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  1. I have uninstalled and reinstalled ETS2 multiple times, as well as TruckersMP, but it hasn't worked. I've visited 100 forums, but nothing has helped. I don't know what else to do. My launcher is working but the login screen is not appearing
  2. starts with this and after a wait for 50 years this shows:
  3. After a ferry transfer from Cyprus to Syria, I got to a collision zone that must be anti-collision. It's located here (link). I just bugged there in a player after a transfer because of this. I have a video of a bug, and it's also under the link. I want your team to add an anti-collision zone there. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1U2DJTHOyCCcKH4ggfLKOKRVaJwbfuCBp?usp=share_link
  4. Hi, I think I might have found a bug in TMP: If you do /disconnect in low speed zone (typically 60 kmph in city) your speed is limited to 60 kmph even when offfline and far away from the city... This video might help to understand: Thanks!
  5. Ola! Eu estava entrando no jogo, "nasci" na oficina de bruxelas, aonde eu tenho minha garagem principal, ok eu fui para a sinaleira, mas não tinha niguem, eu abri o tab. Todos os players estavam com a distancia de 0.0m ou seja muito perto, percebi que meu jogo não tinha carregado os players, mas aí eles carregaram todos de uma vez, aí tinha um na mesma sinaleira que eu estava, só que DENTRO DO MEU CAMINHÃO aí eu e ele voamos, nós dois, eu não sei se isso é para ban permanente, infelizmente eu não estava gravando no momento, Só queria saber se isso é para banimento permanente. Alguem poderia me ajudar?
  6. Hi, I was hauling a Vossloh locomotive around Duisburg, and got stuck under a bridge that is too low... Is that supposed to be measure to prevent those on the road or bug?
  7. In central Hannover I can't use this road in westbound direction because there is an invisible wall shortly before the bridge shortly before the roundabout. Random Collisions and Detours are deactivated. I looks like other players can drive there, I don't understand what that wall is and why i have it there. See here:
  8. Hi ! After I updated my Sounds/Games Drivers I Can't Hear any sound from EST2/Truckersmp How can i fix it? I Reinstalled the drivers
  9. When i was doing a job from (¿?) to Milan - i saw that the road was like a pixel rainbow or something (image 2 - image 3). I keep driving for about 20KM and then my game crash, i restarted the game and the bug happened again. So i took another route... everything was perfect i even saw other players but... (image 1 - image 4) the same bug happened again but in other road :/. My game crashed again so i just stopped playing. IDK if this is a bug from the game itself or truckersmp. I dont have others mods just the Scandinavian and Going East DLCs | Sorry for my english and the quality of the photos I was thinking of re-install the game but idk if is going to work
  10. When i load into the map, the game loads too early before the progress bar finishes. The game freezes and when it unfreezes it says that i got kicked for having an unreliable connection and that i will get reconnected. But, it does not reconnect.
  11. Hello, i did everything like shown in the guide but i dont have the winter mod in game... and yes I did it in the right folder, documents>ETS2MP>mod. I tryed everything, reinstalling truckersmp and the whole game several times on any harddrives i have but it still doesnt work. I even created a new ingame profile cause i thought it could be something with my profile, but thats not the case. I guess theres something wrong with the link between the mod folder and the actual game, but like i said i reinstalled everything several times even on the same harddrive, nothing works. Is there anything else I am missing here?
  12. Hello, does anybody know what happened with caravan? I can't buy it and i don't see it anywhere. Did they removed it?
  13. Guest

    ets2 crashing

    hi, i recently installed vtlog for a vtc, however decided to leave the vtc and so uninstalled the mod by deleting the file, this has caused my ets2 to crash upon loading after a warning about advanced SDK binary (whatever that is). i tried validating the files, steam saw no issues with them so i uninstalled and reinstalled: no difference so i manually deleted the entire thing from both documents and D drive steam files (where ets is stored) to no avail. i also tried new profiles however this still crashed. if anyone can help that would be great as the only other option i can think of is either a hidden file for vtlog or something in steam itself which i do not know how to access. thanks in advance lewis112358
  14. Everytime I clicked truck dealer I get stuck, whether online purchase or go to dealer. I can't operate anything. Even if I pressed ESC, it still has no response. The only way to solve is to logout windows. But by this, the game will be forced to exit and needs restart. Please help me. My operation system in Windows 11 stable, and PC spec is i7-10750h and RTX2070Super and 32GB RAM.
  15. I've made a clip of it: here. I've done a search using "ats", "map", "scroll", "bug" and found 0 results. Basically, this is the bug i've been getting and only with ATS. ETS 2 did not have this bug. After installing ATS, i installed 2 mods, one that boosts xp and one that boosts money. After i got all skills and some money, i disabled them and loaded my save to continue there, for mp. But everytime i scroll the map, it won't scroll. I can zoom and set waypoints, but it won't let me scroll the map.
  16. While playing TruckersMP im experiencing major sound issues. (I reset all settings and looked at all sound settings and everything was looking normal there but i still had all sound bugs) (All sounds work perfectly in singleplayer) Following sounds are glitched or not even working: Brake sound doesnt work, Wheel sound (If you go over dirt or the road you know) only sometimes, Both Horns dont work, environment sounds are completely glitched - most of the time dont even play (like wind sounds or water and stuff), The Radio randomly stops playing - randomly starts playing again - sometimes stops playing when a player talks and doesnt countinue playing, Some truck sounds are missing too, No damage sounds - ramming sounds etc., (ESC) Menu sounds are gone - Menu music is gone, When i open the windows it still sounds like they are closed, And some other misc. sounds too. ??
  17. Heya there, I think this problem is already known, though I would still like to talk about it. I wanted to drive in MP with my Volvo FH16 Sleeper but the game crashes, every single time I press on "Drive". I opened the game.log and saw that the cabin is not compatible with the CB device in a certain kind of way: "00:00:56.530 : <WARNING> [model] Model geometry '/model/cb_radio/cb_radio.pmg' has incorrect file version 506d6714 - expected version 506d6715. Converting... 00:00:56.531 : <WARNING> [model] Model animation '/model/cb_radio/volume.pma' has incorrect file version 3 - expected version 4. Converting... 00:00:56.531 : <ERROR> Missing model descriptor: /vehicle/truck/volvo_fh16_2012/interior/sleeper_h.pmd" I'm a bit sad that this truck configuration does not work in MP. That's why my question would be: Is there a way to fix this problem from the developer's side? I would really appreciate a fix for this cabin. Best Regards, Simu
  18. Hi Everyone Is anyone else having a problem with truckersmp after updating to 1.38 like im having here in this photo after the black appeared in my game it closed my game completely down it did this 5 more times before i gave in and played a different game on my steam library Cheers Australian Stig
  19. When I click on drive after buying the volvo fh, the game closes with an error message. If anyone knows how to solve Sorry for my English, and thank you in advance.
  20. PT-BR: Olá, tudo bem? Estou aqui pois, gostaria de saber pelo qual motivo estou dendo esse problema, ele é o seguinte, quando estou jogando geralmente o Euro Truck Simulator 2 ou o American Truck Simulator após, um tempo jogando, com uns 10 á 15 minutos corrido a tela fica assim, veja o vídeo do problema (https://youtu.be/a3Rh-9BZv9M) Bem já troquei os cabos VGA, coloquei um novo, o erro ainda persiste, já testei em outro monitor a mesma coisa, estou com os drivers do directx na versão 11. Detalhe isso só acontece no ETS2 E ATS. Quem souber o motivo pelo qual estou dendo esse problema, por favor me avise, ja fiz de tudo e nada. Desde Já agradeço a atenção. Aqui estar as configurações do pc, para um diagnostico mais preciso: - Placa mãe: PCWARE IPMH61R3 - Placa de vídeo: Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti de 1gb - Processador: Intel Pentinum G620 @ 2.60Hz 2.59 GHz - Memória Ram: 6,00 GB - Tipo de Sistema: Windows 8, 64 bits US: Hello, how are you? I am here because, I would like to know why I am giving this problem, it is the following, when I am usually playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator after, playing for a while, with 10 to 15 minutes running the screen stays so, watch the problem video (https://youtu.be/a3Rh-9BZv9M) Well I already changed the VGA cables, I put a new one, the error still persists, I have tested the same thing on another monitor, I have the DirectX drivers in version 11. Detail this only happens on ETS2 AND ATS. Anyone who knows why I'm giving this problem, please let me know, I've done everything and nothing. I thank the attention. Here are the pc settings, for a more accurate diagnosis: - Motherboard: PCWARE IPMH61R3 Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1gb - Processor: Intel Pentinum G620 @ 2.60Hz 2.59 GHz - Ram Memory: 6.00 GB - System Type: Windows 8, 64-bit
  21. you have been kicked from the server. Reason [system] unreliable conction estou com esse erro como posso resolverlo?
  22. Öncellikle Merhabalar ; Bugün ETS oynar iken bir şey dikkatimi çekti bu bir bug mu yoksa oyuna gelen güncellemeyele hız sınırı bu şekilde mi sağlanmakta merak etmekteyim. Problemim şu şekilde atıyorum düz yolda gidiyor iken hız limiti 110 a ibre vurduğu anda araç istop etmişcesine bir ses çıkarıp tekrar çalışıyor ses efekti vermekte tabi buda belli bir süreden sonra tekrarlandıkça keyif bozmakta olan bir durum. Sorum şu şekide acaba bu bir bug mu oyunla ilgili bir problem mi ve yahut oyun bu şekilde mi hız limitini sabit tutmakta. .?
  23. Hi, I'm a new player on ETS2 and TruckersMP. When I joined the server it said that my saves were not able to be loaded (i created it in the last version of the game) so i just created a new one. So I started the game from the beginning. When I finished the first mission it said that i took 10k days to complete it and now my play time is over 10k days and I have no quick mission available any more. Can someone help me with this bug ? Sorry if i made some grammar errors, English is not my mother tongue. Thank you!
  24. My game freezes when I firstly alt+tab from it and then back. The game is running but I can't move with mouse when in menu or when in game I can't move with anything. I can hear that the game is still running but the picture freezes and I must restart the game. It happens only sometimes and I did not come up why does it happens. Only solution is always restart the game if it happens and always check when in menu before even logging in if the game freezes after alt+tabbing or not. If yes restart and try again. Sometimes it even happened thrice in a row for me. PS: I tried the guide where I run as administrator and it did not work at all.
  25. Slt après avoir installé mon mod (peinture) en solo, avoir fais une sauvegarde etc... quand je lance le multijoueur la remorque qui était avec le skin devient blanche. si quelqun pourrait m’expliquer précisément comment on fait pour avoir le skin sur TruckersMP ou juste m’envoyer le lien d’une vidéo ytb qui montre comment faire svp. merci d’avance aux admins de laisser mon message jusqu’à avoir une réponse claire svp.
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