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  1. As someone suggested above, I will make a bug report ticket for this. This thread can be closed.
  2. Hi, I think I might have found a bug in TMP: If you do /disconnect in low speed zone (typically 60 kmph in city) your speed is limited to 60 kmph even when offfline and far away from the city... This video might help to understand: Thanks!
  3. Thanks for quick answer, I do not need any further help...
  4. Hi, I was hauling a Vossloh locomotive around Duisburg, and got stuck under a bridge that is too low... Is that supposed to be measure to prevent those on the road or bug?
  5. Hi, I think there should be disabled Engine Malfunction vehicle stop if player has simpliest transmission setting. I think it will reduce accidents, because Engine Malfunction will not make vehicles stop suddenly. I myself have set the harder setting, where it is not, but a lot of players seem to prefer the simpliest one...
  6. gebik

    Winter mod?

    Yes, so it is as I expected, they were just joking...
  7. gebik

    Winter mod?

    Hi, at Dover I met some people from TruckersFM, and they stated, that they are using Winter mod. However I cannot find anything here. Does it mean they are using last Winter mod from 2020? Or is it supported, but no news?
  8. Suggestion Name: Prohibit opening text chat if player's vehicle is moving. Suggestion Description: Just not let player open text chat if his vehicle is moving. If similar thing can be done with game features, it can be of course done with TMP-only feature. Any example images: none Why should it be added?: To prevent accidents from people opening chat accidentally and not being able to control their vehicle, or simply chatting when driving. Same thing is prohibited in real life too.
  9. Hi, I have now noticed in status page, that European game servers have "performance issues". I assume, that it is related to my problem, so somebody can close this thread and move it to solved. I will just wait, until the server status gets back to normal, so it is playable for me again.
  10. 1) My PC is connected to internet via a cable. 2) Nothing else than Steam is open. Steam does not download, I have it open, since game would otherwise not open in MP, what is to my knowledge a known problem. 3) I don´t think, that one or two people browsing websites (no videos nor downloading files) would make it that bad. 4) I was at EU Sim1 with less than 3000 people. I had no problem like this earlier with full EU Sim1 server. 5) I started in Prague, headed tovards Linz for a job, and then went straight to Calais. That video is with same problem, but older. 6) This does not seem like a ISP problem, since others in the same area and time have also complained about disconnecting. Ping shouldn´t be high, since when I talked about this last year with support in a ticket, we concluded, that from my city to server it is quite close, and I even tried to ping there, no problems. 7) I can´t use VPN. I don´t think so. First reply talks about kicks from server, but that would give me a "you got kicked" message, but this message is "connection broken", "in queue",... I once tried to accidentaly join in full Calais, and i did not manage to do it in time, so it kicked me and I had to restart the game. If this was kick, then I would have to restart game too. I did not have to do so now, the game eventually logged me back in a few minutes. Also it does not seem like a short internet outage, I had that once, and message was "connection lost" and I was offline until I restarted game, when internet went back on. And this is sometime accompanied by froze of all players. I think, that something is broken elsewhere, probably at TMP side, since I am not the only one, who was being disconnected. As I mentioned before, after those disconnections, people have talked in chat like: "finally"; "what is with servers?"; " I think, that it is broken"; "why it keeps disconnecting me?" Are all EU servers in one physical location? If so, then I think, that it would not solve problem with connectivity, if the core of it is on TMP side. I think, that TMP line to Internet does not manage to handle a lot of data to be transferred multiple times. If thare is a lot of players on load range of each other, then TMP have to send data about every player to everyone of them, probably causing disconnection of somebody to handle it.
  11. Hi all, this has been happening to me and according to chat also to other players: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPpIPZ4J7Jg Video is from last December, when I have contacted support via a ticket, but we did not get that solved, however support staff also got it back then. Today game did that again multiple times, when approaching a medium or big jams, or heading to Calais. Multiple people have also complained about it in chat, and somebody thought, that it is a server problem, since it is happening to more than a few people. Once, I was in logging queue of 70 players, while server was at cca. 3000 people. Before a few days, it was not happening, even in big jams it was OK. Do I have to do something to fix that? Or is it a server-side problem? I did of course record it now, but it is now behaving exactly same as in December, so I do not need to cut and upload another video, however I can, if needed. My internet is 100 Mbit/s for download and 10 Mbit/s for upload, and line was not busy, just my game and two people surfing at websites. I also have a decent processor and 24 GB of RAM, so I also think, that problem is not on my side. I did not check all recent threads here, so sorry, if that is somewhere here being solved. Thanks for all solutions!
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