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Found 216 results

  1. Hello guys, recently I have experienced that Players crash into someone and Instantly disappear. This gives the player no chance / time to get the TMP ID. Suggestion Name: Stop Combat disconnecting Suggestion Description: With Combat disconnecting I mean instantly disconnecting after an accident / collision. Adding a few seconds to block disconnecting after a collision gives a player enough time to get the 4-Digit ID. Any example images: In this Video you can see how the guy who rammed me just disappeared. Yes I was chatting but in other situations I wasn't and I still didn't see the guy who rammed me Why should it be added?: It will give a chance to get the TMP ID to report a player.
  2. At the end of road and getting experience and money by clicking the continue button the game closes with this error: Assertion failed! File: game\CbRadio.ox Line: 401 Function: void _ cdecl CbRadio: UpdatelnteriorHookup(void) [cb] Hook model is missing: "/vehicle/truck/volvo_fh16_2012/interior/sleeper_h.pmd" look: look1" variant: 'standard' Help me pls.
  3. Ahoj když spustím ETS Mp, tak se dostanu přes login až do hlavního menu, ale když stisku tlačítko jeď, tak mi hra crashne a vyběhne tenhle report. Poraďte prosím, v singleplayeru mi hra běží normálně. (Hru jsem přeinstaloval a Mp taky) Assertion failed! File: game/CbRadio.cxx Line: 401 Function: void_cdecl CbRadio::UpdateinteriorHookUp(void) [cb] Hook model Is missing: "/vehicle/truck/volvo_fh16_2012/interior/sleeper_h.pmd"look: "look1" variant: standart
  4. [TR]: Multiplayer Oynarken Ana Menüye Dönmek İstediğimde,Sürekli Karşılaştığım bu hata'dan dolayı artık oynayamayacak hale geldim.Özet Geçmek Gerekirse Multiplayer Oynarken Ana Menüye Dönmeye Çalıştığım Zaman Bu Sorunla Karşılaşıyorum Ve Karşılaştığımdada Alt+Tab Falanda Atamıyorum, Ekranım Donuyor Bu Nedenle Bilgisayarımı Kapatmam Gerekiyor. Sizlerden Bu Konu Hakkında Yardımcı Olmanızı Umuyorum... [EN]: When I want to go back to the main menu while playing Multiplayer, I have become unable to play anymore due to this error I constantly encounter. Therefore, I have to Shut Down My Computer. Waiting For YourHelp...
  5. Beyler bayanlar daha önceki windows 10 sürümümde oyunu gayet güzel bir şekilde hatasız oynayabiliyordum aradan uzun süre geçti format falan attım ve oyunun yükleme ekranındayken yani turuncu çizgi dolarken oyundan atmaya başladı. Forum forum dolaştım fakat bir çözüm bulamadım umarım yardım edebilirsiniz şimdiden teşekkürler game.log.txt
  6. Hallo there, in ets2 online and in single players my game crashes when I try to drop my trailer to complete my delivery. and when I click on t and the statistics come up my game crashes immediately Do you have any idea how I can fix this. By the way, I have already created a ticket. Thank you for your help. game.log.txt
  7. Crash when game startup Pastebin crash.log: https://pastebin.com/FJ58nyP1 No errors when launching ETS2 in SP only with MP No errors on Validating Game Files Already tried to run on admin previleges Already fresh install TruckersMP Already fresh install ETS2 Already install Framework .NET Already tried to downgrade ETS2
  8. Bonjour, Je viens vers vous pour un souci que rencontre un de mes collègues: Depuis hier, dès qu'il lance son jeu celui-ci cesse de fonctionner directement. Il l'a désinstallé/réinstallé plusieurs fois et rien n'y change. Et qu'il le lance depuis Steam, TB ou encore TMp, même résultat. On a testé de remplacer DX9/DX11 par gl à la ligne uset r_device du fichier config mais cela ne change rien non plus Si vous auriez d'éventuelles pistes ou solutions cela nous serai d'un grand secours. Dans l'attente de vous lire
  9. Hello everyone, lately the online TruckersMP crashes after a while, and my query goes if it is just me, or does the same thing happen to many people? Before update 1.37 everything was working wonderfully, and with this latest version the problems started, my idea would be that it is a TruckersMP problem, because I never had any problems related to the game itself. Usually crashes between 25 minutes later and up to 45 minutes later. It simply closes and leaves no error file or window as usual. It's me? Or is it the online that has flaws ?. In advance thanks for the help.
  10. Good evening, recently I reset my PC in order to regain some of its speed and performance from back in the days. But ever since I re-downloaded TruckersMP it does this thing where when I travel to a Garage or to a Workshop, it freezes for like 5-10sec and then the server kicks me for reason: "Unreliable connection". Any suggestions as to what to do? Im awaiting an answer :) Thank you, Julian.
  11. Witam, podczas grania na singlu zakupilem volvo fh, wszystko pieknie smigalo. Aczkolwiek gdy dolaczylem do multiplayera po kliknieciu "Jazda" wystapil crash gry (ponizej ss). Reinstalacja plikow nie pomogla, tylko na tym tirze zdarza mi (i znajomemu) sie ten blad. Prosze o szybka pomoc oraz z gory dziekuje.
  12. So yesterday i experienced the Unreliable connection error and i fixed it by waiting 1 minute before clicking drive, today when i tried to play everything worked(12-16 in my time zone (poland)) but now when i do this 1 minute waiting trick when loading the loading bar stops almost at the end and i get the [An application fatal error! Do you want to send crash.log file to developers?] also there is the screen shot of error https://prnt.sc/t3tqho. Also i get the connection breaked reconnecting massage on chat . idk how to call it [my screen shot software cant create screen shot of game] Things i tried: Not using the wait trick Trying to go into SP (it worked but what can i do in it its boring xd) Not using wifi (i plugged my network with usb cable bc its wireless only but if i plug in usb cable it acs like ethernet) Checking intergity files or something in steam? (idk how do you type this in english bc i have pl version of steam) [it did not find anything] rebooting pc i tried several times and its only showing the fatal error changing profiles and saves Using other posts One thing that i did not try is FULLY reinstalling truckersmp. Also when trying to restart game is shows Attention game crash detected or something idk EDIT:Forgot to say that this happened in ets2. EDIT2:Added thing to Things what i tried \/\/\/\/\/ There are Crash logs \/\/\/\/\/ Sorry for bad English im from Poland. game.log.txt
  13. Hi! so now the TruckersMp supports 1.37 i updated the game but i cant use my old profile because the game keeps crashing if i try to spawn. This only happens in MP. I already tried re-installing. I can play by making a new profile. But i really want to continue the old one.
  14. При запуске ETS 2 OpenGL (DirectX 11 не поддерживается), игра просто напросто вылетает. Лог и краш прилагается. game.log.txt game.crash.txt Характеристики, конечно, не радуют, но для меня терпимо AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Proccesor 4400+ 2.31GHz. NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT. Windows 8.1 x64 3 GB Ram. До обновы 1.37 все спокойно работало.
  15. Vaasan08

    ETS2 Crash

    I was playing the game via TruckersMP and then a dialogue box opened "game crashed send game.crash file to developers" my monitor screen turned black but was able hear the game sound then i quit the using task manager. This occurs only when using TMP. Please help!!! game.log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SyWaVyWYZgNaGfjoSJcSojYLb_uuhnN7 game.crash: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YHQuCMLAPKLLSdzpGw1byjbbiN6NFthU
  16. Gra wyłącza mi się podczas podczas klikniecia ikonki JAZDA Gra na steam mi działa poprawnie. Tylko jezeli chce wejsc na serwer to sie to dzieje. Proszę o pomoc. Zrobiłem spójność plików
  17. Online girerken bu hata ile karşılaşıyorum normal oynarken bir sıkıntı yok ama onlineda sıkıntı çıkıyor önceden oynayabiliyordum uzun bir ara oyuna girmedim dün tekrar kurdum ve girmeye çalıştım ama giremiyorum çözümünü bilen varmı yardımcı olabilicek birisi?
  18. Suggestion Name: Add a Non-Collisions Zone to Construction sites. Suggestion Description: In American Truck Simulator they have added a new delivery point which is at a road-side construction site this can cause vehicle crashes. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: It should be added as many trucks have to wait for the other truck to finish parking before they can. Also the trucks passing might hit a truck that is trying to park at that location. By making the one-way-road and the construction site a non-collisions zone trucks can go by freely.
  19. Hey guys, I have a problem with TruckersMP client on ETS2. The problem is that my game crashes when i'm going to main menu of game (for example when i want to take order) or i end my order and appears summary board of route. Problem appears only when i play more than 5-10 minutes (before that time main menu works great) and in my area are many players (for example I played 1 hour and I wanted to go to menu or end route and there were many players in city - game crashed). Crash looks like that - game is still running but i can't do anything because in the desktop appears info about game's crash. I give you guys last crash log and photo of crash. I give you guys also my laptop's setup: i5-8300H, GTX 1050 (4GB VRAM), 8GB of RAM, 1TB HDD with 16GB Intel Optane SSD, Windows 10 Home x64 Here's my GPU driver's version: 398.36 Photos of crash: Game still running but it's crashed Info about game crash. I can't do anything in the desktop because it returns me into the game last_crash.log
  20. Suggestion Description: If I remember correctly, traffic lights in roadworks aren't synchronized. That means that every player does not see the green light at the same time which may result in a massive crash. Any example images: // Why should it be added?: Because it can prevent crashes from happening, especially with traffic lights that are located in road with a high density of traffic (the one in the Calais-Gonesse road)
  21. arkadix

    Crash du launcher

    Bonjour, Cela fait maintenant quelques jours que j'essaie de démarrer TruckersMP, mais dès que je lance l'application, un écran noir apparaît avec le bruit des alertes windows. Ensuite, une autre petite fenêtre s'ouvre en me disant que le jeu a crash et que je peux envoyer le crash.log aux développeurs (ce que j'ai fait 2 fois). Pouvez-vous m'aider s'il vous plait? j'aimerai continuer a jouer avec des amis :/ Merci d'avance :) NB: je vous joint le crash.log crash.log
  22. After the update, the game began to crash, without even starting an application fatal error do you want to send crash.log file to developers
  23. Bu hatayı alıyorum launcherden başlatılacak hedefde oyuna girmeden yardımcı olurmusunuz yeni çıktı bu hata önceden burada böyle bir sorun. Teşekürler DAHA ÖNCE Hızlı ADLI KULLANICI DA ŞİKETTE BULUNDU FAKAT ORDAKİ ÇÖZÜMLERİ UYGULASAMDA HATA GİTMEDİ NE YAPMALIYIM LÜTFEN YARDIM EDİN BEN WİNDOWS 7 KULLANICISIYIM SS ALINTIDIR !
  24. I still get this error when I start TMP and I do not know what to do, I gave and reinstalled the ets and the application but nothing, has nothing to do with the version of ets Help me pls!!<3
  25. Artika(lags)


    Игра в мультиплеер вообще не запускается, сразу всплывает ошибка и журнал сбоев,в одиночной игре все работает. логи приложил The game in multiplayer does not start at all, immediately POPs up an error and a crash log, in a single game everything works. Crashes logs attached Содержание ошибки:In application fatal error. Do you want to send crash.log to developers? game_log.txt
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