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  1. Really, but if it were for that he would put it like in other reports I made 2.2 collisions 2.4 Intentional Wrong Way 2.5 Reckless Driving. One under the other, but not placed. That is, if it were for another reason, he would put the other reason, but no, Anyway, I made a feedback Now just wait
  2. I reported a player on tmp, for hacking, but the moderator gave a 30 day ban, wouldn't that be parmanent ban? Video:https://youtu.be/ojkmoxc-M8Q
  3. Bro, I don't think you understood, I asked how I can have a trailer of mine, bought, in my krone garage with skin from companies, like from cantiere navale
  4. Hello, Well, there is a command on the euro truck console that locks the suspension, for example: I configured two keys on my keyboard to lower the front and rear axle of the truck I just put this command in the console: g_suspension_auto_reset 0 And it locks the suspension in what I want, as I want it lowered, even when I'm at 100 km/h it won't raise the suspension, as usual, but the question is, can it be considered a hack? Because I saw a video on youtube that a player was promoting an app to lower the truck, I'm afraid to use it, and the adm's will confuse it with this hack. I'll be leaving the link to the video in Portuguese, which is my language, and the comment attached to the video explaining and "disseminating" the command Link:https://youtu.be/81LXR4RSw4Y
  5. I would like to know how some mp players, mainly from vtc's like Thermo Liner use krone Trailers with the Cantiere navale skin, I would like to use it because I think it's beautiful, someone who understands Would you help me ? Unfortunately I don't have a print
  6. Ok, thanks a lot for the help you guys gave me
  7. And in case I was so close, yes, my mistake, but the bus slowed down drastically, and the back truck, being so close to my back, made it impossible for me to brake
  8. not really, the volvo was trying to overtake me but it went wrong, so I gave him space to come back and about 2 seconds later I opened the map for me to try to overtake but I didn't choose to overtake, and there was literally no one in front of him. And I also always ride with the retarder on, that is, when I stop accelerating, my truck brakes, and I wasn't accelerating.
  9. Hi! It's me again, today I'm here to show maybe this "imprudence" good context: A volvo was trying to overtake me, in a straight line, and there was a bus in front of me, well the volvo couldn't overtake me and came back behind me, but he was very close to my back, and the bus started to brake without anyone in front, I was in doubt, who would be the banishment, my banishment for causing a truck to overturn, or the banning of the bus for braking in front of me without anyone in front of him and cause the accident Link video:https://youtu.be/rHKjYdrVpaY
  10. Ola! Eu estava entrando no jogo, "nasci" na oficina de bruxelas, aonde eu tenho minha garagem principal, ok eu fui para a sinaleira, mas não tinha niguem, eu abri o tab. Todos os players estavam com a distancia de 0.0m ou seja muito perto, percebi que meu jogo não tinha carregado os players, mas aí eles carregaram todos de uma vez, aí tinha um na mesma sinaleira que eu estava, só que DENTRO DO MEU CAMINHÃO aí eu e ele voamos, nós dois, eu não sei se isso é para ban permanente, infelizmente eu não estava gravando no momento, Só queria saber se isso é para banimento permanente. Alguem poderia me ajudar?
  11. Hi! I have a very serious doubt that it would be in the case of bans, but in a certain unfair way, in the case, it would be that I was in Brussels, in the game, when I left the workshop for the transinet, but there was no one, I saw in the tab that everyone were 0.0m away, I asked myself, Wow. When suddenly a truck appears in front of me, causing me and the other truck to fly, I don't know if that causes a ban, but if it is a ban, it would be kind of unfair, because my game didn't load properly, missing the players, and when it did, boom , accident, I can't illustrate it, because I was recording at the time, but in short: I entered the game, I was going to the company, I hadn't loaded the players, then when it loaded, there was one in front of me, causing an accident, where I and the other player to fly. Would this cause a ban? Kind of like the truck stayed inside mine when all the players loaded and and he and I fly Would this cause a ban?
  12. Yes has been answered, Thank you >-<
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