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  1. xbeetlejuiice

    Word Starting With The Last Letter

  2. xbeetlejuiice

    Word Starting With The Last Letter

  3. xbeetlejuiice

    Fave pizza?

    pinapples FTW!! I think its a genious who thought of this pizza I think pizza with olives should be banned xD - - - - - - - My fav is the texas style
  4. xbeetlejuiice

    Quality Express | The true trucker experience.

    Hey yall, i joined this wonderful VTC about a month ago now and i really don't regret it! Those guys welcomed me with opened arms too, told me everything i needed to know and reqruited me as a driver. I gave my best and then, suddenly, they even invited me into the staff! Besides that, they are one of the few realistic VTCs which reqruit people with a ban in their history (as an example me :D), because they believe into you. Its really great, from our nice staff (of which im part now) to our bots (it has jokes :D) everything is perfect! I REALLY believe we're not just another boring VTC, but something kind of a family! But the best part of joining is our joking bot :p
  5. xbeetlejuiice

    Smart GPS

    Of course, +1 Great idea, should prevent a lot of accidents How about adding other symbols for admins? I mean, not for anyone, because then you could behave perfectly. But maybe it'd be possible to make that an option for drivers who are driving very good and hadnt have a ban in 3 moths
  6. xbeetlejuiice

    Ingame ID

    Hi, first of all, i kindly ask you to react to this post, so the admins know what the community thinks of it! Suggestion Name: Add the TMP ID to Drivernames! Suggestion Description: Implement an option to enable the TMP ID to in the in-game-options. Any example images: Unfortunately, i dont have any images, but i saw this in some video of tony or darwen not sure though. (If ill find it again, ill screenshot it and add to this topic!) Why should it be added?: I can say, out of my short, 3-4 months long, driving experience, that i record a lot of people for doing things against the rules who have weird names you cant write on a european keybord (turkish or russian letters 4 example)(all of this is just my perception). Besides that i think that the most crashes happen outside of (really) crowded areas (for example in c-d) and then im often too slow to click on the tabmenu or forget to do that. I think, it wouldnt be a lot of extra work for the (really great) programmers (just because without them this mod wouldnt exist :)). Also, for me its easier to watch my recorded video and just name it after the TMP, so i could report those rulebrakers easier (and faster).
  7. xbeetlejuiice

    [Forum game] Try to get there to 0!

    956 !!
  8. xbeetlejuiice

    Trailer wheel cover

    Not sure, but i think he savemodded the color of the stock trailer you can get when you take an ordinary delivery without your own trailer.
  9. xbeetlejuiice

    Website Statistics

    hi guys, youve got the counters of players online, but why dont you make a counter for all registered profiles and visitors? Suggestion Name:Usercounter Suggestion Description: You set up an counte at the bottom of the Website and put all website statistics (registered members, topics, online people, ...). It should be updated hourly or so. Pictures: at the bottom Why should it be added?: Its interesting to see how this community grows.
  10. xbeetlejuiice

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

    2 xD
  11. xbeetlejuiice

    Jobsnot loading?

    Firstly, thanks for that fast answer to my question, unfortunately i already know what you suggest to try, because i already read all the other topics regarding this problem. Unfortunately nothing helped, so i think i need to reinstall the game or/and the mod. Sincerely xbeetlejuiice Btw, you can put his topic as inactive, because after the reinstallation of the mod everything works just fine as you would expect it to. Sorry for my partially bad english, i'm german (so my english is not the yellow from the egg lol).
  12. xbeetlejuiice

    Jobsnot loading?

    Hey Guys, is it normal that the job thing is bugged? Mostly its working and showing all jobs, but soometimes it doesn't. If i go directly to a company, it shows all their jobs without a problem? is it a bug of the game, or ist because of a bug in the mod? is there sth i can do against it? Please answer my question in german, Englisch, polish or french, as you want and can. Sincerely xbeetlejuiice
  13. xbeetlejuiice

    ETS2 i ATS się sypie po powrocie do serwisu.

    Siema, ja taki problem mialem kilka tygodni temu, trzeba bylo versje zmienic. SCS cos spitolil w updacie. A wiec, tak naprawilem: otwierasz steama i wchodzisz na wszystkie gry. kliknij prawym przyciskiem myszy na ETS2 i wybierz opcje tej gry. wchodzisz potem na bety i wyberasz temporary_1_32 zamykasz okienko i powinna sie sciagnac stara wersja. bedziesz mogl na niej grac. jak bedzie nowy update sciagasz go i instalujesz go i powinno dzialac Sorki za slaby niemiecki i niemieckie zdjecia (niechcailo mi sie zmieniac jezyka), jestem niemcem.. ale troche polskiego rozumiem Tu zdjiecia procesu
  14. xbeetlejuiice

    [ARCHIVED] Guide to where **NOT** to use double trailers

    A bit shitty you can't drive where its most fun, but i guess it's the most effective way to get out of al lot more trouble. BTW Thanks for this 'lil map of yours. Now that everything is clarified where you can go, or not, i'ma goin' to drive again. have fun guys!!