee. To speak for myself, I'm not paying for the perks. I consider it as a donation. I'd pay the same amount or more if there were no perks. The only two reasons I stay as Patron are TruckersMP is a community that I support, and I love to be its part of. Downvoting.
  4. That would be definitely useful and better than the current one but there should be a cooldown as well because some of the people may abuse it like backseat moderating with freecam around a congested place, spamming it on purpose.
  5. Not necessary, what will you do with that? If you write a sensible reason, I will state my opinion.
  6. What a great idea, it's okay from my side. It can be called "Merchants Corner". As I stated above, upvote from my side because it's useful.
  7. Congratulations and good luck :P

  8. Happy birthday :)

  9. I learned alot, first of all, brotherhood. It's the important thing that this VTCs brought to me as an advantage. Second, having some friendships and learned how to drive a truck properly. Some culture maybe by having some long conversations with different people from different countries. Third one, behaving, well I am not a member of any trucking company IRL but I tried it in VTCs and learned how they live ( some examples not all ). Fourth and the last one, rules. Yes rules and how they should be. Thanks FTC for making me a better person
  10. What an useful suggestion, that button working like an elevator. I am too lazy to climb ladders. From my side it is useful, upvote.
  11. It shouldn't be removed, I think if developers put no collision to way (in front of duisburg service), problem will be solved. I told reason of my downvote, above. From my side, downvote.
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    Great idea but time should be increased because 5 seconds isn't long, sometimes people horning for 1-2 minutes. My old keyboard's keys are broken and when I press 1 second, it detects as 5-6 seconds. 15-30 seconds is high enough to be limited. As I stated above, upvote.
  13. Great idea but time should be increased because 5 seconds isn't long, sometimes people horning for 1-2 minutes. My old keyboard's keys are broken and when I press 1 second, it detects as 5-6 seconds. 15-30 seconds is high enough to be limited. As I stated above, upvote.
  14. I can see more trucks than a truck gallery. :wub: Apply for FTC!



  15. Congratulations! :wub:

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      Thank You Very Much :)

  16. Happy birthday, I would like to send a birthday cake to you xd :wub:

  17. Are you looking for a VTC? Join us!eut2-hq-scaniatesting.jpg

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      You're in our media team, so I can steal. :P 

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  18. FTC's trucks are so handsome :love:



  19. Happy birthday :wub:

  20. I don't agree with you. From my side, it’s enough. Member, who has a lot of friends in TMP, they will abuse that to boost their reputations. 10 is enough, downvote.
  21. C is the old and popular high-level language developed Dennis Ritchie in 1972. Though, it is derived from language B which was developed by Ken Thompson. So, Let's get started. First of all, you need to download some IDE. Experts though use sublime text 3 for it but beginner should start with DevC++. The name of C program ends with extension .c e.g myProgram.c . Here is the basic C program #include <stdio.h> /* Header int main(void) { puts("Hello world"); return 0; } In above code: #include tells the compiler where to find the meanings of standard identifier. I used "printf" for it. Identifier It is the name given to the variable, constant , function in the C program. There are two types of Identifiers: 1- Standard Identifier "printf" , "scanf" and library like "Stdio.h" and "math.h" are standard identifiers. You can't change them 2- User-defined Identifiers You can give them any name like "onPlay" "getMarks" etc. Rules for Identifiers: The first character must not be any number rather it must be alphabet or ( _ ). using ( _ ) is non-recommended though. Reserved keywords like char, double, float can't be used as Identifier Keywords: Keywords are designed by the developer of Language and we can't change them. It help us a lot to make a program. In C, there are following keywords: auto do goto break char default for float short union void int if signed unsigned sizeof enum /* and more Variable Now, let's come to Variable.. It is the named memory location or memory cell. It stores the program's input data and its results after execution. These Variable are created in RAM thus it is called "Random access memory" so data stored in RAM is temporary. Example of Variables are: int marks; char grade; here, int and char are keywords while marks and grade are variable names. Let's make a simple program #include <conio.h> #include <stdio.h> void main() { short a = 10; // I will name my variable a. clrscr(); printf("%d \n" , a); a = a + 1; printf("%d \n", a); a = a - 1; printf("%d \n" , a); getch(); } You can use words instead of "a" though. Output 10 11 10 "\n" is the symbol of new line. It is type of encoding "enter/return" key. "%d" is a keyword for parser in printf function. It describes that here should be printed value from variable passed as next argument to function printf.
  22. ^^ I think he is absolutely right. We should select it from TruckersMP options/menu. I won't use it always because it is so small, I cannot see the screen when my eyes are tired. It isn't an important thing to make developers busy with this. I ain't totally sure. If developers like it, upvote. If they aren't, downvote.
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