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  1. People who troll, ram on purpose are already aware of the possible punishment. Extending punishment durations will not be a deterrent but will be pulled apart from its actual purpose and make game moderators busier with the prolonging appeal process. It'll also increase the load of the feedback system; some people will complain about their ban, fault wasn't on purpose, but the length extended, etc. Eventually, they'll criticize TMP management with bad language as well. I believe that the current punishment system is working well; leaving the first three bans to the discretion of the game moderator makes the system even better. Punishments are depending on the place and intention right now. Downvoting.
  2. It could be useful if ETS2 was a lightweight game and the majority of the players were able to play at high scaling, and resolution but right now, it's not useful. Even dashboard of trucks is not clearly visible at 100% scaling; a text on top of the car, which is a hundred meters away, wouldn't be visible. It'd be a plus to the simulation experience, but in the end, it's useless. I agree with @willians1002; it would be easier and helpful if there was a "local announcement" command that its content is shown in chat or on a rectangle with no matter of display setting.
  3. I prefer not to drive on C-D road since there is a high potential of an accident. The roads always contains many traffic jams and since the trucks are in close proximity to each other even, a simple ping or FPS drop can ruin the whole experience even if it's not yours. Besides the cons, there are pros of the C-D road, such as the population within the area; you don't see that many vehicles drive together in any other game.
  4. I mostly stick to our own VTC radio, TruckersFM and my own Spotify playlist. I'm adding the songs that I like to my playlist while listening to the radio.
  5. We all are human, we all do the same things in life, and we all make mistakes; it doesn't matter what kind of mistake it is, but as they say, "a mistake is a mistake". Well, most of us, humans, think that making a mistake is a bad thing, but the real thing is, it isn't. I mean that even if you made a mistake, you could benefit from it and take a lesson. Mistakes are beneficial in entire life if used in the right way. As an advice, don't do like the stone heads on TV and news that hurt themselves or get depression over some useless things such as no girlfriend or making a mistake. Once you make a mistake, you can't just go back in time and fix it. Just do your future-self a favor and take experience from that, do your best to take a lesson and give minds to others such as your friends if they're in depression, maybe you will cause a change in someone's life and find new friends. Time is the cure of everything; live the moment, use the past and think the future.
  6. It'd bring benefits that are more useful and easier than the current one, but as everything has pros and cons, it also has. Some people may act as a game moderator and do back-seat moderating, create bulk-reports in-game, which will eventually increase the load on the in-game report system and cause a reduction in service standard. Besides these, people who use keyboard or mouse control to drive their trucks may crash if they try to click on a vehicle while driving. Sooner or later, it'll increase the rate of accidents and put the system in a loop. Adding an option to view TruckersMP ID in a column and player order by distance, closeness in TAB list would sort the mess in the list, in my opinion. Downvoting.
  7. First of all, it's a game; you neither lose money nor gain by staying in-game. If you're pretty slow at getting a cup of coffee or go to the bathroom, you can just disconnect and reconnect when you're back. It's pointless to have idling and AFK players, sometimes I'm having to do such things as well, which may take more than the actual idling time, and I'm doing the same thing. It takes just a couple of minutes to start the game and continue driving; even if you don't have an SSD, it does take maximum five minutes. It just takes your time, but it costs money to TruckersMP. Most of the players do not have powerful computers; passing-by trucks do have FPS drops meanwhile you're getting your coffee. To speak for myself, I'm not paying for the perks. I consider it as a donation. I'd pay the same amount or more if there were no perks. The only two reasons I stay as Patron are TruckersMP is a community that I support, and I love to be its part of. Downvoting.
  8. As I said above "e.x." was a typo, I actually wanted to say "e.g." in there. I already fixed it. Also I've added 2 more mistakes, that you've specified, to the topic, thanks.
  9. I prefer having only one dot because when you add the second one it looks like you're going to end the sentence, anyways I'll update it with the right one. Ex. stands for "Example" neither exercise nor explanation, but in that case I noticed I misplaced "x" in "e.x". I'm going to replace it as well. Thanks for the notice.
  10. I'm glad I could help, and thanks.
  11. Common English Grammatical Mistakes This community has been actually pretty helpful in improving English skills of the community members. You can actually notice that by checking the old posts of the community members, especially those who don't use English as a communication language in real life. • Misplaced apostrophes: Rules: Apostrophes are used to indicate belongings (Something that belongs to someone). To indicate something belong to one person, the apostrophe is before the letter 's'. Ex: Jake's shoes are old. To indicate something belongs to more than one person, the apostrophe is after the letter 's'. Ex: These boys' shoes are old. Apostrophes are used to indicate a a contracted word. Ex: I'm going to watch the TV. Never use apostrophes to make a word plural. Even if the word is in number form (as in a date). Common mistakes with their corrections: I was born in 1980's. - I was born in the 1980s. The book's are on the table. - The books are on the table. Pauls shoes are dirty. - Paul's shoes are dirty. The girls phones are old. - The girl's phones are old. • Your & You're: Rules: "You're" is a short term for "you are". "Your" indicates possession (The state of having, owning, or controlling something.) Common mistakes with their corrections: Your nice! - You're nice! The book is on you're desk. - The book is on your desk. • Fewer & Less: Rules: "Fewer" refers to something countable. Ex: Books, phones, cards and keyboards. "Less" refers to something uncountable. Ex: Sand, water and rice. Common mistakes with their corrections: There are less books now. - There are fewer books now. There is fewer water now. - There is less water now. • To/Two/Too: Rules: "Two" refers to the number "2". "Too" means 'Also' or 'As well'. "To" can be used as a replacement for the word 'towards. "To" can also be used in the infinitive form. Ex: To run. Common mistakes with their corrections: I'm going there to. - I'm going there too. There are too books on the shelf. - There are two books on the shelf. I'm on my way too Michael. - I'm on my way to Michael. • Then & Than: Rules: "Than" is a conjunction that is mainly used for making comparisons (between people, elements and etc..). "Then" is used to indicate something following something else in time. It's used a lot especially in step by step instructions. Common mistakes with their corrections: This is more then enough. - This is more than enough. She thinks she's better then him. - She thinks she's better than him. We're going to the candy shop than we will visit Jake. - We're going to the candy shop then we will visit Jake. • i.e & e.g: Rules: "i.e" means 'in other words' or 'that is'. I.e comes from the Latin words 'id est'. "e.g" means 'for example'. i.e and e.g are ONLY used to write informally. Do not use it in writing formal letters (I do not also recommend using it in exams). Common mistakes with their corrections: He refuses to accept this offer, e.g: He won't accept it. - He refuses to accept this offer, i.e: He won't accept it. Jake loves driving on congested roads, i.e: C-D and R-A. - Jake loves driving on congested roads, e.g: C-D and R-A. • Their/They're/There Rules: "They're" is a contraction of they are. "Their" is for belongings. "There" refers to a specific place. Common mistakes with their corrections: I'm going to meet the squad at there house. - I'm going to meet the squad at their house. The club is right their! - The club is right there! Their playing in the garden. - They're playing in the garden. • Accept/Except/Expect Rules: "Accept" is used to take or receive; to give a favorable response. "Except" to preclude or exclude. "Expect" to look forward to. Common mistakes with their corrections: I've excepted your application. - I've accepted your application. I accept him to be there. - I expect him to be there. I didn't except that! - I didn't expect that! • Our/Are Rules: "Are" is used for plural nouns. "Our" does mean belonging to "us". Common mistakes with their corrections: We have finished are tasks. - We have finished our tasks. You can register an account on are website. - You can register an account on our website. • Allowed/Aloud Rules: "Aloud" does mean "loudly". "Allowed" is used when you're letting someone (or something) have or do something. Common mistakes with their corrections: He wasn't aloud to do that already. - He wasn't allowed to do that already. Using any kind of hack is not aloud on TruckersMP. - Using any kind of hack is not allowed on TruckersMP. Several grammatical mistakes will be added soon. I currently mentioned the mistakes I regularly find within the community. Remember this topic is mainly here to aware players and help them about the common English mistakes. Thus, I'd recommend the community to participate in mentioning known mistakes (even their old mistakes that they managed to correct).
  12. That would be definitely useful and better than the current one but there should be a cooldown as well because some of the people may abuse it like backseat moderating with freecam around a congested place, spamming it on purpose.
  13. Flex with your typing speed from this website. If you're having low WPM and want to improve it, you can practice your touch typing skills to type faster and with fewer errors day by day. Here's mine:
  14. Whoever go against the social order and rules does annoy me. Ramming, blocking, even insulting can be toleratable within limit and if it's not on purpose. Flouting or going against the rules to annoy, troll is my pet peeve.
  15. Slow1357

    Hated Trucks

    Iveco for sure. I can't feel the power of hundreds horsepower engine, however Volvo and Scania are able to give the feeling well.
  16. While blockchain technology shows great promise, Bitcoin itself is the 21st century equivalent of the Tulip Mania, even my grandfather knows about cryptocurrencies. In other words, Bitcoin might be in a bubble. If we ignore crypto speculators, Bitcoin is a niche market mostly populated by gamblers, criminals and darkweb psychos. They aim to buy and sell in Bitcoin, hoping to remain anonymous in transactions. But Bitcoin fails at this too: it fails to protect them as many arrests have shown in the past. So the cryptocurrency doesn't even provide a good service for it's main market. Monero could be a better alternative for them, but it remains to be seen too. Bitcoin's only saving grace is that it has been used in countries with failing currencies like Venezuela. Besides, it is needlessly complicated. If you're a regular guy who wants to buy something online without revealing identity, it's easier to get a prepaid gift card at local supermarket or grocery store. It's way easier than learning about cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto wallets, and it's more comfortable than contacting cypto dealers online who probably do business with criminals. Bitcoin cannot function as a currency. Its price fluctuates widely and it's not stable enough. Imagine the poor sap who bought Bitcoin at $20.000 during its previous peak, only to see it crash below $4.000 in value before he had to reuse the funds. Inflation rate of 2% is nothing compared to that. Crypto speculators can earn money, yes, but it's nothing more than gambling. Also, governments will never give up their ability to manipulate interest rates through quantitative easing ("printing money out of thin air"). Such loose monetary policy allows them to postpone the crash and to postpone necessary changes on the market. It's an amazing political tool. The cronies who are close to the newly printed money can spend it at original value while the rest of us have to pay the inflation tax. Unless the government ban the Internet, they can't really ban and take control of crypto. Though they could try stop shops accepting it. Governments definitely will try to restrict it so they can maintain their control. Also robberies will be much easier than before, no need any violence just hop into their system, take 'em all and leave, easy peasy.
  17. That's what I think as well. Bitcoin is too slow to replace fiat though. Unless there is a way to do the major optimizations to the system. Bitcoin can only handle something like 100 transactions a second while in the world there are tens / hundreds of thousands of transactions a second. There are other much more optimized crypto currencies. Perhaps in the future there will be something like Ripple or Ethereum for day to day transactions and bitcoin for your savings, who knows.
  18. Bitcoin is gaining traction again after surpassing its previous all time high of $20k USD back in the bull run of 2017. It is currently valued at $45.7k at the time of this post. The current bull run is different than the last one in how there are now billion dollar financial institutions such as MicroStrategy and Greyscale investing millions/billions of dollars in Bitcoin. These investors are taking Bitcoin and holding it, making the available supply on exchanges less. As the demand for Bitcoin increases and the supply decreases, it results in sudden spikes in price. However, Bitcoin has not “crashed” after showing growth in such a short amount of time. It reaches a new ATH and consolidates along newly established support levels. This is further proof that Bitcoin’s median price increases with every cycle. Despite having major dips over the years, there was always an upward trend in its price. https://www.binance.com/en/trade/BTC_BUSD What’s so special about Bitcoin? Why are investors rushing to have a position in it? This video briefly explains how BTC works, and how it differs from fiat currency and gold. The main advantage BTC has over fiat is that it cannot be manipulated by a centralized party (ie: the government) and that it does not depreciate over time, as opposed to fiat money that has an average inflation rate of 2%. People who leave their money in their bank account don’t realize that it loses purchasing power over time. These institutions see the potential Bitcoin has here, and are allocating a significant amount of their money to BTC as a hedge against inflation, other assets etc. The waves of retail investors have not appeared yet, but as Bitcoin approaches new all time highs, a domino effect happening becomes sooner than later. Do you think Bitcoin has the potential to become a globally accepted and adopted currency? Do you think it doesn’t have a chance and is just a trend with no real substance? Let’s discuss.
  19. Not necessary, what will you do with that? If you write a sensible reason, I will state my opinion.
  20. What a great idea, it's okay from my side. It can be called "Merchants Corner". As I stated above, upvote from my side because it's useful.
  21. Congratulations and good luck :P

  22. Happy birthday :)

  23. I learned alot, first of all, brotherhood. It's the important thing that this VTCs brought to me as an advantage. Second, having some friendships and learned how to drive a truck properly. Some culture maybe by having some long conversations with different people from different countries. Third one, behaving, well I am not a member of any trucking company IRL but I tried it in VTCs and learned how they live ( some examples not all ). Fourth and the last one, rules. Yes rules and how they should be. Thanks FTC for making me a better person
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