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  1. Hello, How can i set up front&roof auxilary to default? I mean everytime i reset the game I have to turn these light manually. How can I make this automatically?
  2. Hello, I have a question, what happened at half of the 2021? And why truckersmp average number of truckers was decreased 2 times? Does this relate to the official version of the convoy in ets?
  3. @Rico. You can close topic. thanks everyone for answers.
  4. Hello, I'm not sure about winter physics mod, because what if i will download heavy winter physics and crash because of road slippery? will I get banned? Obviously i don't mean situation if i will go 110km/h but for example 70 or 60
  5. I mean if there is enough space for squeeze
  6. Turbo Diesel V8


    Hello, I'd like to know your opinion about squeezing cars between trucks. I don't mean cars squeezing between trucks and causing accidents, because that's what nobody likes. I mean about squeezing between trucks when there is enough space between them and if there is traffic jam (like motorcycles do in real world). Do you think its bad? I'd also like to know is it ok with rules
  7. I found on discord that is temporarily, luckily
  8. Forever?? So how to repair cars now?
  9. Hello, does anybody know what happened with caravan? I can't buy it and i don't see it anywhere. Did they removed it?
  10. Hello again Thanks for all answers, I personally use 12 speed transmission but I use 6 speed too, in drift truck hehe I see that most players prefer 12 speed and its better choice because usually its better for driving with a load
  11. Hello, I'd like to know your opinion about which one gearbox is better. I've seen some comprasing videos but I would like to know the opinions of players who drive longer time on a 6 or 12 speed gearbox. Main questions: Which one is better for longer runs? Which one is better for shorter journeys with multiple stops? Which one is better for max speed? Which one is better for driving in rain? thanks for all answers
  12. Thanks everyone for answers, For me topic is explained
  13. I thought about turning off the skid of the semi-trailer and not the rain, because increasing the stability is not enough, [EDIT] I tried it, it worked, but not very much. But thanks for your help anyway
  14. One more question: I really like driving in rain, but when I'm driving with trailer it throws the trailer to the sides, which increases the chance of an accident with someone from the opposite side up to 100%, so can it be turned off?
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