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  1. Unfortunately, it happens both sp and mp, so the launcher is not a problem. Also, steam says, the integrety of all game files is just fine..
  2. Hey guys, sorry for bothering you again.. Now, my game runs just fine - until i try to take a job. When i select a job and then accept it, i see the trailer for a sec and can move the steering wheel. Then, suddenly it freezes shorttime and it quits to the Desktop. I have all updates and graphic card drivers up to date. Ill try to uplaod a vid to Youtube, so you guys can see my problem
  3. I have all the updates, besides that, it doesnt only lag when plaing mp, its not the high ping. I have high fps shown, around 60ish, but the game is just slow. it is kinda staggering and the response time is shitty as well
  4. Hey Guys, i have a problem. When i start the game, it laggs... But not always, just sometimes. It mostly happens, when im not opening it straight away. When ETS runs, its buttery smooth.. Do you know how to solve that?
  5. Yeah, its mostly meant be something like a lil gadget xD There is no "real" use of it. I dont know how they did theyre website, but as much as i know, this really is no problem. It can be done pretty quickly, and its not that hard I dunno if you think thats interesting, but as i stated above, it would be great seeing the community growing.
  6. pinapples FTW!! I think its a genious who thought of this pizza I think pizza with olives should be banned xD - - - - - - - My fav is the texas style
  7. Hey yall, i joined this wonderful VTC about a month ago now and i really don't regret it! Those guys welcomed me with opened arms too, told me everything i needed to know and reqruited me as a driver. I gave my best and then, suddenly, they even invited me into the staff! Besides that, they are one of the few realistic VTCs which reqruit people with a ban in their history (as an example me :D), because they believe into you. Its really great, from our nice staff (of which im part now) to our bots (it has jokes :D) everything is perfect! I REALLY believe we're not just another boring VTC, but something kind of a family! But the best part of joining is our joking bot :p
  8. Of course, +1 Great idea, should prevent a lot of accidents How about adding other symbols for admins? I mean, not for anyone, because then you could behave perfectly. But maybe it'd be possible to make that an option for drivers who are driving very good and hadnt have a ban in 3 moths
  9. Not sure, but i think he savemodded the color of the stock trailer you can get when you take an ordinary delivery without your own trailer.
  10. Hi guys, you've got the counters of players online, so why dont you have a counter for views, player etc.? Suggestion Name: Usercounter Suggestion Description: You set up an counte at the bottom of the Website and put all website statistics (registered members, topics, online people, ...). It should be updated hourly or so. Pictures: at the bottom Why should it be added?: I would love to see this great community grow. And not only by how many players are online, but all the time.
  11. Firstly, thanks for that fast answer to my question, unfortunately i already know what you suggest to try, because i already read all the other topics regarding this problem. Unfortunately nothing helped, so i think i need to reinstall the game or/and the mod. Sincerely xbeetlejuiice Btw, you can put his topic as inactive, because after the reinstallation of the mod everything works just fine as you would expect it to. Sorry for my partially bad english, i'm german (so my english is not the yellow from the egg lol).
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